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Christian Convery, is an American/Canadian actor, living in Vancouver, BC. He began his career at the age of 6. He portrays Squeaky Smee, one of the sons of Mr. Smee, in the second sequel movie, the third movie, Descendants 3. He is the cousin of Christopher Convery. At the time of Descendants 3, he alongside Luke Roessler were the youngest of the cast being around 9-12

Other media[]

Christian Convery first starred in in Hearts of Spring in 2016 followed by being in one episode of Supernatural. During 2021, he landed the main role of playing Gus in Netflix's "Sweeth Tooth" where he played the character in both series one and two and most likely will reprise it for its third and final series. His most recent role is young Sanji in the 2023 live action adaptation of the One Piece anime where he played young Sanji, although his most recent role in the film industry is voicing Chase for the PAW patrol film set to release this year.

Personal life[]

He is the younger cousin of Christopher Convery who is known for playing young Billy Hargrove from Netflix's Stranger Things as well as August Balder in 2018's "The girl in the spider's web"