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Ben has a signet ring which he gives to Mal on the carriage ride to the cathedral for his coronation. The ring shows an image of his father as he appeared in Beast form. In the opening scene when he tells his parents about his royal decree, Ben is seen rotating the ring around his finger (appearing somewhat nervous about his plan).

It appears again when Mal no longer feels welcome in Auradon and instead opts to return to the Isle, she at some point returned the ring to Ben and quickly left. Once Evie, Carlos and Jay had brought the king to their former home, the three bring him to Mal's hideout spot and has it open up for him by throwing a rock at a sign that warns for rocks being thrown, Ben heads up and finds Mal who is spray-painting on the wall where he then tries to offer a solution to make Mal feel welcome back to Auradon once again including trying to give her the ring back however she only responds how her bad behaviour is rubbing off on Ben and hands him the ring back causing him to return to the three upset that he couldn't do what he came to do. After being freed from Uma's spell during Cotillion, Ben then places the ring back on Mal's finger


  • Given that it has The Beast's face on it, it is possible he had owned it at some point before his Auradon life and passed it down to Ben once he became a certain age although this is unconfirmed