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"Descendants: Mal's Diary" is a hardcover book based on the television movie Descendants. It was released on July 14, 2015.


For anyone who wants to know more about what Mal is really thinking, this diary gives readers a special glimpse inside her world with super-secret journal entries and Mal's doodles and drawings. Plus bonus pages for the reader to write down her own thoughts and feelings!

Product Information[]

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 3 - 7
  • Series: Disney Descendants
  • Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Disney Press (July 14, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1484726855
  • ISBN-13: 978-1484726853
  • Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 0.9 x 8.2 inches

Diary Breakdown[]

The first two entries into the diary are basic summaries of what the Isle is like and who some of the people are.

  • Mal mentions that she spends most of her time with Jay and has recently started hanging out with Carlos and Evie more.
  • Jay is noted as having stolen from almost everyone on the isle. While Evie is noted as being obessed with her magic mirror and boys -- and that the two didn't always get along at first.
  • The four of them have tagged every shop on the isle along with kicking over trash cans and scaring other kids
  • The third entry is basically the start of the Descendants movie but summaraized from Mal's POV. She notes that Carlos is terrified of dogs, Jay wouldn't be caught dead in a school uniform and that Evie is the only one excited because she wants to meet a prince and fall in love.
  • Mal writes that "On the Isle of the Lost her powers are weakened," speaking about her mom. Which explains how both Malifecent and Mal can have their dragon-eyed stairing contest.
  • Mal notes how she wishes her mom would just take her somewhere fun or talk to her about normal stuff instead of always about world domination. She mentions how the other villian parents don't seem as eager to send their children off but Malificent doesnt seem like she'd even miss Mal.
  • One entry is titled "How To Be Evil AKA Lessons from Mom"
    How to Be Evil AKA Lessons from Mom

    A entry from Mal's Diary.

  • On the limo ride to Auradon for the first time Mal writes a diary entry describing what everyone is doing but focuses on how she can't stop thinking about the day before and how their parents treated them.
    • She notes "Carlos is practically his mom's slave, fluffing her furs and scraping the bunions from her feet. Jay has to work for his dad in the shop, and poor Evie always has the Evil Queen whispering in her ear, telling her she needs to find a prince to marry, as if that's the most important thing in the world. She believes that Auradon Prep could be a good break from the Isle.
    • In this entry Mal also notes shes been on the isle for 16 years and that they do the same thing basically every day.
  • Upon meeting Ben for the first time Mal she thinks his ideas are gag worthy and that this wont stop Carlos from suddenly not having manners, Jay from stealing or Evie from cheating on tests. But -- that ben's "big doe eyes" makes him seem like an okay guy.
  • Her entry on Audrey has the words "she's kind of the worst" highlighted saying that Audrey instantly insulted Evie and that she understands why her mom can't stand Audrey's family.
  • In their new room for the first time Mal talks about how much she hates the pink and white flowers and canopies and how she made Evie pull it all down and close the windows.
  • Mal's Schedule: History of Woodsmen and Pirates; Echanted Forestry; Bad Farieies; Mathmatics; Lunch/Recess; Grammar; History of Auradon; Safety Rules for the Internet; Remedial Goodness 101.
  • Jay has stolen half of the electronics in the school only one or two days in. Mal writes about how Evie "secretly likes it here" and she wishes Evie would snap out of it.
  • On the night where they break into the museum Mal writes about how when she saw her mother's statue she wonderd if being evil was who she really was. She mentions wanting to be an arist, singer or a designer helping Evie with her fashion line and how she wishes that for once this was her choice and not something of her mother's.
  • Ben suggests to Mal to enroll in an art class and Mal is very suspicious.
  • Mal writes about how much she hates Chad, and hates that Chad is using Evie. She mentions how smart Evie is and that it makes her mad that Evie is pretending to be stupid to get Chad to like her. "Evie's so much better than him. She's smart and funny and beautiful and talented and amazing. IF ONLY SHE REALIZED THAT."
  • When Lonnie comes to get her hair done like Jane's she ends up hanging out in the room and Mal writes about how it wasn't awful hanging out with them and how Lonnie is kind of cool and Jane is funny.
  • A entry later Mal writes about how the other VKs seem to be falling into liking Aurdon and how they might not be scared of their parents but she is. Followed by a page scribbled in puple ink saying "Best Friends For Never"
  • Mal owns up a page later and says that she was being to harsh with her tough love and that they're in this together.
  • On the night they made the chocolate chip cookies Mal writes another entry she writes about how on the isle noone ever sits down to help with homework or making a snack. No one asks how their day was or even cares. She says she doesnt even remember her mom hugging her or checking in on how she was feeling. She admits that her mother is usually the reason she feels sad because shes always critizing her.
  • Mal agrees to go to the tourney game to not let Evie look like a dork in the stands. She writes about how much she hates that what she did that hurt Evie. Saying that Evie is a billion times better than Chad, that she's "beautiful and can sew and do three backhandsprings in a row." She calls Evie an amazing designer and a good friend, her best friend.
  • Mal writes about how she doesn't really want to spend time with Ben because she could be hanging out with Evie or plotting. That his pure optimism is a bit much. She fears that hanging out with him that his "Auradon cheer" might rub off on her.
  • 266795921 1330424354058276 4931214594565241199 n

    Do's and Dont's for Dating a Prince

    Evie is the subject of another entry this time writing about how Chad turned Evie in for cheating and how Doug defended her. She ends the passage with "He convinced Mr. Delay to let her take the test again to see if she could pass on her own... which she did. Because she's Evie. Because she's so smart and capable. At least some people here reconize that."
  • Mal writes about how Evie helped her get ready for her date with Ben and how different their lives were, Evie's being all about dressing to impress where as she just put on lip balm and left. She also comments "It's kind of cool to dress up, though, even if I'm going out with a fake boyfriend who's under a really Intense love spell. Ben probably wouldn't notice if i was wearing a trash bag."
  • Remembering the date Mal writes down every detail. She wites about how she really enjoyed going to the bridge because there were so many colors, so much to look at and how it was so different from the isle.
    • Mal wants to believe Ben based on some of the things he wants to say in his speech.
    • She even thinks its actually cool that everyone is "just so happy"
    • Mal writes that she doesn't think her mother even knows she draws, much less ever sun her a lullaby or coddled her in any sense, not like how Ben's parents must have.
    • Ben got a crystal from the bottom of the lake and told Mal he loved her, when she said she didn't know what love feels like he said "Maybe I can teach you" This gave Mal butterflies; and made her obessess over him.
  • Mal begins to quesiton herself and the magic. Saying that everything felt so real.
  • The next couple pages are Mal scribling, and drawing Ben's name with two swans and a bunch of hearts all around the page. A page about how she wont write about Ben, but does then she draws his face, scribbles it out and fills the page with rain and dying flowers.
  • A couple days before Family Day, Mal writes about speaking to her mother in code, about how she once again, wishes her mom would just ask about her. She mentions that they've only been at the school one month at this point. She also mentions hating that she can't stop picturing Lonnie's face that night they made the cookies.
  • The night the four finalized their plans Mal felt nervous. She writes about how come Friday, when they get back to the isle, all the villians will rush into Auradon and destroy everything about the place.
  • Mal writes about "How to break a love spell" It is apparently the next spell after How to Open a Locked Door. its a chocolate cupcake recepie that the one under the influence of a love spell must take two bites to be free of the feelings.
  • Knowing her mother would hate everything she's saying Mal is resgined to still stealing the wand, but the least she could do is set Ben free from the spell.
  • Family day has arrived. Mal summarizes everything that happened, and how she thinks they will probobly send Evie back to the isle.
  • Four days after the family day is the day that plays out in the movie where everyone avoids them and Doug is bullied into sitting away from them.
  • On the day of the corination Mal is writing an entry and keeps trying to remind herself that none of it was real. Ben was just under a spell.
    • Mal brought her diary to the coronation and hides out in the bathroom stall to write another entry. She writes about Ben giving her the ring, She is flabergasted that everything after their first date a couple weeks ago was real.
    • Mal writes about the events that happen at the corination, complimenting Ben in her writing, thinking about how she would grab the wand, doing things to protect her friends and how she had to "Pinch myself to make sure it was real. I couldn't believe what I was watching Jane had her grimy little ahnds on the wand -- My wand - The one I had been plotting to steal for weeks. I wanted it for ultimate power, wold domination and freedom from the isle of the lost. And all she wanted was a silly makeover."
    • In the same entry Mal writes about how when she first got her hands on the wand she felt alive and that the only real reason she stopped herself was because Ben looked so dissapointed.
  • Goodness is like a Castle

    One of the last entries in Mal's Diary

    The next entry is the next morning after the coronation and that last night was cool, awesome, fun and great -- "all the adjectives I never would have used a few months ago" (This creates some confusion on the timeline of how fast or slow events are happening)
  • Mal admits to Fairy Godmother that she was the one who put the thoughts into Jane's head about needing a makeover. She admits that it made her feel better to take responsability for that.
  • The book ends with Mal writing about how her and Ben are about to go on a real date and she says she's really, truly happy.
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