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King Adam otherwise known as Beast is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast and one of the supporting characters in the Descendants franchise. He is also the founder and former king of the kingdom of Auradon, after his son became old enough, Beast passed down his title of king to Ben.

He is one of the heroes, husband of Belle, father of Ben and father-in-law to Mal. In the trilogy, he is portrayed by Dan Payne who voiced the character in The Royal Wedding.


Before the formation of Auradon

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Beast in Beauty and the Beast (beast)

Beast in his cursed form in Beauty and the Beast

Originally an arrogant prince, Beast once refused shelter to an old woman who asked for a place to stay due to the horrible weather, Beast denied the request due to the woman's appearance but was quick to change his mind after the woman turned into an Enchantress, though despite his plea, Beast was changed from a man into a beastly figure due to his judgemental nature and the spell would only be broken if he and someone who also loved him, professed their love to one another and if the last petal on the Enchanted Rose fell, the prince would be trapped in his cursed form for eternity. Years later, the Beast imprisoned Maurice, a man who had entered his castle without permission due to the harsh climate outside, Beast locked Maurice away but only allowed him to leave after Belle, his soon to be lover, took her father's place.

Seeing the potential in Belle to be the one to break the spell, the servants of the castle convinced Beast to treat Belle as a guest rather a prisoner, as time passed, Beast and Belle became closer and closer, after seeing how much the girl missed her father, Beast released Belle from her prisoner status and Belle departed from the castle to find Maurice.

Beast in Beauty and the Beast (human)

Beast in his human form in Beauty and the Beast

After Belle left, Beast became saddened and hid away in his castle, after he was shot by an arrow that had been fired by Gaston, Beast became enraged and engaged in a fight with the hunter, after seeing Belle beg to him not to harm Gaston, the prince spared Gaston's life only for the latter to stab him in the back with a dagger, though Gaston soon fell to his death. Beast soon lost conscience and slowly began dying until Belle professed her love, once the spell was broken and he turned human again, Beast and Belle danced in the ballroom with their friends and Maurice.

Founding of Auradon

After being together for almost a decade, Beast married Belle and their wedding consisted of ten thousand of their closest personal friends with a large cake. Rather than have a honeymoon, he and his new wife united all the kingdoms together from China to Auroria and founded The United States of Auradon and because of this, Beast and Belle were elected as the first King and Queen. After Auradon was founded, the two went on to imprison many villains, had those who died resurrected and sent them to be imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, a run down place which was cut off from Auradon and kept under a magical barrier than prevent anyone from entering or escaping, further indenting on making sure the villains and their future children could not escape, Beast had it so no magic was allowed and WI-FI had also been forbidden.

Four years after uniting the kingdoms, Beast went on to father his first and only heir, a son named Ben. Beast then rules for sixteen more years until the title of King was handed down to Ben and the title of Queen was handed down from Belle down to her and Beast's then daughter-in law, Mal, the daughter of the worst considered villain by Beast's standards, Maleficent.

The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

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Beast oversaw his son, then Prince Ben, be tailored for his outfit due to him being close to becoming the new King. After Ben made his new proposal to allow four children from the Isle of the Lost to move to Auradon, Beast became sceptical at the idea but was assured by his wife, Belle, to give the idea a chance as she had down with him years prior, Beast allowed the proposal until his son suggested the daughter of Maleficent which caused the king to become enraged though Ben convinced him that the evil doings of the children he chose should not be blamed for their parents actions, this caused Beast to allow the four to be transferred.

During Family Day, Beast stood with his wife as their son and friends performed "Be Our Guest", a song once sung to Belle, after it was over, Ben introduced his new girlfriend, Mal, to his parents, though Beast originally was dismayed at the idea of his son being with a villain's child, he remained calm and collected, he later witnessed an argument break out that ended with Chad Charming being placed under a temporary sleeping spell.

On the coronation day, Beast passed down his crown to the heir of his throne. Though at first the day went well, Beast later witnessed Maleficent's return and was frozen alongside all of his friends and allies, after watching Mal and her friends defeat the intruder, Beast saw the four as heroes and allowed them to remain in Auradon.

Descendants 2

Beast was among those in Auradon given an apple by Mal and her friends and turned bad, though this never happened as it was just a daydream of Mal.

At Cotillion, Beast attended with his wife and several of their friends, allies and other students, as he and the others waited for Ben to arrive, Beast assured her that Ben was on his and then told the lady-in-waiting that she looked beautiful, after Belle told Mal that she was what Ben needed, Beast chimed in saying that Belle was not a person who made choices on first impressions, as Ben revealed Uma, Beast watched in shock and after Jay began leading Mal away from the scene, Beast stopped her for a brief moment as Belle told her that neither of them were aware of Ben's new partner as Beast then mentioned he would have a word with his son. After Uma's departure from the party after a fight between her and Mal broke out, Beast and Belle danced with the rest of the attendees.

Descendants 3

After Hades almost escaped from the Isle of the Lost, Beast spoke with the Fairy Godmother, Belle, Mal and Ben about the situation and became shocked after learning Maleficent's Scepter and The Queen's Crown had been stolen from the Museum, seeing his wife become nervous at the idea of another villain attack, Beast placed an arm around Belle, after Belle asked Mal what to do, Mal told the four that the barrier would be once again closed, after Ben became angered over the thought, Beast tried getting through to his son but to no avail. After Mal got through to Ben about the idea, Beast sided with his daughter-in-law stating the idea was the right thing to do.

After Audrey's defeat, Beast stood with Belle, Fairy Godmother, Mal, Ben and Queen Leah as the guards brought Hades into the room, Beast stood near him and after Hades' was temporarily freed and grabbed his ember, he then mockingly growled at Beast causing him to growl back, Beast then watched as Hades resurrected Audrey and then watched as the guards took him away once again.

As Ben and Mal walked to the balcony, Beast gave his son a pat on the shoulder and stood near the two with Belle as he and his wife drunk from their glasses. As Mal opted to have the barrier to be taken down for good, Beast disagreed with the idea but was convinced after Ben made his promise to be a better king and one that would be forgiving, he then watched as Mal, now with the Fairy Godmother's wand, took down the barrier once and for all.

Descendants: The Royal Wedding

After Hades unintentionally ruined the cathedral service and accidentally scared those in attendance, Fairy Godmother later teleported Beast and Belle into Hades' cave, Beast hugged Ben and told him how worried the three were, Beast later attended Mal and Ben's wedding.


  • In other Disney media, Beast is commonly known as Adam or Prince Adam.
  • In front of Auradon Prep, a statue of him can be seen which morphs from his beast self to his human form as a reference to how people can change, much like he did.
  • Beast did not wear glasses during his debut, most likely needing them as he grew older.
  • Belle stated that Beast married her when he was 28 years old, and he married her twenty years ago, as of Descendants, he is 48 years old.
    • Though the Beast's official age is not mentioned in the movie, it is strongly indicated by the narrator's statement that the rose "would bloom until his 21st year." As the rose has already begun to wilt by the time Belle arrives at the castle, it is very likely that the Beast is 20 years (i.e. on their 21st year) of age by this point. This has been confirmed by Glen Keane, and also in the filmmakers commentary for the extended edition, where it is specifically stated that the Beast's/Prince's 21st birthday would occur at some point after the enchanted rose has lost all of its petals and the curse had either been broken or else become permanent.
    • It also means that Belle and Beast married seven years after the events of Beauty and the Beast and during the rest of the events before Auradon and roughly four years before having Ben.
  • While Ben was being tailored for his coronation suit, Beast joked that his first good choice did not happen until he was 42.
  • Also in Descendants, he joked that if he did not marry Belle, his only other choice was Mrs.Potts.
  • Before Ben's idea to bring over the villain kids, Beast planned to keep the villains and their children locked away for good despite the children not committing any major crimes.



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