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"Neon Lights Out"[]

  • "Hi! Sorry to interrupt. No, I'm not."
  • "Hey, Malsy. Miss me? Oh, I was going to give up dramatic entrances. So flashy. But... what can I say? I'm hooked."
  • "That's rotting kelp!"

"Hooked On Ben"[]

  • "Oh, stop. You'll make a girl blush. Actually, I'm kind of offended that you didn't figure it out sooner."
  • "Wave hi, Benny!"
  • "So, Malsy, what's first: storm the castle, take prisoners, maniacally laugh in people's faces? Oh, we're going to free the hostages. Interesting choice, but you and your mom have always thought outside the box."
  • "Well, why wouldn't I? We're villain kids. It's what we do. You really should lock your stuff away. Stealing that mascot uniform was like taking candy from a baby. And, Mal, framing you with the bracelet was just icing on the old cake. I tried ruining your party dresses, but it seems these 2 VKs have gone soft. They just had to... What is it you, Auradon Kids, call it? Save the day. Oh, and let's not forget the no-shows. I gotta hand it to you, Little Miss Bibbidi-Bobbidi, over here. A pumpkin car? Not my thing, but you pulled it off. Stealing the carpet from you two was probably the most fun I've had yet!"
  • "Quiet. I'm soliloquizing. And then, the grandest of them all: cutting that DJ cord, so our little Freddie could have her moment in the spotlight. It was the least I could do as a thank-you for sneaking me into Auradon."
  • "So can I. She was following orders. Freddie is my second-in-command."
  • "Exactly. I tell you what to do and you do it. Partners!"
  • "I get it. My dad never let me steer the ship either. But we don't have to be like our parents."
  • "We can veer starboard on the squall together!"
  • "Partners? For reals!"
  • "We're gonna pillage and plunder together!"
  • "Because her captain commands her to pillage and plunder."
  • "You're saying that like it's a bad thing."
  • "I'm disappointed in you, Freddie. I thought you were badder than this. Looks like I'll have to be partner-less in crime. So long, squarest of them all!"

"Options Are Shrinking"[]

  • "Ahoy!"
  • "Hi, guys. Did I tell you I got my own ship? Well, more of a row boat, actually, but it's a start. Hey, cutie. I gave Zevon a ride in exchange for a full 50-foot schooner when he takes over Auradon."
  • "Guess it's time for the potion portion of the show."
  • "Especially Carlos. Well, I'm gonna go get a good seat for the hostile takeover. I'll be back when the dust settles!"


  • "Ugh! Enough already! On with the show!"