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Audrey's Royal Return: A Descendants Short Story is the second prequel special short to Descendants 3 following Under The Sea: A Descendants Story, featuring Audrey as the main protagonist. It recaps the first and second movies in Audrey's perspective while she is at the spa getting a makeover.


Audrey heads to a spa to get a new makeover. While she is at the spa, she recaps the first and second movies to the spa attendants about all the "traumatic" events that have happened to her in the past year by blaming Mal throughout her rant. She concludes the special by deciding to return to Auradon, and checks out her new makeover in a mirror, finishing with the line "Ben's going to be sorry he ever let this go."



  • It is unknown how Audrey learned about the events of Descendants 2 while she was away.



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