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Princess Aurora is the protagonist of Walt Disney's 1959 animated feature film, Sleeping Beauty. She is the wife of Prince Phillip, mother of Audrey, and daughter of Queen Leah and King Stefan. She attended King Ben's coronation in Descendants.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Blue dress Aurora

Aurora in her blue dress in Sleeping Beauty

Aurora as Briar Rose

Aurora as Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty

On her christening, the infant Princess Aurora was put under a curse by Maleficent who declared that once the girl turned sixteen, she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and immediately die, upon hearing this, Merryweather was urged into saving the girl by twisting the curse so that Aurora would only fall into deep slumber upon pricking her finger and would only awaken after true love's kiss.

Despite not wanting to, Queen Leah and her husband allowed The Three Good Fairies to take their daughter and raise them as their own, Aurora was raised by the three under the name of Briar Rose and the fairies took on the role of her aunts for sixteen years. While out, Aurora came across a young man who found her by following her voice while she had been singing, Aurora eventually promised to see him again that night only to be told by the fairies that she could not meet him again as she had been betrothed, she was then told of her true identity as Princess Aurora.

That night, she was taken back to the castle to reunite with her parents and after being left alone to grieve, Maleficent enacted the curse and placed Aurora under a spell, the princess walked upstairs and pricked her finger and fell into a deep slumber, Prince Phillip later woke her up using true love's kiss and the two danced together as Flora and Merryweather argued over the colour of Aurora's dress as they used their magic to change it from pink to blue.


Aurora attended Family Day with her husband as the event was held at Auradon Prep with her mother also in attendance. During the coronation, Aurora watched as Ben was crowned king as she stood near Phillip, Queen Leah and Audrey, she watched as her mother and daughter apologised for being harsh towards Mal due to the latter being the daughter of Maleficent.


  • Aurora's name means "sunrise" or "dawn" in Latin.
  • She is called Aurora as her parents mentioned she filled their lives with sunshine.
  • She is never referred to as Aurora in the films but instead by "Sleeping Beauty" by Maleficent in Descendants and Carlos in Descendants 3, she is referred to by name in Descendants by Audrey.
  • She is the second of the Disney Princesses to be royal by birth, after Snow White.
  • She was the only Disney Princess that has never talked with the villain of her film although she was tricked by Maleficent's spinning wheel.
  • She is one of the only princesses to have the shortest amount of lines to speak in her debut film with only eighteen lines and is also the first to have the least amount of screentime with also eighteen minutes, the only other one to experience this is Princess Tiana though she only had nineteen minutes in the film as a human before she was turned into a frog and after she turned back.
  • She is most commonly seen in other media with the pink variation of her dress which she wore in Descendants.


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