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This article is about the hardcover book. For the prop book, see Mal's Spell Book.

Mal's Spell Book is a hardcover book illustrated based on the television movie Descendants. It was released on July 14, 2015.


For fans of Descendants, this spell book, which formerly belonged to Maleficent before she passed it on to Mal, is full of comments, notes, and inside jokes between Mal and the other villains' kids. Laugh and cry along with Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos as they find their way in the world of Auradon Prep.

Product information[]

  • Age Range: 9 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 3 - 7
  • Lexile Measure: 690
  • Series: Descendants
  • Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Disney Press (July 14, 2015)
  • Language: English

Book breakdown[]

  • The first page is a list of magical items and Mal writing about being sent to Auradon and using the spell book basically as a notebook for the four VKs.
    • Mal writes in dark purple all caps ; Evie writes in light blue with a bit of a cursive bend to her style using both lower and upper case. Carlos writes in red also in all caps; Jay writes in black, always a bit more bold and in all caps.
  • The VKs write out parts of the lyrics to Rotten to the Core while also talking about how bad their handwriting and how Mal wants them to write their feelings in the dairy. Mal corrects Jay and says she wants them to stay connected so they're not driven apart by the Hero kids.
  • Evie and Jay agree that Carlos is the sweetest of all of them.
  • Mal writes her mom's plan down on a blank page in the diary.
  • Jay crosses out the word Owls on a poem about how Owls are harbingers of death, which has Carlos freaking out about seeing a dog. Carlos writes a list of pros and cons for Auradon.
    • Pros include not having to fluff mom's furs, deal with her bunions or touch up her hair. The Cons are basically all dogs.
  • Evie wants to use a Luck Spell to find herself a prince when they get to Auradon. She writes about how her mom is obsessed with marrying her off to a prince and having her have a happily ever after.
    • Evie writes a guide to guys. All which basically boils down to more or less rather physical things and not actually getting to know someone. She then crosses out a page about Three Legged Frogs and writes "Every Princess has to kiss some 'frogs' to find her prince"
  • A Chant for wisdom page has Jay writing down his dad's wisdom:
    • Look out for yourself and no one else. Beware of genies bearing gifts. Three stolen watches are better than one bought from a vendor and if anyone asks where the merch came from say it "fell off a truck."
    • Evie then comments that it seemed like Jafar would genuinely miss Jay. She notes it could just be because he needs him to steal stuff. She also mentions her own mother and how her mom was more worried about her looks than her daughter leaving. She also writes that the magic mirror she has is the one her mother used to use to apply lipstick and she had no idea it was a magic mirror before leaving.
    • Jay admits he's going to miss his dad and thinks going to Auradon is going to be very weird.
  • Evie scolds Carlos and Jay about fighting over the blanket when they first arrived saying it was going to give the AKs another reason to hate them. Jay acts like he didn't do anything wrong and was mostly upset it was in front of Audrey and that she's really cute. Carlos writes that Jay had basically taken everything else and he just wanted the blanket. Mal is disgusted that Jay has a crush on Audrey.
    • The next page is a "Wedding Superstitions" page where mal writes "Are you paying attention, Jay?!?" and writes Jay + Audrey forever in a drawing of a mirror.
  • Mal writes about how Ben was actually sorta cool and made a good joke about his dad shedding on the couch. Evie chimes in to scold Jay wondering if he heard what Audrey said about 'no royal status'. She writes about how she's upset that people are already judging them and making enemies --- but also that she agrees with Mal. Ben is cool and "prince hair" which she explains is "its all parted on the side and combed over and moves in the breeze a little bit. SIGH"
  • There are three pages of photographs and things "taped" into it; the VKs commenting on it these items. Most are photos of Auradon people.
    • Audrey has "The wicked WITCH of Auradon" written above her photo by Evie. Jay comments shes cute. Mal Says shes a basic princess
    • Jay writes Wimpy's Kid over a picture of Doug. Which Carlos corrects to say he's Dopey's kid and that he and Ben were actually nice to them.
    • Chad has the word gorgeous written next to it in Evie's hand. Mal says they haven't even been there 24 hrs and its gross Evie has a crush.
    • Owner of the Wand is written above Fairy Godmother's photo.
    • Ben's photo has "Prince Ben, our hero! (Not)" Carlos asks if the beast is a big dog
Ben's Letter

Ben's letter to the VKs

  • Ben writes a letter to the VKs welcoming them to Auradon which Evie comments that Ben is dreamy, Jay calls him a sucker.
    • Mal writes that she feels sorry for Ben being so optimistic about them coming to Auradon.
    • Carlos wants to focus on the statue and how it seems like a dog and scares him
    • Jay thinks its cool; and points out that Mal's mom was technically wrong because there is still magic in Auradon.
  • Jay writes about how he only went to school three times last year on the isle. And then writes his schedule: Dragon Anatomy, Safety Rules for the Internet, Grammar, History of Auradon, Basic Chivalry, History of Woodsmen and Pirates, Mathematics, Remedial Goodness 101.
    • Carlos notes that he is taking a heroism class.
    • Evie says that her and Jay have the same classes besides Dragon Anatomy and Basic Chivalry.
  • Mal circles a friendship spell in the book and writes "This might come in handy if we have problems with Audrey."
  • Carlos writes down a "quiz" called are you "In or Invisible?"
  • Evie writes some pros of living in Auradon; Cute princes, no fights, clean room and food every morning.
    • Mal says that Evie loves it here and she doesn't know her anymore.
    • Evie argues that its just not all that bad.
    • Jay chimes in saying that he's with Evie, and that its really not all bad in Auradon.
  • Carlos starts a conversation by talking about a game called Journey Into the Enchanted Forest. The game is basically told from Aurora's POV where you are trying to escape "Evil fairies" (Maleficent).
    • Mal writes that she's basically insulted that Carlos likes the game, pointing out that they're talking about her mother.
    • Evie chime sin with that its actually a very fun game. She writes that in the game, they were trapped behind a waterfall, and the only way you could fight the evil fairies was drenching them. Evie tries to get Mal to play.
    • Mal refuses telling them to focus. Carlos gets excited that they got to level twelve.
    • Evie explains that she is focused, and she found the wand in her mirror.
After break in

After the break in

  • Mal writes a list of things to look out for in Auradon; Evie writes about fashion tips for school.
  • On the Hypnotic Sleep Spell page, Evie writes that this is the first spell that Mal used in Auradon. She gives a very brief overview of how it was used. Jay complains that they don't need to use spells on everything and he wanted to kick the door down. Mal snaps at Jay telling him he almost cost them the wand and that it was like he was trying to get them caught. Jay retorts with that he should have gone by himself and they could have figure out how to get around it if she hadn't zoned out staring at the statue of her mom for so long.
    • A few pages later the conversation continues with Evie telling Mal that Jay has a point. She defends him saying how were any of them to know there was a force field and alarm? Carlos tries to get everyone to stop fighting and to be thankful they all made it back. Evie agrees and thanks Carlos for thinking fast and answering the phone. Saying if he hadn't they might be back on the isle already. Jay reluctantly agrees.
  • Evie writes a page of How to Get the Most Out of Auradon Prep. Which boils down to; enjoy the sights, enjoy the events, the food and the quiet hours to do things you never would have had time to do on the Isle.
  • They all complain about some of their classes and wishing they could just go home even though they don't really want to go back to the isle.
  • Evie writs a quiz of what to do for Remedial Goodness; Only Carlos gets it right. Mal then writes a quiz of her own based around a dog with a collar; Jay gives the correct answer while Carlos adds on to the "none of the above" option by saying he'd run in the other direction from a dog.
  • Jane is mentioned by Evie who calls her a "poor unfortunate soul." Jay writes that Jane is terrified.
  • A few pages later Mal writes about Jane again. Mal is starting to plan how to mess with Jane.
    • Carlos chimes in by saying the girls are lucky they aren't in Heroism or on the Tourney field because he thought he was going to die during the practice.
    • Jay says the game wasn't that bad; and then addresses Evie saying that he got into a fight with Chad and how Chad said something nasty about Jafar. The two almost fought.
    • Carlos chimes in saying if it wasn't for bed he would have had brain damage. Mal asks what he means, Carlos says that Ben came over and helped him up then defended him to the coach.
      • Mal thinks this is suspect.
  • Jay writes What to do when you meet a cute girl: This is a comparison writing; On the isle they say "Hey, want to pick some pockets" but in Auradon they say "I'd love to take you to dinner." Isle: Ignore the girl when shes coming down the street and look cool; Auradon: Stand up straight and look at her. Isle: Hanging out? Do something gross, make a joke, make her think you don't like her which will drive her crazy; Auradon: Give her your attention. Tell her she's pretty and treat her like a princesses.
  • Carlos writes that New Tail Soup is his favorite.
  • Evie writes about how she wanted to join the cheer squad because she can do a round off and three back handsprings in a row; stating its more than any other girl on the squad can do. But that Audrey will not let her on. Evie feels like its one thing that might make life in Auradon bearable.
    • Carlos tries to comfort Evie.
    • Mal does as well by saying that Evie can do better back handsprings than all them combined; and that she has a plan to get them out of here sooner than later.
    • Mal writes "YOUR WELCOME!" and then goes on to explain that she ended up helping Jane and planting the seed of doubt in her mind about her own mother.
      • Evie wants to see the makeover; Carlos asks if Jane was seriously about crying over her nose because it makes him sad. Mal tells him not to go weak on him.
    • The next time they write is Evie saying that Chad asked her out. She recounts what happened in chem class. Mal doesn't really like the idea but relents saying it Evie is happy then she is too.
    • On a page next to A Spell For Better Hair Carlos writes about using it on his moms roots -- then dives into a story about how Ben helped him training -- and how he touched and petted a dog all thanks to Ben. Jay writes that he thought Cruella was a bit crazy. Mal notes that this spell is the one she used on Jane's hair.
    • Evie updates them on the Chad situation; recounting how they were under the bleachers and how they almost kissed. She writs about how he forgot he had homework and has agreed to help him. Jay writes in all caps, rather bold and large "I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THIS. GUY."
    • Jay tapes in a progress report where he has all As and Bs. The lowest being a B-.
    • Mal writes that shes frustrated her plan with Jane didn't work -- but that she actually really like Lonnie. Lonnie was saying how cool they were and liked Evie's designs. she felt like she was having fun.
    • Jay writes about how excited he is that he was given a jersey for the Tourney Team. He writes that the coach was really proud of him and he was proud of himself. Evie tells him thats awesome.
    • Evie asks if she should do Chad's homework in a handwriting closer to his own.
      • Mal says that its not okay and she shouldn't be forging it at all.
      • Evie says shes just going to do it this once and thinks theres something special between them
      • Mal agrees with Jay. "I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THIS. GUY."
    • Mal lectures everyone and then on a half of a page she writes Failure is not an option. Carlos agrees and promises to help more
    • Mal writes a "How to Turn a Priss into a Friend" which is boiled down to: Offer them something no one else can, invite them to something even if its just hanging out. Talk to her about something important to her and what can you learn from her?
    • Angry Mal writes with a ton of explanation points that Evie knew about the coronation.
      • Evie apologizes and explains how she learned about it.
Love spell page

Love Spell

  • The next page is the Love Spell; Mal writes down her idea and Jay agrees its a good one.
    • Evie writes about imagining Ben kneeling down to get coronated and Mal jumping up and yanking the wand from FG and how mal will wield the wand and free them
    • Mal thanks Evie for the enthusiasm but says they need to find a tear of human sadness; That she can't remember the last time she cried. That maybe it was when she was a baby then asks the others if they know.
  • The Saddest Things That Have Ever Happened To Me.
    • Mal: Got caught manipulating her mom and was sent to her room for 3 days straight. Food was slid under the door and Maleficent stopped talking to her. She doesn't think she was sad, just lonely.
    • Jay: Got caught stealing from Artem's store and was threatened to file charges against me. He wasn't sad, just a bit scared because it would have cost his dad a ton of money.
    • Evie: Growing up she had a doll she made out of rags and named her Jocelyn. She made her dresses and took her everywhere then a vulture ate her.
    • Carlos: "A lot of sad stuff" happened but he doesn't get upset or cry about it. He just tries to forget.
    • Jay asks who the girl was who came in while they were making the batter and Evie says he as a crush. Mal says the best thing about Lonnie is the tear. She asks Evie if she'll make her coronation gown.
      • Jay is still ruminating on what Lonnie said about the chocolate chip cookies. Evie agrees that she can't stop thinking about it either and its bumming her out. She knows the relationship with her mom isn't perfect but she felt awful when Lonnie was talking about her parents and wonders if thats what they've been missing.
      • Mal says its different where they com from and the AKs can't understand it. She believe their parents raised them right. That it maybe made them stronger and tougher. Carlos agrees with Mal.
    • Mal accuses Jay of second-guessing the whole plan. Jay says he just got messed up and he's fine. Mal is happy to hear it. And then asks if they saw how Ben was today; a giant googly eyed person.
      • Evie wonders how people didn't see it. She agrees Mal is wonderful, like Ben sang, but wonders if they should be more discreet about magic.
      • Carlos is amused by how Ben tried to kiss Mal and she blocked him. He thought it was hilarious how Ben looked even more in love with Mal when she blocked him.
      • Evie writes about how she liked seeing how Audrey's face was so upset about everything when Ben asked Mal to be his girlfriend. But that she really wasn't fond that Audrey laid claim to Chad and kissed him. Carlos jokes about Ben saying he's in love with Mal, Evie wonders when someone will stay that about her. Mal then writes that there's always the cookie recipe -- and that she forgot for a moment Evie wants "True love". BLEH.
    • They continue writing the day of the Tourney game after Ben declares his love to the whole school.
      • Mal is impressed by Carlos' skills on the field, but then turns the focus on Ben singing that song to her and how it was so embarrassing she wanted to crawl into a hole.
      • Evie says she has a hard time feeling bad for Mal when a Prince is in love with her. That shes getting what she wants with the wand and hurting Audrey.
      • Mal apologizes saying she shouldn't complain after what happened with Chad. She says she doesn't think that Audrey actually like's Chad and is just baiting him along that she gives them a week tops.
      • Evie says Chad has a say in it and he could have said he as dating someone or wanted to ask someone else to the coronation but he didn't. Evie questions what she did wrong and lists off all the things she did for him.
      • Jay, angry, says that Evie did nothing wrong and that she's PERFECT. That she was to good for him. Carlos agrees.
    • The next entry is from Evie writing about how she got caught in chem class with the magic mirror. Jay talks about how much he HATES Chad and now wants to punch something. Carlos gets everyone to agree that Doug is great.
      • Evie writes that the good thing that came of this is that she got a B+ and she didn't even try. With zero studying or paying attention. She thinks with a little bit of both she could get an A.
    • The day after Mal and Ben's first date the VKs write again. Mal says the date was actually -- really fun. Carlos makes fun of her by saying "Did Mal, Only daughter of Maleficent just use the word NICE?!?!" Mal says they didn't kiss, but he said he loved her for the millionth time; and wants to talk about how the VKs aren't their parents. Carlos agrees with Ben, as does Evie.
    • Carlos writes a Guide to conquering your fears: Recognize you're afraid of something and say it aloud. Then face it head on, even if you're scared. Stay calm -- and the fear will pass but it may take a while.
    • Family day has arrived and the VKs write about their view of having the conversation with their parents over the video chat. All of the kids agree it was unbearable.
    • The VKs go over their plan to get the wand, Jay ends up admitting he is going to miss playing tourney when all is said and done, Carlos admits he gets the feeling and worries about Dude. Evie is sad that this will be the last B+ she got and is worried and upset about the idea of going back to the isle school. Mal is upset about not seeing Ben again but she knows they can't go back to the isle without the wand even though it will hurt Ben and the country.
Break a Love Spell

How To Break a Love Spell

  • Mal writes that she is going to create a cupcake to break the love spell that she put on Ben. She admits its cruel to take over the kingdom and leave him hopelessly in love with her when everything goes down. Ending it with "We have to bring back the wand.... We don't have a choice." to which Evie reminds "But everything's a choice - isn't that what Fairy Godmother says?" Mal replies with "Not this."
    • Evie writes that she's so sorry for messing up family day. That she didn't know what to do but when Chad and Jay started fighting she just wanted to stop Chad from hitting him.
      • Jay reprimands Evie asking her what she was thinking of doing that in front of so many people and parents. Carlos says they were all always outcasts no matter how hard they try. Mal stands up for Evie saying it wasn't her fault but Queen Leah's. She then summarizes the event and gives it from her side.
      • Evie gets sad and wonders if what Chad said was true that she was just a gold digger and a cheater. Jay tells her its not true at all. He's not just a thief and that Mal isn't just a girl who stole someone's boyfriend, He then apologizes for getting mad at Evie and pushing Chad that he just got mad when he heard Chad calling Evie names.
    • Mal writes that she hates what happened at the benches. Carlos chimes in saying "At least you got back at Jane.......She can't make fun of us and also benefit from your magic." He says no one talked to him any of the classes and just ignored him and Jay. He wonders if they're as bad as they say.
      • Mal writes that Ben is the one person still talking to them and that he's been a decent guy and a friend when no one else has. Evie corrects her and says Doug and Lonnie have been their friends too but they're caught in the middle. Mal says its no excuse. She then has to remind herself that Ben is only being kind because of the love spell.
      • Jay writes that he agrees. That the whole thing is fake.
      • Carlos disagrees, he thinks that Ben is just a good guy.
      • Mal angrily writes that this isn't the time to think like that. She reminds them of their role in stealing the wand tomorrow.
    • Evie writes a page called "How to Tell If You're Being Used." Which boils down to: "They only want to spend time with you when you do something for them." "They constantly ask for favors." "They never ask questions about your life, friends or family." "They show little or no interest in meeting your friends." and finally "They're cold when you refuse to do something they ask."

The next series of entries is written after the coronation.

  • Mal summarizes how the carriage ride went and how she found out that Ben wasn't under the spell, and hadn't been since they went to the lake. She admits he is totally a nice guy and wonders if thats why she decided not to use the wand for evil in the last moment. She then takes Evie for the coronation gown.
  • Evie tells her she's welcome. Jay basically is screaming about how they're celebrating the dress first over them defeating Maleficent and how huge of an accomplishment that was.
  • Carlos lists some other things to celebrate which is getting to stay in Auradon, keeping Dude and not being outcasts.
  • Carlos writs in large letters "Best things about the coronation ceremony"
    • Carlos says when everyone became unfrozen and Maleficent's spell was broken.
    • Mal says after defeating her mother and Ben ran to hug her. She felt happy for the first time.
    • Evie says since she can't talk about the dress, then her favorite moment was when they decided together to choose good.
    • Jay says it was when Mal saved him from the dragon.
  • Mal writes in large letters "Moments when you thought you were a goner"
    • Mal says when her mother came through the cathedral. That she seemed terrifying and powerful.
    • Jay says when Maleficent had him cornered on the side of the cathedral and she was about to breath fire on them.
    • Carlos says when Maleficent turned into a dragon.
    • Evie says "There was a moment when Mal almost tripped on the red carpet, and I thought: Noooo!! The Dress!!" To which Carlos asks if she was kidding and she says yes :)
  • On a page in the Spell Book is called "A Spell to Determine Thine Enemy" to which Mal crosses out and writes "If you choose good, you don't have enemies. Love conquers all."
  • Carlos writes a full page of "The Pyramid of Goodness"; which he lists as Kindness, Courage and Song at the three points. Inside, most of the triangle is Truth, then Virtue.
  • Evie writes that she really enjoys going to school now. That in Chemistry she got an A- on the pop quiz (That its three grades higher than Chad's) and that Doug has agreed to be her lab partner. She says while he may be a dwarf's son he's kinder than anyone else and he's more of a prince than Chad ever was.
  • Carlos writes that at breakfast he wants to show everyone some new tricks he taught Dude. He also mentions that he and Ben were hanging out and Ben says everyone is glad that they stayed in Auradon.
    • Mal writes that she knows the boys don't want to hear about crushes ect but that Ben is her first real boyfriend and that it is a big deal.
  • The very last page starts with Mal writing "Choosing Good feels really good. Did I just write that?!" Evie writes "Yes! It does!" Jay adds "YEAAHHH!" and Carlos finishes it off by writing "I Agree. (So does Dude.)"



Those Entitled to Respect

List of villains mentioned as "Those Entitled to Respect".

  • Mal's Spell Book is a diary-formatted version of the movie, with Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos using the book as their personal diary during their adventures at Auradon Prep.
  • Some villains who do not appear or are mentioned in the film Descendants or its prequel novel The Isle of the Lost, including The Big Bad Wolf, Chernabog, Stromboli, Aunt Sarah, Kaa, Prince John, Madame Medusa, Amos Slade and Scar, were mentioned in a page written, "Those Entitled to Respect".

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