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Ally Render

"Good Is the New Bad"[]

  • "No! My partner lost her voice and can't sing tonight. I need to find a new partner now, or my chances of winning go down the rabbit hole."
  • "A VK? Are you magical? Do you sprout horns? Just how evil are you? I don't think I can sing with her. If I hit a wrong note, she might turn me into a frog."
  • "Oh, it's disgusting! But curious. Can I touch it?"
  • "If Freddie can sing alone, then so can I!"

"Mash It Up"[]

  • "Works for me. I'm not really much of a "genie chic" type. I consider myself a little more... Wonderland unique."
  • "We did that last year! And the year before. And the year before."
  • "How about a wonderful Wonderland party?"
  • "That sounds like madness!"
  • "Great! I'll start working on the E-blast. Oh, what to wear, what to wear?"

"Mad for Tea"[]

  • "Aw, Thanks."
  • "Oh, so are you. I'm sure your dress will be amazing."
  • "I know! And I... love it!"
  • "This deserves a celebration. Tea me. Oh, my dress!"
  • "You, you did this!"
  • "That's why you destroyed it. You're jealous! You VKs can't stand it if someone looks better than you!"
  • "You do? You're just saying that."
  • "Alternative to what?"
  • "Really?"
  • "It is kind of funky."
  • "Well, I guess the roses aren't the only thing being painted red! I'll take it."

"Carpet Jacked"[]

  • "You said that 15 minutes ago."
  • "Bravo, ladies! Superbly sweet moment. But since Carlos and Jay are a no-show, we need to figure out how to get to the party straight away. Do you have a spare magic carpet?"
  • "Jane, you're all magical now. Can't you whip us up a ride?"
  • "No offense, Mal, but the VKs are clearly not coming through today. Sorry."
  • "Normally, I would let you help out, but whenever you get involved it leads to disaster. No offense."
  • "It's because you destroy everything you touch. No offense."
  • "Please don't take it that way. It's only I don't trust you, no off... Sorry. Jane, what do you say? Can you bibbidi bobbidi us up some transpo?"
  • "Gourd-geous!... Does it fly?"
  • "Oh, so we're heading to the party in some sort of pumpkin boat."
  • "A pumpkin took-took?"
  • "Pumpkin trolley?"
  • "Pumpkin roller skates, then."

"The Night is Young"[]

  • "It's time for the crowning of the Neon Lights King and Queen! Ben and Evie!"
  • "And now, we invite our King and Queen to do a solo dance!"
  • "Excuse us. Lonnie, what's going on?"
  • "Uh, we're having some technical difficulties. Please hold. Someone cut the DJ cord!"

"Neon Lights Out"[]

  • "I wasn't. Sorry. Too honest."
  • "Oh, good. Jane found it."
  • "But if you're not in it, then who is?"
  • "Well, Ben did magically disappear and Mal does have magic, so..."
  • "So you could have done this."
  • "Oh, you know. To take over Auradon and other evil things."

"Hooked On Ben"[]

  • "Another VK in Auradon? Are you the piraty one… Do you have a hook?"

"Slumber Party"[]

  • "Slumber party in the throne room!"

"Odd Mal Out"[]

  • "Imagine Cinderella's ball, the Festival of Fools and the Mad hatter's tea party all mixed together times six!
  • "Oh, dear!"
  • "Maleficent hid your jewel. Somewhere on the isle."

"Wild Rehearsal"[]

  • "Or off with their heads! Too much?"
  • "That's different."
  • "Mal's not like that anymore."

"Chemical Reaction"[]

  • "They appear to have wandered away. Curiouser and curiouser."
  • "Delightful! Oh, look at them all."
  • "It's only a dream. It's only a dream."
  • "Mal, how could you?"
  • "Hot is the new cool?"
  • "They are pretty fetch."
  • "Oh, yay!"

"Talking Heads"[]

  • "What now happening is?"

"Evil Among Us"[]

  • "I can't stop smiling! I feel like the Cheshire cat. The smiling bit, not the invisible bit."
  • "I can't wait anymore. I'm about to pop!"
  • "Don't they understand the importance of the Jewel-bilee?"
  • "Well, you did un-invite Mal. It's a very merry un-jewel-bilee for her."


  • "Excellent summation."
  • "Ooh burn!"


  • "I know, it was your moment to shine, like the jewels. Which are gone. I'll stop talking now."
  • "Well, that's actually kind of the un-truth."
  • "Because Mal wasn't herself. Jane said that Mal was under a spell from a cursed jewel inside the totem from the island thingy. So, not her fault."
  • "I know, and I understand. But it's not too late to make things right. It ain't over 'til the caterpillar sings."

"United We Stand"[]

  • "Attack!"
  • "Let's get them!"
  • "And some of that!"
  • "Aw!"