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Ariana Rose is the niece of Princess Aurora and cousin of Audrey. She is a graduate of Auradon Prep. She is introduced in the book, Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.


She is an extremely vain and snooty girl who is shown to be quite jealous of her cousin, making a big fuss over the fact that Audrey wasn't dating Ben or Chad anymore and that Audrey was getting her graduation gown designed by the Three Good Fairies. Ariana believes that only a prince will make her happy and ignoring Evie's insight that a prince didn't make her happy, just someone loving her did or her insight that Audrey didn't need to date a prince to be happy. Ariana is shown to have a very strong dislike of Mal, mostly due to Maleficent's history with her family.


Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

Ariana makes her first appearance in the thirty-eighth chapter. Ariana is shown picking up her cap and gown from Evie at Evie and Mal's dorm room. She would have to make her gown for her since the Three Good Fairies were too busy making Audrey's gown much to Ariana's annoyance. Ariana ignores Evie's insight on not needing a prince to make her happy and Audrey doesn't need to date a prince for happiness and as Mal enters the room, she brushed past Mal and ignored her. She was last seen graduating from Auradon Prep with her and Audrey wearing matching pouts.


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