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Descendants: The Royal Wedding is an Disney Channel animated special that aired on August 13, 2021. Based on the Descendants franchise, the special brings viewers back to the United States of Auradon and feature Mal and King Ben's royal wedding. It scored 0.65 million viewers.


Happily-ever-after continues for Auradon's power couple, Mal and Ben, as they prepare to say "I do" at an epic celebration with their friends and family, but Hades threatens to ruin it all.


The big day has finally arrived. Mal and Ben are about to be officially married, and the whole kingdom is excited to attend. But when Hades shows up, things start to veer off course quickly. An accident causes the venue to go up in flames and Hades flees the scene as chaos reigns. Mal and her fellow VKs follow him with some help from Uma, and eventually find him in his lair. Ben is there too, trying to let him go back to the wedding because he knows how much it means for Mal if he attends this event. Hades explains that it was all a misunderstanding caused by Maleficent and once harmony is restored, Mal and Ben decide to perform the ceremony right there.


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  • Since Cameron Boyce passed away on July 6, 2019, the absence of Carlos De Vil was acknowledged in the storyline and Boyce's memory is honored in the telecast. It is heavily implied that Carlos is deceased but the cause of it is unknown.
  • The absence of other characters however such as Doug, Harry, Jane, Gil, Celia, Squeaky, Squirmy, and Lonnie are unknown.
  • The animated feature takes place directly after the Planning of the Royal Wedding shorts.
  • The special ends with the words "The End" after diving into a rabbit hole, teasing the world of Wonderland, that will be introduced in Descendants: The Rise of Red.
  • This premiered right after the Disney Channel Original Movie, Spin.
  • Maleficent appears as a lizard after being absent and only mentioned in Descendants 3.
  • When Jay and Evie give Mal her present, Evie states "the four V.K.s linked together forever", there is a 5th crest (assuming it represents either Ben or Mal officially becoming queen or the apple 'D' logo for 'Descendants').
  • Although some of the characters closely resemble the actors who portray them, Maleficent is one of the notable ones who doesn't match her appearances from the films and was redesigned for this special.