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Mash It Up Mad for Tea
Evie Alrighty! Who's ready for party makeovers?
Mal I guess I am.
Audrey Sure?
Freddie I don't think I-
Evie That's the attitude! I've concocted an amazing beauty mineral base. Who wants a basial? P.S. I made that up.
Mal Whoa! Never would have guessed that.
Audrey What does it matter? I wasn't even chosen as the Q.N.L.B.
Mal Is that a good thing? 'Cause that acronym just doesn't sound good.
Audrey It's "Queen of the Neon Lights Ball". Duhsies. And I did not win!
Evie Oh, Freddie? Did you just ask who did win?
Freddie Uh, no.
Evie It was me. I won. I'm the Q.N.L.B.! Oh Mal, did you just ask where I'm going to put the crown? I don't know where. I'm running out of room for all my crowns!
Mal Is that Ruby's hair?
Audrey No. It's the OTHER girl with a hundred foot ponytail. I'm stress brushing. Stress brushing helps me deal with losing.
Evie Well, then you better keep brushing because I am on fire! Carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen; ignited up in here! OK Freddie, for your makeover, I'm thinking a little less voodoo and a little more new-do.
Freddie That's funny, 'cause for my makeover, I'm thinking a little "leave me exactly the way I am".
Evie No probs... Audrey, for your makeover, I'm thinking about some apple-red lipstick and some wicked Cheshire cat eyes.
Audrey The only makeover I'm interested in is the one where I'm made over from being the one who lost the crown to the one who won.
Evie Oh, I forgot to bring that one. Sorry. Mal, for your makeover, I want to see what you look like in purple.
Mal I think we know the answer to that?
Evie Oh, that's not purple, that's aubergine...
Freddie You know? I always thought of it more as an eggplant.
Mal What is happening here?
Audrey I know. Right? It's clearly more of an amethyst.
Jane Guys, my mascot uniform is gone!
Mal Why are you looking at me?
Jane Because your bracelet was in my room.
Mal What?
Jane You must have dropped it when you stole my uniform.
Mal I don't know why my bracelet was there but I definitely didn't take your uniform.
Audrey Maybe you spelled it away.
Mal Why would I do that?
Jane Maybe you thought it wasn't fashion-forward or something?
Evie That sounds, like, something I would do... but I didn't, promzies! Besides, I couldn't have; I was too busy winning my crown! Did you guys know I won a crown? 'Cause I did! I won the crown!
Mal Trust me, if I spelled away every single non-fashion-forward item I saw everyday, there'd be no clothes in Auradon.
Jane Ouch!
Audrey So, you're saying you don't like the way we dress.
Mal No! That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is "I did not take the uniform". Seriously, Jane, I'm sure it will show up soon.
Jane I guess you're right.
Evie Yeah, this is Auradon. It's not like there's some thief in a cloaked glove running around stealing things...