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Anna Cathcart (born June 16, 2003) is a young Canadian actress known for her role as Olympia on the TVO Kids and PBS show, Odd Squad. She played Dizzy Tremaine, Drizella's daughter (also Lady Tremaine's granddaughter and Cinderella's and Anastasia's niece), in Descendants 2 in 2017, including reprising her role in Descendants 3. She also reprised her role as Dizzy in Under The Sea in which she is shown to be in possession of Uma's necklace although it is revealed that Uma is possessing her instead.

Life and career[]

Cathcart's first appearance on television was her role as Olympia in Odd Squad and Odd Squad: The Movie in 2016, previously with the replacement of the former Olive from season one (2014/2015). In 2017, she played Dizzy Tremaine in the Disney movie Descendants 2 and in the Done Studios' Brazilian movie, Descendentes: O Destino dos Irmãos. Odd Squad has many fan-books and Anna is one of the main characters who feature in the majority of them. She is one of the most liked characters in the books which are of a romance, adventure, and cliffhanger nature.

Anna sang a Meghan Trainor song to get the role of Dizzy in Descendants 2.


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