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Season 2 is the second season of Descendants: Wicked World. It aired from October 21, 2016 to February 24, 2017.


All the AKs and VKs excitedly plan for Auradon’s Jewel-bilee ceremony, where for the first time, the VKs will each receive their precious birthright jewel. But Mal begins to act truly evil once she discovers her Jewel is mysteriously missing! At the same time, a new VK secretly appears in Auradon, bringing with him his own nefarious plans for the Jewel-bilee Gems. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?



Aired Episodes

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Title Original Airdate Production
19 01 "Slumber Party" October 21, 2016 201
While throwing a slumber party, the AKs and VKs realize that despite their differences, they'd rather be friends with each other than anyone else.
20 02 "Odd Mal Out" October 28, 2016 202
The AKs school the VKs about the history of Auradon's Jewel-bilee ceremony and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Mal's family jewel.
21 03 "Pair of Sneakers" November 4, 2016 203
Mal and Freddie sneak back onto the Isle of the Lost in hopes of finding Mal’s missing Jewel-bilee gem.
22 04 "Wild Rehearsal" November 11, 2016 204
Mal’s evil ways cause chaos as Audrey, Jane and the rest of the girls rehearse for the big Jewel-bilee performance.
23 05 "Chemical Reaction" November 18, 2016 205
Mal’s mischievous spell leads to a colorful scene in the chemistry lab for Evie, Freddie, Jane and Audrey. A newcomer sneaks into Auradon!
24 06 "Talking Heads" December 2, 2016 206
In the school cafeteria, all the AKs and VKs argue about Mal's evil behavior leading to a school wide food fight.
25 07 "Steal Away" December 9, 2016 207
Evie, Carlos, and Jay solve the mystery behind Mal’s missing Jewel-bilee gem.
26 08 "Evil Among Us" January 6, 2017 208
As Evie tries to convince Mal to come to the Jewel-bilee after Audrey banished her from it, Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie get a surprise visit from Yzma's son Zevon.
27 09 "Options Are Shrinking" January 13, 2017 209
When Jay, Freddie, Carlos and Jane interrupt Zevon’s wicked plans, Zevon uses his potion powers to shrink their impact.
28 10 "Party Crasher" January 20, 2017 210
Audrey’s big song and dance number is ruined when Zevon crashes the Jewel-bilee.
29 11 "Mal-lone" January 27, 2017 211
Mal and Evie rush to help their friends, only to discover the AKs are unwilling to work together with the VKs.
30 12 "Trapped" February 3, 2017 212
Audrey finally learns the truth about Mal's birthright jewel and her change in personality, but Carlos, Jay, Jane and Freddie fail to escape Jordan's lamp.
31 13 "Face to Face" February 10, 2017 213
Mal and Evie face Zevon and attempt to stop him from taking over Auradon, with Zevon resenting Mal for rejecting him.
32 14 "United We Stand" February 17, 2017 214
Audrey, Lonnie, Ally, Jordan and Ben join together with Mal and Evie in their battle against Zevon.
33 15 "Celebration" February 24, 2017 215
As Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, and Freddie are bestowed their Jewels at the Jewel-bilee, all the AK's and VK's agree that they really are better when they're working together.


Title Original Airdate
"Jewel-bilee" March 3, 2017
The kids of Auradon join together with the villain kids to prepare for Auradon’s “Jewel-bilee” ceremony!

Production notes


  • The opening credits change this season.
    • Instead of Evie saying “Mirror, mirror, what does our future hold? Show me what happens when our stories unfold,”, it's removed with a line of Rotten to the Core playing with Evie and Mal in their Jewel-bilee outfits.
  • Starting from this season, China Anne McClain's sister, Lauryn McClain replaced her as Freddie Facilier. This is due to her portraying Uma in Descendants 2.

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