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Carlos - Descendants 3


  • "I read somewhere that they allow dogs in Auradon. Mom said they're rabid pack animals who eat boys who don't behave."
  • "Yeah, maybe a new school wouldn't be the worst thing."
  • "Oh! These! It's salty like nuts, but it's sweet like I don't know what."
  • "I will never forget mother's day again."
  • "A force field and a siren?"
  • "Ben, Ben help me! This thing is a killer! It's gonna chase me down and rip out my throat! This is a vicious, rabid pack animal!"
  • "She's a dog expert. A dog yellerer. Why are you holding him? He's gonna attack you!"
  • "He doesn't look like a vicious, rabid pack animal. Jeez. You're a good boy, aren't you? You're a good boy."
  • "Yeah. Let's just say we don't get a lot of belly rubs."
  • "He's the perfect size for a pet! This dog loves me and I love him. And FYI your dog is stuffed! So give it a rest!"
  • "Okay, so I'll find our limo, so we can break the barrier, and, uh, get back on the island with the wand."
  • "So, just to be clear, we don't have to be worried about how really mad our parents will be? Because they're gonna be really, really mad."
  • "Hold on, Mal. Maybe good really is more powerful than evil."

Descendants: Wicked World[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Descendants 2[]

  • "You can either slouch or strut."
  • "I told you to stay!" (To Dude)
  • "Uh... She went camping... You know how spontaneous she is, bro." (To Doug)