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Ace is one of the deuteragonists in the novel Beyond the Isle of the Lost. He, alongside Red and Chester seek to plan a party despite the strict rules of their homeland.

Background Information[]


Ace is a care-free individual who does not care for Wonderland's strict rules and is quick to be supportive of Princess Red's idea for a party. After his transformation into a soldier for the Queen of Heart's army, Ace became a loyal member who only serves his queen.

Physical Appearance[]

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Beyond the Isle of the Lost[]

Ace was home-schooled in Wonderland rather than attend the school and went with Chester to meet Red who was in her room, after the latter noticed the two, Chester introduced Ace explaining that the two of them had climbed the ivy just to get Red's attention. After Red united with the two, Ace complimented the princess on escaping, after the three went to the woods, Ace admitted he was always the type of person who never followed rules but believed he would be a different person if he attended an actual school. When Red suggested the idea that it could be possible for the other kids to be as rebellious as they were, Ace explained that his father once told him that the Queen of Hearts wanted the Card Soldiers to act as one rather than be individuals which he then stated if a few had their own thoughts, then it would be possible for all of them to eventually follow suit and believed that the Wonderland kids could be the same. When Red mentioned how all the kids looked vacant at the un-parties, Ace suggested the three of them throw an actual party the way it would be done in Auradon to which Red and Chester agreed to before leaving the area.

The day after, Red and Chester found Ace after Red explained she did not meet up with the two the night before due to training, Ace then showed a secretive location to the two claiming it was the perfect area to throw their party to which the two agreed to. Once Chester and Red came up with ideas for food and activities, Ace suggested that the invitations should be sent out the next day and the party would have to be on the Friday, the other two agreed and quickly left just as Twee and Dora got close. Ace later dubbed himself and his friends as the Wonderland Party Commission on the invitations which were then handed out to the students of Wonderland High by Chester and Red.

On the Friday, Ace waited for Red and Chester and once Red came, Ace stated he had lost sleep over thinking about the party then mentioned Chester would help out later once he was done at school before complimenting Red on her rebellious streak, he then left. Later on, Ace was accompanied by Chester but collided with Red due to his arms being full of pizza boxes making him unable to see who was in front of him, after setting up for the party, the three became anxious upon hearing voices though discovered it was a few kids who seemingly believed they had walked into a trap but were convinced into staying, Ace then pointed out that others were coming and eventually pointed out that they would run out of pizzas due to more students showing up, the party was soon cut off when one of the guests pointed out that the soldier guards were on their way.

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