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The following episodes of Descendants: Wicked World are listed in the order of their original airing.

The series premiered on September 18, 2015 on the Disney Channel and its digital platforms, including WATCH Disney Channel.

Series Overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 18 September 18, 2015 July 15, 2016
2 15 October 24, 2016 February 24, 2017

Season One (2015-2016)[]

No. in
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Title Original Airdate Production
01 01 "Evie's Explosion of Taste" September 18, 2015 101
Evie begs Mal to help her fix the cupcakes she baked for the Heroes and Heroines Festival at Auradon Prep. But instead, their sweet intentions end up in an explosion of taste!
02 02 "Mal's Digi-Image Problem" September 25, 2015 102
Mal gets a bit too carried away while painting a portrait of Audrey and Ben tells her she might have a Digi-image problem!
03 03 "Audrey's New Do? New Don't!" October 2, 2015 103
Audrey wants an edgy makeover, so she convinces Jane to transform her hair into "something really out there" by using magic.
04 04 "Careful What You Wish For" October 9, 2015 104
Everyone seems to be in need of Mal's help. pushed to the brink, Mal makes a wish that is more than she bargained for.
05 05 "Voodoo? You Do" October 16, 2015 105
Mal tries to get her Auradon friends out of sight before something bad happens on the Isle of the Lost.
06 06 "Lamp Sweet Lamp" October 23, 2015 106
The roles are switched on the Isle of the Lost when it’s the AKs that don’t fit in, while the VKs bond over their rotten ways.
07 07 "Genie Chic" November 6, 2015 107
Jordan forces Mal, Evie and their friends to follow her "genie chic" dress code when they pop in for a surprise visit in her magic lamp.
08 08 "Puffed Deliciousness" November 13, 2015 108
New at Auradon, Freddie is still trying to adapt to their un-rotten ways, but has no trouble getting used to eating their delicious food.
09 09 "Good is the New Bad November 20, 2015 109
The competition is fierce as Auradon's annual singing competition. When each team tries to outshine the other, they realize that they harmonize better when singing together.
10 10 "Spirit Day" December 4, 2015 110
It's Spirit Day at Auradon Prep, the day turns rough when Mal accidentally ends up chanting a spell instead of a cheer.
11 11 "I'm Your Girl" December 11, 2015 111
Evie proves to be quite the chemist fashionista when she helps Lonnie glow at her talent show performance.
12 12 "Mash It Up" December 13, 2015 112
The girls are back in Jordan's magic lamp as they plan the theme for the upcoming dance at Auradon Prep.
13 13 "All Hail the New Q.N.L.B." July 5, 2016 113
The VKs are becoming a source of chaos and suspicion when Jane’s mascot uniform is stolen and Audrey isn’t voted Queen of the Neon Lights Ball.
14 14 "Mad for Tea" July 6, 2016 114
Despite solving multiple dress fiascos, Mal and Evie’s good intentions backfire when their help further arises suspicion from the AKs.
15 15 "Carpet Jacked" July 7, 2016 115
Jay and Carlos fail to show up to pick up the girls, so Jane creates a ride instead.
16 16 "The Night is Young" July 14, 2016 116
At the Neon Lights Ball, the party is halted when the DJ cord is mysteriously found cut. Thankfully, Freddie is there to save the day - or was that her plan all along?
17 17 "Neon Lights Out" July 15, 2016 117
More chaos ensues at the Neon Lights Ball when Jay and Carlos reveal that they’ve been carpet-jacked and Ben mysteriously disappears. Who could be behind all of the chaos?!
18 18 "Hooked On Ben" July 15, 2016 118
The culprit who’s been behind the chaos all along is revealed, but that won’t stop Auradon Prep from keeping the party alive!

Season Two (2016-2017)[]

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No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
19 01 "Slumber Party" October 24, 2016 201
While throwing a slumber party, the AKs and VKs realize that despite their differences, they’d rather be friends with each other than anyone else.
20 02 "Odd Mal Out" October 28, 2016 202
The AKs school the VKs on the history of Auradon’s "Jewel-BiLee" ceremony and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Mal’s family gem.
21 03 "Pair of Sneakers" November 4, 2016 203
Mal and Freddie sneak back onto the Isle of the Lost in hopes of finding Mal’s missing Jewel-bilee gem.
22 04 "Wild Rehearsal" November 11, 2016 204
Mal’s evil ways cause chaos as Audrey, Jane and the rest of the girls rehearse for the big Jewel-bilee performance.
23 05 "Chemical Reaction" November 18, 2016 205
Mal turns Evie's chemistry experiments into a wicked wardrobe malfunction.
24 06 "Talking Heads" December 2, 2016 206
Mal and her new zest for Evil reaches a critical point when she bewitches her friends.
25 07 "Steal Away" December 9, 2016 207
The VKs solve the mystery of Mal's Birthright Jewel and her shift in personality.
26 08 "Evil Among Us" January 6, 2017 208
As Evie tries to convince Mal to come to the Jewel-bilee after Audrey banished her from it, Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie get a surprise visit from Yzma's son Zevon.
27 09 "Options Are Shrinking" January 13, 2017 209
After revealing how he got to Auradon, Zevon reveals his evil plan to Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie and shrinks them before trapping them in a lamp, with CJ by his side. He soon plans to crash the Jewel-bilee.
28 10 "Party Crashers" January 20, 2017 210
Evie, Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie fail to show up at the Jewel-bilee, so Audrey and the other AK girls go on with her musical number anyway. Suddenly, Zevon crashes the Jewel-bilee and, after freezing Ben, steals the VK's birthright jewels so he can rule Auradon.
29 11 "Mal-lone" January 27, 2017 211
Mal and Evie rush to the deserted Jewel-bilee. After being thawed by Lonnie, Ben goes to look for Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie. And when the AK girls (especially Audrey) refuse to accept Mal's apology for what she did, Mal and Evie decide to face Zevon themselves.
30 12 "Trapped" February 3, 2017 212
Audrey finally learns the truth about Mal's birthright jewel and her change in personality, but Carlos, Jay, Jane and Freddie fail to escape Jordan's lamp.
31 13 "Face to Face" February 10, 2017 213
Mal and Evie face Zevon and attempt to stop him from taking over Auradon, with Zevon resenting Mal for rejecting him.
32 14 "United We Stand" February 17, 2017 214
Audrey, Lonnie, Ally, Jordan and Ben join together with Mal and Evie in their battle against Zevon.
33 15 "Celebration" February 24, 2017 215
As Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, and Freddie are bestowed their Jewels at the Jewel-bilee, all the AK's and VK's agree that they really are better when they're working together.


# Title Original Airdate
1 "Wish Granted" December 13, 2015
All of the first eleven shorts with the exception of "Puffed Deliciousness" are combined into one half-hour special along with the premiere of the short "Mash It Up".
2 "Neon Lights Ball" July 15, 2016
It is almost time for the Neon Lights Ball! But when a mysterious figure tries to ruin the evening, it is up to the VKs to find out who is behind all the mischief.
3 "Jewel-BiLee" March 3, 2017
The kids of Auradon join together with the villain kids to prepare for Auradon’s “Jewel-bilee” ceremony!

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