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Auradon City is the capitol of Auradon, it is also considered a large city.

Places of Interest[]




Other locations[]

  • Auradon Cathedral
  • Belle Harbor
  • The Enchanted Lake
  • Atrium: The public square, which includes a fountain.
  • Bookstore: A place that sells books that Belle frequently visits. Despite being called such, it's function was closer to a library, as Belle returned a book she had previously read (implied to be Jack and the Beanstalk) to the store due to having finished it, and explicitly mentioned that she borrowed it. Belle was apparently a frequent customer to the store based on her interactions with the bookstore owner. The claim of the store being a library is contradicted, however, by Belle and the bookstore owner freely talking and the latter offering Belle to keep the new book she was receiving.
  • Market: Various fish and eggs are sold in the area.