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Alex Boniello is an actor, musician, writer, and Tony Award winning producer from New York City. Most recently, he starred as Connor Murphy in the Broadway production of "Dear Evan Hansen" and has also appeared on Broadway as the Voice of Moritz in Deaf West's acclaimed revival of "Spring Awakening." Additionally, he is represented on Broadway in "Hadestown" for which he received a Tony Award as a producer. He can be seen in numerous television shows and films, has appeared in countless theatre productions across New York City and North America, and his original work as a songwriter and singer is available wherever music is sold. As of 2022, he created a novel called "A Case of the Zaps,"

On March 24, 2023, Boniello was cast as the Jack of Diamonds in the Descendants Franchise. He appears in Descendants: The Rise of Red.


  • He proposed to his long-term girlfriend, April Lavalle on the 9th of May 2021.
  • He has suffered from an anxiety disorder since he was seventeen years old.
  • He is known as alexboniello on the streaming service, Twitch.
  • He is a user on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Cameo.
  • He is also a musician and posts where music can be listened to.