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Arabella is one of the granddaughters of King Triton and one of the Nieces of Ariel. She invites Ben, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos to attend the annual Seaside Festival, a daylong celebration held among the Merfolks. She was at her grandfather's party when the storm appeared in Auradon.


Arabella is Ariel's niece and the granddaughter of King Triton. Daughter of Alana or Andrina, Father unknown, as her parental figures are always referred to as her aunt, Ariel, and uncle, Prince Eric.


Arabella is shown to be open and friendly. She shows Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay and Ben around the Mer-Festival at Seaside, advising them which ice-cream flavors are the best, approving of a mermaid tail filter her friends use and wearing one of Evie's clothes designs, showing that the two are friends. Arabella feels very guilty about her accidental storm but does not tell her grandfather, scared that he will get angry at her.

Physical Appearance[]

Arabella's physical appearance is not clear as her hair, eyes and skin are never described and she does not appear in the movies. However, it is said that she wears an outfit designed by Evie: A lavender-coloured blouse with a lace bodice, along with a distressed leather skirt. She wears her hair in V-braids and sports a poison-heart necklace, matching Evie's outfit.

Arabella is a mermaid, having a green tail like Ariel. On land, she has legs, yet she spends most of her time in the sea as a mermaid.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a descendant of both King Triton and Ariel, Arabella has the following abilities:

  • Sea Magic: Being a mermaid, Arabella has slight wave manipulation and can breathe underwater.
  • Mermaid Transformation: Arabella can transform into a green-tailed mermaid when underwater.


Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

Arabella is a critical side-character in Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.

Arabella shows Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay and King Ben around the Seaside festival, introducing them to the mermaid games and even telling them about underwater ice-cream flavours. Arabella then says she is going back under the sea, as her grandfather (King Triton) is holding a reception underneath the waves.

King Triton takes his trident out every Mer-Festival and Arabella spots it. She wanted to prove that she could one day be a ruler of the seas and that she had sea magic in her, too, and takes the trident when no one is looking. Arabella attempts to try and raise the waves a little but instead conjures a huge, accidental storm which ends the Mer-Festival. The trident's magic is so strong it flies into the air, out of the sea and deactivates the barrier around the Isle of the Lost for a second, floating to the other side. Goblins find out that the trident has floated to the Isle's side, calling Arabella a 'fool mermaid', and spread the word. Soon, everybody is looking for the trident.

Arabella goes to Evie for help, explaining the situation. King Triton had not yet realized that his trident was missing and Arabella didn't plan on coming clean to him, frightened of his anger. Evie emergency-texts Mal, who comes over and they begin coming up with a plan to get the trident back. Arabella later appears near the end of the novel, when the VK's and Ben return the trident to her and she takes it back to her grandfather before he ever found it was missing. Later, Evie designs Arabella a dress for the Cotillion.

Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

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  • As a descendant of King Triton, Arabella could be a mermaid, or at least a half-mermaid. It is revealed Arabella has a mermaid tail and lives underwater, but she uses human legs when out of water.
    • She seems to be fond of the color lavender, a color that both Alana and Andrina shared. One of them could possibly be Arabella's mother.
  • She is described as a fashion maven and idolizes Evie's style, even having matching poison-heart necklaces and a similar v-braid hairstyle. She also wore an outfit designed by her idol
  • First year at Auradon Prep
  • Near the end of the Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Evie designed her a dress for the Cotillion.