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The Crimson Army are one of the armies of Wonderland and an elite army that is fiercely loyal to the Queen of Hearts. They patrol the streets of their hometown and chase down those who break the rules, and are lead by the Jack of Diamonds.


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

They are an elite army who all think as one force and do not question their queen's orders. On the night that a cloaked Princess Red of Hearts vandalized the royal plaza around the castle, the Crimson Army and their leader, the Jack of Diamonds, came onto the scene and attempted to capture her only to evaded.

The following morning, the Jack of Diamonds found himself reporting to his queen outside in the plaza as the queen admitted to Red what had happened the night prior going as far as to call the soldier a sorry excuse and suggested punishments before allowing Red to make the decision, Red then removed the captain's hat from his head.

When the Queen of Hearts incited a coup in Auradon, the Crimson Army were then summoned where they prevented the attendees from escaping.



  • Whether or not they are also the Armored Guard in Beyond the Isle of the Lost is unknown though the latter group is said to be the Queen of Heart's most elite legion of guards.