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Bashful Sr. is one of the seven dwarfs and an ally to Snow White. He is a member of The Council of Sidekicks.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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He and the rest of the dwarfs work in a mine in the forest. After returning home, they discover that someone has entered, and they find Princess Snow White sleeping in their room, who explains that she wants to hide from her stepmother, the Queen, so the dwarfs take her into their house to protect her.

The next day, after returning to the mine to work, they are surprised by a group of animals. Seeing that they are trying to warn them that Snow White is in danger, they run back to their house, where they find the Queen and begin to chase her, until she falls off a cliff.

After finding Snow White unconscious in their house, and mourning her loss, the dwarfs leave her resting in a glass coffin in the forest, until after a while, the Prince finds her, and after kissing her he makes her wake up, to the joy of the dwarfs, who then say goodbye to their friend.

The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

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