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Coach Jenkins is a character who appears in the Disney film Descendants, portrayed by Reese Alexander. He is coach of the Tourney Team at Auradon Prep.


Coach Jenkins is shown to have a sense of humor. When he saw Jay's talent, he welcomed him to the team while jokingly told Jay he'd show him a rulebook, something Jay's never seen before since he was from the Isle. He also saw Jay's ability to mature if he learned to work in a team rather than alone and coached Jay and succeeding in teaching him the value of teamwork.



Coach Jenkins first appears on the field of Auradon Prep to train the Tourney Team. The new student, Jay, shows raw talent at the game despite it being his first time playing. Coach Jenkins enjoys his ability but his aggression and lack of teamwork are an issue. He then teaches Jay the values of teamwork, stating that a team made of different members is similar to body parts needing each other to function properly. He then gives Jay a T-shirt with his name ironed on it.

During the Tourney Tournament, Jay convinces Jenkins to let his physically weaker friend, Carlos, to participate. Despite his hesitation, the boys manage to come together and win the tournament.


  • Coach Jenkins is the one of only two employees that did not come from a Disney film (the other being Mr. Deley)

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