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The Auradon Cathedral is one of the residential buildings of Auradon and the place where Prince Ben was crowned King. Some of the heroes of Auradon can be seen in the background that or mentioned. This is also the place where Snow White reporting during Ben's coronation.

Heroes and Heroines that have their images placed here


  • According to the book The Villain Kids’ Guide for new VKs, the cathedral is the place where the famous heroes have married, christened and crowned.
  • In the stained glass window scene of Belle and Beast, if you look at the right, next to Prince Adam's window, you will see a stained glass window with a purple dress, be it Jasmine or Rapunzel.
  • The cathedral has lots of stained glass windows. According to the page Designning Descendants of Disney Visa Card, all the characters from the great Disney films are represented.
  • In the Descendants emoji version, the cathedral’s icon is a stained glass window with a rose in the center.
  • If you look closely in Tiana’s window ( look in the scene where Maleficent flies into the cathedral, you can see it more clearly ) you will see something green under Tiana’s dress, maybe it’s Naveen in frog form.