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The Perfect Wedding Cake
Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts to open with Descendants: The Planning of the Royal Wedding; A Dress Fit for a Queen.
Mal I am beyond excited for this.
Evie Me too. I have so many wedding dress ideas to run by you.
Mal Evie, you are a fashion "queen". Whatever you make is going to be perfect. I trust you one hundred percent.
Evie Oh, thank you! This is gonna be so fun. So I'm thinking we go bold with a short dress.
Mal Really?
Evie Or a long flowing dress of the silkiest Vertruvian satin in the kingdom with feathery long sleeves.
Mal Long sleeves?
Evie Or medium sleeves spun in shimmering chiffon?
Mal Interesting.
Evie You don't want shimmer?
Mal Actually, I'm not sure.
Evie Strapless?
Mal I dunno.
Evie Purple?
Mal Maybe?
Evie Purple's your favorite color. Um, what's going on with you?
Mal Sorry, sorry. I'm just frazzled. I mean, planning a wedding is about making decisions, and I've made so many of them already, I just don't know up from down. (sighs) And I thought planning Cotillion was hard. I just want everything to be perfect.
Evie It's OK. Remember what you said, "I trust you one hundred percent."?
Mal Yes.
Evie Do you?
Mal Yes.
Evie Then sit here, sip some tea, and let me work my magic. Open your eyes.
Mal nearly looks at herself in the mirror with her wedding dress.
Mal Flowing satin, shimmering chiffon, purple? (chuckles) It's perfect.
Evie Fit for a queen.
Mal I love you. You are literally the best. (hugs her)
Evie That's what friends are for.
Mal Whoa, and we are officially done with wedding planning, with plenty of time to spare.