• PinkGirlsRock

    Descendants 3

    October 16, 2019 by PinkGirlsRock
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  • Hayden Smee

    Gaston's girl?

    October 16, 2019 by Hayden Smee

    Hi, I tried to create a character from descendants to cosplay and I wondered if you would think it would be possible for Gaston to have a daughter that he tried to drown by trowing her in the see as a baby? Luckily she had been saved by Le fou and adopted since. But do you think that a sexist, self absorbed like Gaston would do such a thing because he think that there's nothing to teach to a woman and that the baby was annoying, a distraction from him and a waste of time?

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  • GwendolynGothel

    Gwendolyn Gothel

    October 4, 2019 by GwendolynGothel
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  • GoddessRosalie24

    Princess Rosalie

    October 1, 2019 by GoddessRosalie24


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  • Beverlyjones

    Mal and Ben’s daughter

    September 22, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Today, the YouTube channel TheThings did a video on Ben and Mal’s daughter and I figured I should let you guys know about her. She is of course a part-beast, part-fairy human and TheThings reckon that someone would curse her to become a chimera.

    I like to think she will be called Carabosse, which is the name of the Wicked fairy in the Sleeping Beauty ballet.

    Oh and @SteveWelch, Princess Yasmine is based on the Princess from the Princess and the Pea . I created her because she was the mother of Lord Farquaad In Shrek the Musical.

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  • Ellieandemily2

    I was so happy when Mal and Ben got engaged even THOUGH, they're only 16. However, Audrey Wasn't so Happy. So She didn't Like it Much.

    When Ben proposes to Mal when everyone was welcoming the new VKs, both her and her grandmother, Queen Leah, are not happy with the news or their future queen. After being scolded by her Grandmother, Audrey looks through old memories of her and Ben before Mal came. After realizing that she will never be queen, and earning her grandmother's scorn, she goes to the museum to steal the crown, but then she gets beckoned by Maleficent's Scepter, and gets lured in a way and falls to the darkness. (Queen of Mean). She then decides to get payback at Mal, and she transports herself to Evie's Cottage and confronts Mal a…

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  • Cadytigue


    September 7, 2019 by Cadytigue

    I think the soundtrack from this movie is my favorite.

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  • 11f50

    fuko news

    August 13, 2019 by 11f50

    who thinks that lonnie should be included in D3

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  • Zen shadow

    live descendants

    August 12, 2019 by Zen shadow

    do you think descendants would make a good live tv show. ideas 

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  • DescendantsFan82

    Who thinks that completely lowering the barrier was a bad idea

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  • Zen shadow


    August 10, 2019 by Zen shadow

    do you think thare will be more movies or more on the tv show 

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  • Lh574

    hey guys in the comments say what characters do you think will be endgame according to the movies 1,2,3 and the books and animated shorts

    Mal and ben-they are so in love its true love

    carlos and jane-they are so corny its adorable

    evie and doug-the most developed couple in the series

    uma and harry-tiny flirts but more friendship what do u think

    harry and audrey-the ending with them two though love at first sight maybe

    jay and lonnie-dont know but they would be a amazing power couple 

    chad and audrey-chad would go to the ends of the earth with her but would she do the same

    Gil and ????-who do u think gil would end up with


    tell me in the comments what couples are endgame

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  • Lh574

    harry and mal

    August 6, 2019 by Lh574

    Hey everyone mixed feelings ablout mal and harry people think that no they did not date each other, it was a joke,its not canon, etc and here are reasons why i think they did and this has nothing to do with them dating irl

    this is from a just jarred dove cameron interview

    “And then, Mal broke Harry’s heart,” Dove said. “We also decided that they got secret hook tattoos, and Thomas and I would draw them under our gloves every day. We were so into the backstory (laughs). Kenny would come up to us  and be like, ‘Do you guys have the hook tattoos?’ And we’re like, ‘Yeah, Kenny. Every day.’ And he was like, ‘OK, good. Good.’ So funny (laughs). And when Mal broke Harry’s heart, he joined Uma’s gang. That’s why he hates Mal so much. He’s like a brok…

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  • Steve.welch.7967

    What is your favorite song from the entire Descendants franchise?

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  • Thesonicfan106


    July 25, 2019 by Thesonicfan106

    Attention Everyone!!!!!

    There’s been numerous leaks of the Full d3 movie. Please beware of this and try to avoid the leaks as much as possible! And if you possibly see a link to the full movie of it DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!! Please do take this seriously and wait to watch D3 on the actual premiere date.


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  • Gmwbmw44


    July 23, 2019 by Gmwbmw44

    The Descendants Loudified

    Lisa as Mal

    Darcy as Evie

    Foop as Jay

    David as Carlos

    Hugh as Ben

    Lindsey as Audrey

    Lana as Lonnie

    Jane Fitzgerald as Jane

    Francis as Chad

    Greg as Doug

    Lexie as Uma

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  • Beverlyjones

    Princess Yasmine

    July 22, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    Princess Yasmine is the Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie’s sister, Snow White’s stepsister and Grumpy’s wife. She only appears in my Snow White Christmas pantomime of 2015. She is based on the Princess from the Princess and the Pea.

    Yasmine has short blonde hair, glasses and a black crown on her head.

    She was willing to help her mother become the fairest in the land, but drew the line when it came to killing her stepsister.

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  • Gmwbmw44

    Descendants animated

    July 12, 2019 by Gmwbmw44

    The Descendants cast (1st movie) animated.

    • In the Loud House style
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  • Josea 2014


    June 29, 2019 by Josea 2014

    Dove Cameron

    Sofia Carson

    Cameron Boyce

    Booboo Stewart

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  • Jazzyjessie3


    June 29, 2019 by Jazzyjessie3

    Dove Cameron

    Sofia Carson

    Booboo Stewart

    Cameron Boyce

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  • Thesonicfan106


    June 21, 2019 by Thesonicfan106

    Hi! I'm TheSonicFan106! Friends call me Vanna. I'm new to this wiki! I'm a HUGE fan of Descendants since I watched the first Descendants movie! Hyped for D3! I also like Sonic the Hedgehog, VeggieTales, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, MLP(FIM and EG), Pokemon, Thomas and Friends, Mario, Beyblade, Undertale, Mega Man, Marvel, DC, Ever After High, Monster High, Disney and Pixar, Kirby, 3-2-1 Penguins, Bakuguan and Yo Kai Watch. My favorite characters are Mal and Evie! I'm looking forward to helping out on this wiki as a member here! 

    • Make new friends that are Trustworthy and truthful. 
    • Make sure users are not vandalizing articles, inserting false and fake info, etc.
    • Make sure this wiki safe from Untruthful and disobient users
    • And lastly, having a bla…

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  • MalBertha2

    My Personality!

    June 20, 2019 by MalBertha2

    Mal is a sneaky, smart, and ruthless girl who is a natural born leader and skilled at artistic things, especially spray paint. Though she is compassionate, she is also vengeful and doesn't forgive others easily. She has a knack for casting spells, but only if needed. -Descendants Wiki!

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  • DescendantsFan82

    The Ember

    June 14, 2019 by DescendantsFan82

    Does anyone know what exactly Hades' Ember Does?

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  • Beverlyjones

    My Descendants annual gave me the opportunity to design my own Cotillion outfit so here it is, on the right.

    Creator: The Ghost Mother (Godmother)

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  • Beverlyjones


    May 18, 2019 by Beverlyjones

    A half-Beast is the offspring of a human and a beast.

    Ben (human mother, Beast father)

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  • Superbionic 2009

    Just a though

    April 12, 2019 by Superbionic 2009

    What if Uma switch with Aubrey

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  • Swatie427

    descendants 3 photos

    February 24, 2019 by Swatie427

    life in the descendants 3 is very weird. I never knew that hades out of all evil men was mals father. how could mals mother never tell her about this. why is mals life so confusing. hope you like these photos

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  • Francesca14601

    Greetings, community of the Descendants Wiki. As you might have noticed, we opened a Descendants 3 Fan Contest not very long ago. We have received many works from our contestants. It's been a wonderful time and we'd like to thank everyone who has been part of our contest.

    If you are not aware of our contest, look here.

    And now... the wait is over. We are honored to announce the winners of our contest!


    Drawings category:

    1st place:

    2nd place:

    3rd place:

    Sculptures category:

    1st place (and only place):

    We are very thankful for these amazing works.

    Please let us know down below in the comments your thoughts and/or suggestions for our next activity. Your opinion matters to us!

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  • Francesca14601

    This is an edit that I made for the Descendants 3 Fan Contest: You Can Do Better. My goal is to fight for LGBT representation in Disney movies. Society is changing, and hey, love is love. They say that kids often act according to what they see on TV, and that's why we must show them only the "right" things. However, right or wrong, it depends on the point of view of dominant group of the society. Many years ago, it was not okay for women to have a job. Around 20 years ago, black people almost did not appear on movies. Look how far we have come. Now the majority of the people are fighting for equality and diversity. I say we break all these traditional barriers, take a big step forward, and start guiding this world into a more equal one, wh…

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  • DarkLove17181920

    1.If someone says you're a loser, IGNORE THEM! They're just a bunch of haters!

    2.If someone makes fun of you and laughs at you for some reason, laugh the haters off. Also "Shake It Off", do what Taylor Swift says in her song.

    3.Earn respect, don't straight up demand it. 

    4.You're the coolest person in the world and I love you for that!

    5.If someone just so happens to bully you (beat you up), stand up for yourself and don't be shy and speak loud and clear and say "HEY YOU, PLEASE STOP BEATING ME UP!". Also, you can tell the teacher or the authority, but I don't reccomend that, that'll just make things even worse between the bully and you (the victim).

    6.Be smart, not dumb.

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  • DarkLove17181920

    My current thoughts:

    September 12, 2018 by DarkLove17181920


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  • DarkLove17181920

    About Me: (MORE):

    September 12, 2018 by DarkLove17181920

    I currently have crush on boy that I was friends with back when both me and him were only 7 years old. His name is Dustin Lawrence. He called me a buttwhole back when me and him were still in 9th grade. In the Auditorium yesterday while we were taking senior pictures, his mother was there sitting down and I told her about how he called me that mean name and she told him to apologize to me and he did and now I'm glad. As of yesterday, me and him are back to being friends. I also found out he was in my school again. 

    I'm more likely a Villian in real life rather than a hero. I prefer shadows over light. 

    I'm sneaky, determined, careless, and short-tempered.

    I'm 5'3. My fave foods are pizza and sushi rolls.

    I have 2 Descendants books. I did want…

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  • PrincessMyody

    So, apparently it seems like on the individual character pages it doesn’t reveal their ages. Has anyone else ever noticed this? Cause I remember it showcaseing the characters ages a long time ago and now just like magic they’re suddenly gone? Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks.

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  • ZaltoraWizard

    Magic page

    June 24, 2018 by ZaltoraWizard

    Magic is the supernatural force that can affect reality.

    Each magic user's magic manifests in different colors; Maleficent's magic is emerald green, Mal's is purple and green, Jane's is light blue, Madam Mim's is purple, and Hades' is blue.

    Some magic users use magical objects such as Mal's Spell Book, the Evil Queen's Spell book, the Magic Wand, Maleficent's Staff, Merlin's Wand, Ursula's Necklace, the Sorcerer Hat, Magic Mirror, Magic Carpet, Magic Brooms, Golden Cobra, Dragon's Egg, Fruit of Venom, Ring of Envy, Spinning Wheel, King Triton's Trident, and the Birthright Jewels.

    • Manipulation Spell: This is a pretty exclusive spell. It forces a victim to interact with nearby objects. For example, Mal had the museum guard prick his finger on Ma…

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  • Dragneelrock555

    So i have a massive question and i was wondering if anyone on this wiki was able to help me? 

    • In Wicked World, whenever they go to the Isle of the Lost its empty, but in the movie and books it is packed with people. Can anyone answer that for me.
    • Mal has Jafar's staff in her spray paint stall, but in season 2, it is in the museum?

    • Why is Ally, Jordan, Freddy, Zevon  and CJ Hook not in Descendants 2. And they won't even appear in Descendants 3. They weren't even mention in D2. And how come they didnt even talk about the events of Wicked World in Descendants 2 Why is that? Can anyone please help me?

    • Is Hades(portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson), Mal's Dad.
    • Who is Celia exactly, any new news, besides that she is Feciliers daughter and who she is portaye…

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  • Paige EM


    May 19, 2018 by Paige EM


    Wotso Videos:

    101 Facts:

    Jon Solo:

    The Theorizer:

    Just a Disney Fan:

    Disney Descendants:

    Oh My Disney:


    The Film Theorists:

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  • Superbionic 2009

    I was watching Mickey and The roadster Racers and Made me Think Is Mickey Mouse and and his friends here in Descendants world Maybe they just animals like Dude or maybe They can Talk here. The Parents and Mickey crossover. what You think?

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  • Annie 🌹

    Hey guys it's Annie!Today I'm writing my morning Routine!

    Waking up:My alarm goes off at about 9:00 Am and I go on my phone for about 10 minutes

    • Breakfast:I usually get pancakes or toast for breakfast
    • Makeup/Hair:(Disclaimer I don't do makeup everyday) For my hair I usually have it down,in a bun or braids
    • Exercise:I go for a little jog/Run everyday to keep me fit
    • Dinner:My family and I usually go out somewhere for dinner
    • Evening:I edit my Vlogs and take a nap and do lots more of Editing
    • 8:00 pm:I get ready for bed
    • 10:00 pm:I go to bed😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😌😌😌😌! Hope y'all enjoyed reading this blog!!!!!xoxo Annie!Link to myYoutube channel:YouTube.Com/AnnieRose!BYE GUYS!!!!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
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  • Uma-descendants

    So I start off my day by Waking up at 11:00 am.

    Then I go on my phone for like 2 hours just kidding I go on for like 5 minutes.

    I go to brush my teeth,Put on Outfit then put on my Makeup💄👚😀.

    So then I get Breakfast I usually get pancakes and I look like a Zombie😵

    Afternoon_On weekdays I have School cause I'm Homeschooled✍✌✋✊and on Weekends I go Shopping 

    Evening:I film and edit Vlogs for my Youtube channel@Annie Rose

    Hope y'all enjoyed reading!Bye!

    Lots of love Annie🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  • MalEvieCarlosJayBen

    Intro to Me

    April 27, 2018 by MalEvieCarlosJayBen

    Hey, everyone out there in internet land.

    So, I'm new to the Fandom Wiki site and I don't really like the "about you" page on this, cause it doesn't do a great job of introducing people, and I don't know if anyone is even gonna read this, but I'm going to write it anyway. So, just a few things about me:

    • I'm a Christian
    • I'm a HUUUUUGE Disney & Disney Channel fan (especially Descendants)
    • I love Star Wars
    • I do a lot of Roleplay sort of things with my friends
    • I do a lot of acting

    I can't think of anything else right this second, but if I think of anything else..... I guess I'll update the page.

    MalEvieCarlosJayBen (talk) 00:57, April 27, 2018 (UTC)MalEvieCarlosJayBen

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  • RucasAusllyNaleyJelena

    Hey, I was wondering how you managed to put a picture on the community page. I have a few wikis that I would like to do that to.

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  • Francesca14601

    Need help? Lack of ideas? You're just in the right place!

    It's such an incredible phenomenon how most of the brilliant minds of literature fanfiction come up with this same amazing type of character. They are so diverse, yet so similar that is mind-blowing when you think that they aren't created by one same author! Insane, right?


    Insane, indeed...

    If you amateurs in real literature fanfics haven't heard of these method, then have you been living under a rock? Pfft... Answer must be yes. But no worries, dear friends, because here I am to teach you how to build an incredible character that will guarantee a well-written story! Ready? Let's go!

    Oh, you know, just give your character the most exotic name on Earth that is definitely a genius de…

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  • ExplodingKittens

    I'm new!!

    February 28, 2018 by ExplodingKittens

    Hey everybody! My name is Daisy and I'm new to DescendantsWiki! If I post anything cringey, please don't hate! I'm totally cool (not)! I dance hip hop and like writing stories. My fave shows are Descendants, Lizzie McGuire (don't hate plz) and Every Witch Way. I will post secrets about the Descendants cast soon. 

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  • EvilTree-GoodApple

    I've recently re-read (part) of Return to the Isle of the Lost so I could refresh my memory in order to read Rise of the Isle of the Lost and I was curious if any of yall have re-read the series, or if you were more 'one-and-done' about it.

    I usually don't read books again after the first time (I remember the writing/paragraphs too much for it to be interesting) but I liked the Descendants series so much I wanted to read the last few chapters again so I wouldn't forget any details. :)

    I definitely did not make this post so I could earn a super cool badge. So, how many times have you read the Descendants series? Once? Thrice? Zero times? Tell!

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  • SailorSedna052

    Worst Cliches

    January 7, 2018 by SailorSedna052

    I found 15 Biggest Movie Clichés Disney Won’t Stop Using on screen rant and I wonder what's yours. Here's theirs.

    • 14. DEAD PARENTS
    • 13. THE “I WANT” SONG

    Are we finding any of thei…

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  • SailorSedna052

    Is You a Good Witch?

    Name: Tina & Todrick

    Age: 16 twins

    Parent: mother-Wicked Witch of the West (Theodora), father-unknown

    Story: Their mother is Theodora, the wicked witch of the west. They have no idea who their father is and frankly they don’t give a care. The 2 grew up together clothes and they would say ‘we were born holding hands and we’ll die holding hands’. Tina noticed that her brother Todrick was different when the 2 were just kids and he would wear his mother’s pumps. It wasn’t until he was 13 he finally came out and started to save money to have female breast but still keep his other part. Luckily his sister and his mother were very supportive of Todrick. There are some that would bully Todrick for dressing up in drag but Tina’s bi…

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  • PrincessBatman

    Sorry, but it should be done.

    DW Staff Team. Beware!


    They say I'm moaning

    They say I'm Mal

    They say I'm girly

    And I have jet


    A chibi pervert

    Nerd to the bone

    Obsessed with hacking

    Can't take me home


    So I've got some absinthe

    In my blood

    Can you blame me?

    I never got no sleep


    They think I'm hopeless

    A rainbow poop.

    Ain't it hilarious?

    Beware my puns!


    In your message on the wall

    One quote chain will bind them all!

    Just for fun they'll ban you all, ban you all!

    We're plotting on discord

    Plotting on discord

    We're plotting on discord

    How we'll ban you all.

    We're nothing like the staff teams, like staff teams next door

    We'll ban you to the (core), Ban you to the (core)

    We'll ban you to the core.


    Call me Konata

    Call me a fake

    I'm this…

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  • Seddiefan1018

    Happy new year

    December 31, 2017 by Seddiefan1018

    Happy new year everyone and let's hope we get a third descendants movie this year

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  • Seddiefan1018

    Favourite song

    December 31, 2017 by Seddiefan1018

    Ok so we now have both movies out and I would like to know what is everybody's favourite song from both movies or it could just be from one movie

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