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Carlos’s Room (2)

  1. Chad Charming: (enters the room, tosses a key and notices Carlos De Vil and Queen Mal staring at him) Hi. Just came to use your 3D printer. Won’t be a sec. Carlos: (staring at Chad with the key) How did you get a key to my room? Chad: (stares at the key in his hand, then looks back at Carlos) Oh, I printed it off last time I was in here. You guys were sleeping. Look, it’s just— Your printer’s so much better than mine. And you installed all those hacks and it runs so much smoother than mine and— Carlos: (interrupts Chad) Out. Now. Chad: Fine. Fine. (turns to leave the room) Carlos: (stops Chad) Chad. Chad: (stops before going out the door) What? Hmm? Carlos: (holds his hand out) Leave the key. Chad: Fine. (gives Carlos a dramatic look as he puts the key down on the table, then dramatically leaves the room)
  2. Dude the Dog: (whines as he runs to Carlos) Carlos: (walks over to Dude) Hi, Dude. (Dude whines as Carlos picks him up and hugs him) I’m sorry I’m so late, Dude. Ben got captured, (Dude forgives him with a few licks on the face.) Jay: (notices that the door to his and Carlos’s room is open) Why’s our door open? (Jay and Carlos walk over to see Chad using Carlos’s 3D printer.) Carlos: (really steamed at Chad) You’ve got to be kidding me. Chad: (quickly turns the printer off, turns around and looks at Carlos and Jay innocently) I knocked. Carlos: (gently puts Dude down) Go on, Dude. (Dude walks to the bed and jumps up on it and goes to his dog bed. Carlos holds his hand out, and Chad gives him the key.) Jay: (points at the action figure in the 3D printer) What’s that? Chad: (takes the action figure out of the printer and shows Carlos and Jay) Oh! (chuckles) That is a Chad action figure. (imitates car engine) Well, minus the head. Carlos: Sounds like an improvement. Excuse me. (gently pushes Chad out of the way.)