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Cinderellasburg is one of The 19 regions of Auradon and home to Cinderella, her friends and family.

In the region, there is a town called Cenerentola, two castles with one being the Rocky Point Court castle and the Charming Castle where King Charming, Queen Cinderella and their children Prince Chad Charming and Princess Chloe Charming. It is south of Auradon, near the Strait of Ursula with Charmington in the east and in the section of North Westerly.

Places of Interest[]

  • Cenerentola: Cerentola is a town within Cinderellasburg.
  • Rocky Point Court: It is one of two castles.
  • Cinderellasburg City: It is the capitol city of Cinderellasburg.
  • Charming Castle: Home to King Charming, Queen Cinderella and their children,Chloe and Chad Charming.


  • In Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Ben and Mal went to Charmington Castle in order to obtain shards of broken glass from one of Cinderella's shattered slippers though discovered they had been beaten there by Jay.
  • One of the rules of Charmington Castle is that shoes must be taken off.