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The Core Four is the in-universe name given to a group of four students who were born and raised on the Isle of the Lost, and brought to Auradon to undo the pasts of their parents for the greater good. The group of four consisted of Mal, daughter of Maleficent and Hades, Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil, and Jay, son of Jafar. They are all main protagonists of the Descendants trilogy.


Mal, the widely-proclaimed lead member, as she calls the shots and launches most of the group's mischievous objectives and missions, had a dramatic change from one of the most devious descendants on the Isle to the Queen of Auradon. She initially arrived in Auradon on former King Beast's request, to begin attending Auradon Prep and to be ushered into turning away from a life of thievery and crime-oriented morals. However, she fell in love with Ben, the heir to the throne, and later became married to him, making her the Queen of Auradon. The pair, along with Mal's friends, saved Auradon from countless dangers, including Maleficent, Uma, and Audrey. Ultimately, Mal, with the permission of the previous King and Queen, brought down the magical barrier confining the citizens of the Isle of the Lost to their prison with the Fairy Godmother's wand.

Evie, the secondary most important member, was never truly sinister to begin with, and always had a soft-spot for others. Soon after being transported to Auradon, she wanted the barrier to be broken because she knew first-hand how dire and poor life was like on the Isle on wanted those who were not responsible for their parents' mistakes to be given a chance to be educated and start a new life. Through thick and thin, her and Mal's close friendship were the heart of the group, as Evie persuaded Mal to return to Auradon when even Ben could not do so. Evie began dating Doug, son of the dwarf Dopey, became a successful fashion designer and played a large role in freeing the citizens of the Isle.

Carlos De Vil, similarly to Evie, was a sweetheart in the wrong environment. He quickly adapted to the life of Auradon smoothly, and didn't really have an issue with the non-thieving life of being a resident and living on campus. He actually favored the technology and was able to utilize his untapped potential in it for the better. He eventually became inseparable with a dog named Dude, ironically, and began dating daughter of the Fairy godmother, Jane. He was a primary figure in the protection of Auradon on several occasions, and had a close connection with the other members.

Lastly, but just as important, Jay is a very crucial member of the Core Four. Although he found attraction towards the many physical sports and activies in Auradon, he still had a mischievous gene that stuck around, which he thankfully learned to suppress for the better. Notably, he traveled to the Isle of the Lost with the rest of the gang and Lonnie, daughter of Mulan, to rescue at the time Prince Ben, who had been captured as leverage for Uma to get her hands on the Fairy godmother's wand and break down the barrier for the wrong reasons. He fought bravely and skillfully beside his allies on several occasions, including with Harry Hook and Gil against the enchanted suits of armor and even against them on board of Uma's ship and the rest of her crew.


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