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Wild Rehearsal Talking Heads
Speaker Dialogue
During the late hour of night, someone breaks into the science lab and steals all the chemicals. By morning, Evie is in the lab creating rainbow nail polish with Mal, Jane, Freddie, and Ally assisting her.
Jane Creating rainbow nail polish is cool, but... Uh... is this a school sanctioned experiment?
Evie (to self) Let's just say it won't be on the final exam. (to Jane) Jane, can you get me the emulsifier?
Jane (opens the cupboards) Huh. They're gone. And so are the coagulants.
Evie Uh, check the drawers, maybe?
Ally (opens the drawer) They appeared to have wandered away. Curiouser and curiouser.
Jane I don't get it. Everyone in Auradon is so good. Who would do this?
Audrey angrily bursts into the lab with a picture of her vandalized room on her phone.
Audrey I'll tell you who. The same person who spray-painted my room! (shows Mal, Evie, Jane, Freddie and Ally the picture of Audrey's vandalized room)
Freddie Oh, snap. That's harsh.
Jane Yeah, I was about to use the same words. Snap, harsh. Absolutely.
Audrey And who do we know has a history of defacing property with spray-paint? A history of breaking the rules? A history of evil?
Mal's eyes glow green.
Mal Oh, and... (chuckles) ...don't forget, a history of using magic. Double, double toil and trouble cauldron burst with brilliant bubbles.
Colorful bubbles begin to brew from the beaker.
Evie Weird, that's not supposed to happen.
Ally Delightful! Oh, look at them all.
Freddie Aw!
Jane Pretty.
The bubble pops on Audrey.
Audrey (gasps) What the bibbidi?!
Jane Oh, no!
Evie No!
Evie, Jane, Freddie, Ally and Audrey start to panic and run around the lab like crazy.
Freddie Terrific. Mal! What did you do?
Audrey (grabs Jane as a human shield) Do not move!
Ally No!
Freddie Help!
Jane Watch out for it!
Ally It's only a dream. It's only a dream.
Freddie Can't... believe... I'm fighting... bubbles!
Audrey Oh, no!
Meanwhile, Mal stands in the middle of the commotion watching everyone in amusement. Eventually, all the bubbles have popped on everyone's clothes, except Mal's, are ruined in colorful stains.
Audrey Look what you did! Our clothes are ruined!
Jane I love this dress.
Ally Mal, how could you?
Evie Oh, but those outfits. That's the new style. You look totally hot and hot is the new cool.
Ally Hot is the new cool?
Audrey Actually, yeah. I have heard that.
Ally They are pretty fetch.
Freddie I can make this work.
Jane I love this.
Evie We totally look fab. Now, back to the experiment.
Ally Oh, yay!
Jane What should we do first?
Then after Evie sends them away she turns to Mal, only to find her gone.
Evie Mal, what's going on with-- you? Something is wrong. And it's only getting worse.