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Queen Belle is one of the supporting characters within the Descendants franchise, as well as the protagonist of Disney's 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast. She is the co-founder and former Queen of Auradon. She is the wife of Beast, the mother of Ben and mother-in-law of Mal.

Background Information


Belle is a kind-hearted, loving woman who is beloved by all of her subjects, she is more level-headed and calm than her husband and also deeply cares for of her friends, family and allies. She has a passion for reading, an interest she shares with her son. Despite originally having different personalities when she first met the Beast and despite his appearance, she was willing to be his prisoner if it meant her father, Maurice, could be free and was willing to help the Beast change with support from the Beast's staff. She loves her husband very much. She also possesses a distaste for those who are self-absorbed such as when she appeared relieved that Ben had broken up with Audrey.

Though suspicious of her son's decision to want to allow four children from the Isle to attend Auradon Prep, Belle was still willing to give them a chance just as she had done years prior when she gave the Beast a second chance.


Belle in Beauty and the Beast

In her classic ball gown

Belle is a fair-skinned woman with short, light, chestnut brown hair that is sometimes tied into a bun. She has brown eyes and rose, pink lips. She often wears yellow clothing as to reference her ball gown and accessorizes with a tiara.

In her youth, she had slightly longer, darker, brown hair that reached over her shoulder when tied up but remained kept back when it was down and wore a blue dress with a white apron and matching white undershirt, her hair was tied back with a blue bow. After meeting the Beast, she wore clothing that was kept in his castle and eventually wore her signature yellow ball gown.


Before the formation of Auradon

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1991 Belle blue dress

In her commoner clothes

Belle lived with her father Maurice in a small French town, where all the villagers saw her as a strange but special girl, while Gaston, the man adored by the entire town, was determined to marry her because he considered her the most beautiful in the village. After her father left, and her horse Philippe returned without him, Belle went to find him, later discovering him locked in the dungeons of a castle, where a beast was holding him captive. In exchange for his release, she offered to take his place, the Beast accepted the deal.

Although at first she hated Beast, over time she began to form a friendship with him, as well as with the rest of the castle's servants. Although she began to feel happy living there, she missed her father, the Beast, noticing Belle's longing to see her father again, gave her a magic mirror, Belle saw her father lost and sick. The Beast then allowed her to leave despite being rose being close to losing all its petals.

After returning home to take care of her father, Belle was visited by Monsieur D'Arque, Gaston and the villagers who there to take Maurice away after the latter previously mentioned a Beast near the village, Gaston claimed he could clear the situation if Belle agreed to marry him, she proved her father right by showing the Beast to the crowd using the mirror, after Gaston convinced the people that the Beast was dangerous, he locked Belle and her father in the basement of their house and left for the castle with his entourage, the two were soon freed by Chip, who had stowed away. After Belle returned to the castle, she watched as Gaston duelled the Beast and after Gaston fell to his demise, she found the Beast and cried over his body, after she claimed she loved him, she watched as her lover floated into the air and was returned to his human self, the spell broke throughout the castle and Belle lived a better life with the Beast, the staff and her father.

The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

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She appears with her husband and son where she oversees Ben being measured for a new outfit. Where at that time, she is also Queen of Auradon but will soon pass down that title once Ben becomes King. Belle states she was married to the Beast when she was twenty-eight. After hearing Ben's declaration that he wishes to give four children on the Isle of the Lost a new chance and to allow them to be brought to Auradon, Belle becomes worried after hearing who the parents are but remains supportive of the decision as she gave her husband a second chance. On Family Day, she and her husband watched her son and his friends perform "Be Our Guest" and told Mal she was a better girlfriend for Ben than Audrey. After witnessing Chad be sent to sleep, she stood by the Beast's as the Beast told his son that he was at fault for the actions of the Core Four, she was then taken away by her husband. At the coronation, she told Ben how proud she was of him, she was amongst those who witnessed the four Villain Kids choose good and was also frozen in place upon Maleficent's arrival, she was later freed once Maleficent was turned into a lizard.

Descendants 2

Belle was among those to fall victim to the apples that had been given to everyone in Mal's vision, and danced around the foyer with the Beast. During Cotillion, she stood with the Beast and assured Mal that she was the kind of person Ben needed to be with. After Uma's arrival, she played nice and greeted her, though in shock and later apologized to Mal stating she did not know that Ben was with Uma, she witnessed the latter jump into the sea and watched the events unfold as Ben and Mal soon followed. After Uma left, Belle danced with her husband on board the ship.

Descendants 3

Belle was also amongst those who watched as Hades resurrected Audrey using his Ember, she then watched as the guards took Hades out of the room to stop him from escaping.

Descendants: The Royal Wedding

Belle arrived with the Beast and Fairy Godmother where she reunited with Ben, Mal, Jay and Evie, she hugged Mal. She latter attended the wedding.


  • Despite the title of the film and what is said in the opening song, Belle's name literally translates as "beautiful" in French (the word "beauty" is actually "beauté"). However, the title of the original story is La Belle et la Bête.
  • Keegan initially auditioned for the role of Maleficent in Descendants.
  • Belle mentions that Audrey is self-absorbed in Descendants.
  • She was 44 in Descendants since she mentions to Beast that he married her at the age of 28 and she is five years younger.
    • From the fact that Belle is 17 in the Beauty and the Beast; the Beast's rose is said to bloom until his "twenty-first year", meaning he is four years her senior as the rose loses its last petal in the film, meaning he is 21. Then, seven years later, he married her at 28 while she was 24 so he is no younger than 48 as of Descendants. Belle, four years younger, would be 44 at the time
  • In addition to Beauty and the Beast, she also made a cameo appearance in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Keegan Connor Tracy also played the Blue Fairy, mainly inspired by the character from Disney's Pinocchio, on ABC's television series Once Upon a Time.


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