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Mad for Tea The Night is Young
Mal Don't worry, guys. I am sure that Jay and Carlos will be here any minute.
Ally You said that 15 minutes ago.
Evie I'm sure they're just around the corner. I just hope that corner isn't on the other side of Auradon.
Audrey How big is this carpet they're picking us up in? I don't do crowded.
Jordan Oh, it's a mid-size, so we'll be fine. But from what I've heard about Jay, I'm sure it's stolen.
Mal Jay doesn't steal... much.
Audrey We're going to be riding on a stolen carpet?
Freddie All right! This party just got interesting.
Audrey Oh, what's the wind situation like on this carpet? Should I be worried about my hair?
Evie No, because I packed hair helmets for everyone. I designed them myself!
Audrey I take back everything bad I ever said about you.
Evie What did you say about me?
Audrey Nothing!
Ally Bravo, ladies! Superbly sweet moment. But since Carlos and Jay are a no-show, we need to figure out how to get to the party straight away. Do you have a spare magic carpet?
Jordan Oh, because I'm a genie who lives in a lamp, I automatically fly around on an old rug?
Audrey She didn't pass her carpet driver's test.
Jordan I'm taking it again next week. 13th time's the charm.
Ally Jane, you're all magical now. Can't you whip us up a ride?
Mal Hey, I can help.
Ally No offense, Mal, but the VKs are clearly not coming through today. Sorry.
Mal That's all right.
Ally Normally, I would let you help out, but whenever you get involved it leads to disaster. No offense.
Mal Okay?
Ally It's because you destroy everything you touch. No offense.
Mal So, do you know what "no offense" means? 'Cause I'm starting to take some.
Ally Please don't take it that way. It's only I don't trust you, no off... Sorry. Jane, what do you say? Can you bibbidi bobbidi us up some transpo?
Jane Oh, I-I don't know if I can do...
Audrey No presh, but if I don't get to the party soon, I am going to die.
Evie What about Lonnie? Can't she pick us up?
Mal She went early to set up the DJ equipment, but I'm sure I can try something magical.
Jordan Jane, let's see what you've got.
Jane Uh, well, I'm really very new to this whole magic thing. Uh... Bibbidi bobbidi! Whoa.
Freddie That's a vegetable.
Jane Well, it's a gourd.
Ally Gourd-geous!... Does it fly?
Evie That won't do. I get car-sick on flying pumpkins.
Jane It's not a flying pumpkin!
Ally Oh, so we're heading to the party in some sort of pumpkin boat.
Jane It's not a boat.
Ally A pumpkin took-took?
Jane No!
Ally Pumpkin trolley?
Jane No!
Ally Pumpkin roller skates, then.
Audrey I can't be seen in that. Pumpkin clashes with my eyes.
Jordan Yeah. I don't think that will help me get more viewers for my web show.
Mal Guys! Let Jane do her thing. Go ahead, Jane.
Jane Thank you! Like Cindy's pumpkin carriage, a legend to us all... an even sweeter ride shall take us to the Neon Lights Ball!
Audrey Sweet ride! wait, this veggie car is carved right. I'm not going to get nasty gooey seeds on my dress, am I?
Jane Nope. All clear. And it's green. Runs on vegetable oil!
Jordan Great! We'll all show up to the party smelling like salad dressing.
Mal Nice work, Jane. You know I couldn't have done it better myself.
Jane Aw, it's nothing. Just bending the laws of the universe, by my mother's forbiddance!
Mal I can't believe that Carlos and Jay flaked.
Evie I know. And we've been working so hard to get people on our side!
Audrey If you, ladies, don't get in here, I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin.
Jordan That doesn't even make sense.
Audrey Your hair doesn't make sense!