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Bargain Castle is the former home of Maleficent and Mal and is located in the town square section on the Isle of the Lost.

As the home of Maleficent, it was considered one of the most prominent buildings on the Isle of the Lost. After Mal turned her mother into a lizard, Bargain Castle fell into further disrepair and was often ransacked by other residents on the Isle, Mal's room was left untouched even after she permanently moved to Auradon as people feared she was worse than her mother.


It serves as a shop that sold robes and pointed hats. The top floor served as home to Maleficent and her daughter, Mal's room is said to be purple. Upon getting up, Maleficent would yell at the people of the Isle from her balcony, her room door is kept shut and secured by a tough lock. It is not often stocked up with food with Maleficent using the refrigerator as a safe instead of storing food and meals.


The Isle of the Lost: The Graphic Novel[]