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Big Murph is the son of one of the pirates of Captain Hook's crew. He appears in the book Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.[1]

Background Information[]

Physical Appearance[]

Big Murph is described as being "stout" but is a "big guy". He wears an eye patch over one eye, a red bandana tied around his forehead, a faded yellow vest over a stained t-shirt and hole-filled shorts, and a set of shower sandals.


Return to the Isle of the Lost[]

Big Murph is actually mentioned by name in the sequel novel. He first appears buying hooks for his fishing rod and is shocked when Jay serves him at his father's shop. Jay gives him the hooks for free which he appreciates greatly and leaves the shop excitedly.

He is next seen sneaking into the Evil Queen's cellar to attend the Anti-Hero Club. When Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos enter the cellar, he cheers and clamps at their arrival in the Isle. He waits at his desk patiently for cake and devours it in a moment. When Mal cleans up afterward, he crowds around her alongside Hadie and Eddie. He tells her that the Anti-Hero Club wants to emulate the VKs change, not attack them for it.

He listens to Yen Sid to explain the Villain's escape of the Isle via the Catacombs, however, that night he also learns of the Talismans of Evil which shock him to silence.

After Mal discovers the underwater entrance to the Catacombs, he participates in the search of the beach to no avail. But when he and Carlos are digging by Doom Cove they find a hole in the ground (no larger than a rabbit hole) which is the landbound entrance to the Catacombs. When they descend, he cheers along with the rest of the Anti-Hero Club.


  • Although it has not been officially mentioned who he is a descendant of, due to his name his father can probably be Black Murphy, since they share the same initials.


  1. Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Chapter 18 – Debut chapter.


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