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Brenna D'Amico (born September 28, 2000) is an American actress who portrays Jane, daughter of Fairy Godmother, in the Disney Descendants franchise. She is part of the small group who reprised her role during all three films. Once she was 13, Brenna was taken to Los Angeles where she went to audition for the role of Jane, a role which she ended up getting, she would move to Los Angeles once she became 16 just shortly after her debut in Descendants.

She also voiced her character, Jane, in the animated short series, Descendants: Wicked World. She also has a YouTube Channel where she does a n assortmen of various videos and sings covers of many songs.


She was born on September 28, 2000, to parents Dave and Shannon D'Amico. The family resides in America and has American nationality. Brenna D'Amico was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She has a sister named Aubree. She plays guitar and piano in her free time. The actress has taken up LA Casting Director Workshops training.

As of recent, she is set to star in "Saturday at the Starlight" playing a girl named Maya as well as star in "Burnouts" both of which have yet to be given a release date, Saturday at the Starlight however is in post-production with Burnouts still in development



  • She can also play the piano and the guitar.
  • In real life, she was dating her co-star Cameron Boyce since 2015, but they seem to have broken up in 2016-2017.

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