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Charmington is one of The 19 Regions of Auradon, it is the home of Snow White, her friends and her family.

Charmington is connected to Shallows Keep and has a town named Eden, it has a bridge and is west of Cinderellasburg and east of Auradon City.

Before the formation of Auradon[]

Although a princess, Snow White was forced to work as a maid under her step-mother's rule as The Evil Queen instead ruled over the land, after the latter became jealous that her step-daughter was considered the fairest in the land, she ordered a huntsman to kill the young princess only for him to spare Snow White's life and instead urged her to run away.

After Prince Florian woke Snow White with a kiss after she had been poisoned, he took her to a castle.


After all kingdoms became The United States of Auradon, Queen Snow White and King Florian became the owners of Charmington and allowed their friends and allies to live there.


  • It was named such due to Prince Florian's charms and good lucks before the then Prince Charming was on the scene[1]