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Chester is one of the deuteragonists in the novel Beyond the Isle of the Lost. Together with his friends, Red and Ace, he plans a party as an act of the ultimate rebellion.

Background Information[]


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Physical Appearance[]

Chester is described as a tall and lanky boy with a mop of brown hair and a wide smile.[1]

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Like the Cheshire Cat, Chester has the ability to disappear and reappear.


Beyond the Isle of the Lost[]

Chested grew up in Caterpillar Bush where he was homeschooled. Then one day, Chester's dad was transferred to kingdom work in the Capital of Wonderland. When Chester moved to the capital with his family he decided to give Wonderland High a try.

On Chester's first day of school as a new student at Wonderland High, he sits next to Red in Science class. At first Red didn’t notice Chester coming into the classroom until she glanced in the corner next to chalkboard and nearly jumped out of her seat. Then the Science teacher Maddox Hatter introduces Chester to the class as a new student at Wonderland High.

Chester bands together with Red and Ace to plan the ultimate rebellion: a party.

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Descendants: The Rise of Red

Chester is briefly mentioned when Bridget asked Red how many kids where in her old school, to which Red mentions that one, possibly mentioned Chester, who was her only friend in Wonderland High


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  1. Beyond the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Chapter 4 – Chester's appearance is described.


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