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Descendants: Twisted Field Trip is a book written by children's author Carin Davis and illustrated by Anna Cattish and was released on the 25th of June 2019.


It's a brand-new story from Auradon! Evie, Mal, Ben, and friends begin taking classes in Sherwood Forest with other Auradon Prep students. In the forest, they discover that some of the skills they learned on the Isle of the Lost will come in handy, but the other students have talents of their own to match. And, when they're split into pairs, they'll be reminded that teamwork is the key to success...AND survival.


Evie and Mal sit in their room as Evie holds a chiffon and tells Mal she plans on turning it into a skirt over the weekend, Mal claims she plans on not doing anything such as attending her royal classes, visiting dignitaries and not doing her homework though she still plans to keep an eye out for Uma, Evie then claims that despite herself being busy with things to do such as working on more clothes at her 4Hearts and being with Doug, she tells Mal she is happy that she is getting a well deserved break. Two scrolls with their names on then end up into the dorm room as the two check what it is, as they open one of them up, Mal and Evie discover that it is an mandatory invitation to attend Auradon Prep Scholastic Camp which is located in Sherwood Forest, Evie laments about not being able to work on her plans as Mal expresses concern that if Uma were to return, nobody would be there to protect Auradon.

As Jay and Dude watch two members of the Tourney team train, he then admits that the practice has been cancelled as he holds one of the scrolls but claims that Lonnie would have loved what he was invited to but states she was attending a R.O.A.R Captain's conference elsewhere, Ben then places Lumiere in charge during his away time and tells him that Auradon will be in good hands, Doug happily expresses interest in attending the same camp as Jane and Carlos are also happy to be going together though Dude, who had left to find Carlos, expresses confusion on what a road trip is.

During the six hour trip there, Chad questions if they are there yet as Jay tells him that it is a long trip but mentions the limo would be fasted than horses and carriages, Chad complains once more that as a Charming, he should be sat in the King's carriage as Jay asks Carlos and Jane if either want to swap with him. Inside the King's carriage, Ben mentions that he is happy now he has a few days of not being royalty to spend with Mal after the Royal Cotillion, Mal agrees and hopes Auradon will be fine, Evie assures her friend that it will be okay as Doug tells the three he brought along plenty of items to keep the group occupied.

At camp, Fairy Godmother welcomes the group as they take in awe of its appearance, Carlos attempts to head to the cabins but Fairy Godmother stops him and goes over the camp rules with everyone, Chad states that despite rules being in place, the four former villain kids would only break them but Fairy Godmother tells him to reign in his attitude stating that the four have done enough to prove they are better people and further tells him that he would have known had he been to Cotillion, Chad claims he was being a hero as Jay mocks him by telling him he was being a hero but only by saving Audrey from a flat tire, during the rules, Fairy Godmother explains that there are no servants, aiming at Chad, no phones, no tablets and no TVs as Chad then wonders how they could reach anyone only to be told that the only people he would need to reach are those at camp with the final rule being no magic, Fairy Godmother then tells the group that a backpack will be waiting for them inside their respective cottages and the group split up into boys and girls.

As Mal, Evie and Jane head inside their cabin, Jane gives ideas for the three to do and mentions makeovers which causes Evie to take the fabrics from her bag and decorate the room as she believed it was too mundane, the three then look in their backpack and discover random objects and wonder what they could use them for as Jane wonders if the boys also have random items in theirs. Inside the boys cabin, Carlos calls dibs on one of the top bunks as Jay mocks his height and Dude tells them that it is not the only bed, Doug mentions that the cabin feels like the ones his father and uncles used to reside in but explains that their beds were much bigger that the cabin ones as Chad then claims his own bed away from the others and dubs it "The Kingdom of Chad" as the boys go through their backpack to find several random items, one of which was Grumpy's head lamp as Ben then apologises if he snores but then laughs it off as a joke stating that kings do not snore.

That night, everyone but Fairy Godmother sits around the campfire as Carlos mentions how he feels relaxed under the stars as Ben tells him to enjoy it while he can as they won't be relaxing the next morning, Ben then mentions that he overheard Lumiere ask his father about a competition that takes place during camp as Chad declares he will be captain as Fairy Godmother walks over and confirms Ben's words stating that the outdoor activities will be about creativity, trust and teamwork, Mal worried that they know nothing about camping but her friends assure her that it will be the same as how they lived on the Isle of the Lost causing Mal to feel assured. Fairy Godmother then walks away hoping that she will see the same spirit during the competition as Chad wonders if they should tell spoofy stories which piques Ben and Doug as the former wants to hear "The Tale of the Headless Horseman" but Doug wants to hear about "The Cursed Coin of Sherwood Forest" but Chad insists on telling them about "The Hitchhiking Ghosts" but the only one it seemingly frightens is Jane as Carlos remains by her side.

After a few hours, Mal, Jane and Evie make their way back to the cabin, Mal notices flashing lights in the distance as Jane tells her that they are fireflies. Inside, Mal jokingly teases Jane for being scared as she mentions she once hung out with The Headless Horseman as Evie wonders how the Auradon Kids would like it if they were left on Goblin's Wharf for an hour, Jane hints at wanting to keep the lantern on overnight as Mal tells her that it's fine as it will keep the mosquitos at bay as Jane agrees with her as Mal then asks about the cursed coin story, Jane expresses interest in telling the story of how Robin Hood stole from Prince John so that he could feed the poor people, Mal jokingly states she must have missed the history of that tale and wonders what the coin does as Jane explains further that the tale mentions that among the items Robin Hood stole, a golden coin was among them and that it had the power to grant the holder a great fortune but despite being a magic object, it is not located within the Museum of Cultural History as Mal and Evie share a look of interest for the coin.

The next morning, Fairy Godmother rallies everyone together by waking them up with a trumpet as Evie wonders if the former has ever heard of beauty sleep, Jane mentions that yes she has but also believes in having an early night before realising the question was rhetorical before telling the two to get up. Outside, Fairy Godmother orders the campers to choose a color as Evie mentions that she enjoys palletes, Mal chooses purple, Carlos picks red and asks Jane if red is her favourite and Dude chooses golden wheat with sandy highlights but Fairy Godmother tells that that the only two colors are blue and yellow and tells them to choose from the hat by closing their eyes, Ben, Jane, Jay and Carlos end up picking blue ribbons whereas Mal, Evie, Chad and Doug end up with yellow though Dude expresses he is color blind. Fairy Godmother then tells everyone that their first task is to go into the breakfast and forage items for their own breakfasts much to Chad's horror as after the whistle is blown, the group split off into their respective teams to find food.

As Evie, Doug and Chad walk through the forest, Evie mentions that back home, they all had to forage food from street vendors and back alleys instead of trees as Doug tells her to beware of poisonous fruits though Evie claims she knows all about them, Chad attempts to bite into a berry but is stopped by Doug and tackled to the ground, Chad yells at him for it and accuses Doug of sabotaging his chances to win as Doug reminds him that they are on the same team, Chad expresses somewhat gratitude and insists he would have figured it out on his own as Mal walks over and claims that the berries would have turned Chad orange and he would have grown a beak, telling him that she has a few of those berries for spells, Evie that it is too bad that they are not allowed magic as it would have been easier to make breakfast causing Mal to get an idea, she tells the boys to go start a campfire and tells Evie to come with her as the plan requires their backpack and all the baskets.

Elsewhere, Dude leads Carlos and his team as Ben claims that they have an advantage but only to find that Dude was following the scent of flowers as Carlos gives one to Jane, Jay tells them that they cannot eat the flowers as Dude tells him and Ben they have unrefined tastes, Jane finds a few strawberries in the bluebells but not a lot as Ben asks Jay about a foraging book, Jay states that because it had no plot, he left it inside their cabin.

As Evie and Mal rush over to another cabin, Evie reminds Mal that they cannot use magic but Mal insists she isn't and asks for a hairpin insisting that the rules did not state where they could get their items from and leaves with two baskets of plates, berries and flour, Evie praises Mal for wanting to make food on her own as Mal answers that they really are Auradon girls, at the campfire, Fairy Godmother watches Mal's team make their food but asks where the flour was from as Jane's team walks over as the latter tells them that they found strawberries, a favorite of Mal's, but looks into the basket to find it empty as Jay tells her that he was hungry, Mal holds up a plate of pancakes and tells everyone that there is enough for everyone as Jay and Carlos excitedly rush over, Fairy Godmother then gives a point to the yellow team, during breakfast, Jay praises Mal for her quick thinking idea as the four talk about how they would pull off something similar on the Isle, after eating, Fairy Godmother then tells the team about the second event.

Fairy Godmother then stands by a board and tells the group that the next game is called "Capture The Gold", Jay mentions his father would enjoy the game if gold is involved, Fairy Godmother then explains the rules stating that all participants will have one bow and one paint filled reusable arrow each and that if an arrow were to hit an opponent, they would be placed in the other team's jail but can be freed if a teammate reaches them and claims the winner will be whichever team retrieves the opposing bag of gold and touches the map without being hit and declares the game to have started. Inside the yellow team's base, Doug tells Chad to be on the lookout but the former only worries about his hair as he uses a cooking skillet to see his reflection thinking it was a mirror, as Carlos and Ben run over, Evie fires an arrow at Ben which hits him but does not see Carlos until Ben points him out, as Carlos hides behind a fence, Chad tells him to move into view so he can hit him but Carlos refuses though gets stunned after Chad uses the skillet to reflect the sun towards Carlos as the latter and Ben are moved into the jail area, Chad tells the two that the blue team will win only to be told that he and Ben are the blue team and that Chad is on the yellow team as Chad only looks back at his reflection.

At the blue territory, Mal and Doug make their way over but are hit by Jay and Jane as Jay tells Mal that a villain kid would never turn her back, Mal mentions she was the one who taught that to Jay as they wait in jail only to be soon freed by Evie, after several times of being captured and being freed, Jay tells Mal that she is making it too easy for them as the latter falls into the lake and notices the same light from the other night and thinks it to be Uma but is soon rescued by Jane and Jay who help her back onto land, Jay asks if she is okay as Mal admits she is fine but tells him to never fall for a decoy as she, Jay, Jane and Evie watch Doug attempt to walk away with the blue bag but is stopped by Jay with an arrow.

Inside the art cabin, Jay expresses his distaste for losing as Jane assures him that it was not losing but merely falling for a decoy, Jay then gets an idea as the two create a fake yellow bag of gold to trick their enemies, Jane calls out claiming she will go ahead and take the bag which draws out Chad, the distraction works and Jay enters the barn with both bags and frees Carlos and Ben, Jay hands the real bag to Carlos who runs away but allows himself to be hit by Chad's arrow as he holds the decoy bag, Jay then drops the bag and reveals there was sand inside as Carlos heads to the map, touches it and gains a point for the blue team. The Core Four cheer that they still have tricks in them as Fairy Godmother tells them to get an early night as they all have a big day ahead of them.

Inside the girls cabin, Jane falls asleep first as Mal and Evie remain awake talking about the golden coin, Mal wants to find it and use its luck if Uma were to return to Auradon, Evie agrees that its fortune would be a good advantage as the two head out to go find it, the two express worry at not being able to find such a small item in a large area but Evie mentions that one possible location it could be in is the tree that Robin Hood and his Merry Men lived in, the two come across it but discover Carlos and Jay behind the tree and Mal tells them that they will have a better chance of finding it as a team and as the four search, Mal comes across the coin from inside the tree as the four talk about Prince John's curse though Mal believes it does not exist and they all head back.

At morning, Jane opens the doors to discover camp is missing causing Jay and Carlos to run over as Carlos asks Jane if she is okay, Evie asks if camp usually disappears and Jane confirms that it never has before as the rest of the group catch up, Mal and Evie quietly believe it is the curse in effect as the former tries using the coin to revert it back to normal but it does not work as Evie explains that magical items cannot undo their own curses. Mal asks Ben if he knows what is happening but even he is unsure as his compass only goes out of control, Doug and Chad call the others over as they all run over to discover a scroll on a tree tells them to all follow the clues, the group split off into their blue and yellow teams and leave down different paths. At the end of the path, Jay discovers a large tree with ladders and insists it is the right way to go though Jane expresses worry, Carlos assures her that he will be right behind her and the group ascend into the tree with Dude on Carlos' shoulder. Above, they find themselves on a bridge as Ben finds the view to be a delight, at the other side of the bridge, the group find a small boat, the boys attempt to get into it but Carlos notices it will only fit two of them, Jane realises that it has to do with the puzzle and they each take turns getting across and helping the others across.

As Mal and her team come across the tree with another set of ladders, they all climb up only to find that their is a zipline across but no way to get across, Evie pulls out the bands from the backpacks and ties them to the bag, she then assures them that they will be fine as she, Chad and Doug use the bag to get across with Mal using her belt to get to the three, Mal then notices a vine and mistakes it for Uma but safely manages to land. Down on the ground, both teams come across each other and try race ahead but find the next clue on another scroll and then find two rafts, Ben goes to blow the blue one up on his own as Chad uses the air pump given to him by Doug as Mal tells Chad to hurry up and apologises to Ben for not helping but only became she wants to win, Evie notes that the waters look choppy as Doug finds life vests in the same box as the teams split up into their earlier groups and start to sail across.

Mal notices another vine within the water and snaps it with her oar, the vine then tears the blue raft as Mal tells them to hold on, Doug warns her that it will get worse and tells her to sit down as their raft goes over the small waterfall, Evie shows worry for the blue team and Mal uses the coin's fortune to allow her friends to safely move down the fall as they float down, the group reunite with each other as the coin vanishes, they each praise each other as Mal expresses worry to Evie wondering if that kind of luck would be needed again for Auradon though Evie assures her that they will all find a way to keep their home safe, the group hug as Chad stands aside claiming that he won't tell Fairy Godmother about the usage of magic so long as the others mention he was Captain of the yellow team though his bribe is met with ignorance.

Jay notices camp as Fairy Godmother walks over saying that the group should have left a note stating they were gone though Jane asks her mother if she was the one to have planned the challenges, Fairy Godmother then tells them she knew they would be safe due to a luck charm, Mal becomes a little worried at the mention of a charm thinking Fairy Godmother was talking about the coin, the latter hugs her daughter and tells Mal that Jane is her lucky charm.

That night during another campfire, The Core Four realise that all the challenge could have been completed together, Fairy Godmother wonders which team won but Ben tells her that it was all teamwork, Fairy Godmother praises everyone for their teamwork skills and plans to award them with A's in "Outdoor Cooperation", Mal notices another glimmering light nearby as Evie asks if she is okay as Mal responds that she will be fine.





Early Production[]



  • It takes place after Descendants 2 but before Descendants 3 as Mal mentions she is keeping an eye out for Uma.
  • It is also known as "Descendants 2: Twisted Field Trip", due to its release after the second film.


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