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Cogsworth is Beast's majordomo in the 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast. He appeared in the novel The Isle of the Lost, were he attends The Council of Sidekicks meetings. He is also a teacher at Auradon Prep.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Clock Cogsworth

Cogsworth as a pendulum clock in Beauty and the Beast.

He is one of Beast's servants, working as his majordomo. Cogsworth was transformed into a pendulum clock by the sorceress, waiting for the day when Beast would find a girl who would love him.

When Belle arrives at the castle, he and his companions try to get them together. Days later, when the last petal of the rose falls, Cogsworth and the other servants believe they are forever trapped as objects, though the spell is broken after Belle declares her love for the Beast, Cogsworth becomes human once more.

The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

He is present in the meeting of Ben with The Council of Sidekicks.

Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

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Drawing of Mr

Drawing of Mr. Cogsworth in School of Secrets.

  • In the School of Secrets episode "Day 2: Attention", one of the students draws a picture of him growling, showing that his students do not have much respect for him.