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Princess Chloe Charming is one of the two main protagonists of the film Descendants: The Rise of Red, where she and the Princess Red of Wonderland use the Pocket Watch created by Maddox Hatter to go to the past in order to prevent a coup by the Queen of Hearts.[1] She is the daughter of Cinderella and King Charming, and the younger sister of Chad Charming. She is portrayed by Malia Baker.

Background Information[]


Chloe is a cheerful 16-year-old who is a perfectionist and is book smart and athletic, but her privilege makes her somewhat naive about the real world. She enjoys history and joined the Auradon Historical Society.

Physical Appearance[]

Chloe is slightly dark-fair skinned young teenage girl with long curly light blue hair that goes down past her shoulders. She wears light pink lipstick with soft blue eyeliner and gems around her eyes. She wears a blue and gold jacket, a light blue and dark shirt, blue pants with two different color shades on two sides, and silver sparkly army boots. She accessorizes with gold fingerless gloves that sport a blue diamond on the centre, a blue choker, a blue belt with gold accents, a stealth with a sword, and light blue nails.

Chloe however, sacrifices her boots while she helping out Red at Merlin Academy, destroying the shoes in the process. Despite that, she now wears Captain Hook's own boots after Red took them when he was in a frozen state.


Early life[]

Princess Chloe Charming was born in Cinderellasburg, Auradon to Cinderella and King Charming. Chloe was born as the younger sister of Chad Charming. Growing up, she was home-schooled, later in life, she discovered her love for sports.

Beyond the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel (Barnes and Noble exclusive edition)[]

Chloe, alongside her parents, travelled to Camelot where they met Ben, Mal, Doug, Evie and Jay. There, Cinderella and King Charming told the five that Chloe would be attending Auradon Prep the following school year.

Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

Sometime after becoming enrolled, Chloe became the captain of the Swords and Shields Fencing Team and a member of the Dragon Appreciation Club. Moments before the Queen of Hearts arrived in Auradon, Chloe and her mother watched a show by Uma and once it was announced that the queen had arrived, Chloe introduced herself to the queen's daughter, Princess Red and joked about how she wondered how life was in Wonderland, when Red offered to show the Jabberwocky to the princess, Chloe showed interest though Red stated the Jabberwocky would eat the princess and called her annoying.

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Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

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  • Her character was revealed alongside Red's on May 10th 2022.[1]
  • She is one of few descendants to have a full name with first and last name.
  • The color blue, which is her representative color, is often used as the opposite of red, the representative color of her Descendants: The Rise of Red co-protagonist, Red. Interestingly, the combination of blue and red is purple, the representative color of the protagonist of the film trilogy prior to The Rise of Red, Mal.



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