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The Castle-Across-the-Way is the home of The Evil Queen and formerly Evie. It was where Evie and her mother resided for a decade after both were banished there by Maleficent when Evie did not invite Mal to her sixth birthday party, it is located on the Isle of the Lost.


It is a rundown castle on the Isle of the Lost near Hell Hall, it is covered in spiderwebs with broken chandeliers on the ceiling, it has a mirror located in an unknown room and only appears in a rundown state due to the Evil Queen caring more about her and Evie's own appearance. Due to being too large, the Evil Queen and her daughter remained near the centre.


On Evie's sixth birthday. a party was held for her where all the kids on the Isle were invited save for Mal. After Maleficent learned that her daughter had been excluded, the former then declared that the Evil Queen would suffer for the incident which included the latter and her daughter being banished to their home for a decade.

After Yen Sid founded the Anti-Heroes Club, the basement of the castle was used as the group's headquarters as the good wizard believed nobody would look there.