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The Beast Castle is the home and palace to King Beast, his wife Queen Belle, their son King Ben and his wife Queen Mal.


It is a large palace with multiple spires and towers, it is red and white with two courtyards and a garden.


Ben's room[]

Ben's room is a large, comfortable bedroom with a modern-old style with a fireplace, a four poster bed, a Foosball table with a balcony on the outside that has a view of the Isle of the Lost.


It is the tower in which the Beast imprisoned Maurice who had come to rescue his daughter, Belle, after the latter took her father's place but was given another room after being prompted to by Lumiere.


After asking for a tour, Belle attempted to venture to the west wing despite it being forbidden though was convinced to go to the library by Lumiere and Cogsworth though Belle instead chose to go the west wing. Later on, the Beast gave the room to Belle as a gift to make up for the way he acted towards her. After Auradon was formed and Ben was born, his favorite books were placed on the lower planks.


  • In The Isle of the Lost: The Graphic Novel, it is known as "Castle Beast".