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Descendants 2: Evie's Fashion Book is a book containing Evie's fashion designs as seen in Descendants 2. It was released on July 18, 2017.


Evie's fashion sketchbook, as seen in the movie, is filled with Evie's beautiful sketches, fashion notes, style tips, and journal entries. Her amazing designs for the kids' Isle looks, Cotillion costumes and amazing accessories are sure to please both old and new Descendants fans.

"I may be from the Isle, but I love living in Auradon. School is amazing, my friends are wicked, and I started my own fashion line.


This is my fashion book, filled with design sketches, style tips, notes, and my favorite photos. Get a glimpse into my world.


Product information[]

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 3 - 7
  • Series: Descendants
  • Hardcover: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Disney Press (July 18, 2017)
  • Language: English

Book Breakdown[]

  • Evie writes in this book in both black (from when she lived on the isle) and blue (current thoughts/notes from her time in Auradon)
  • The book starts out with a taped in note from Evie. She says that things have changed for all of them since coming to Auradon a little while ago. Mal is a lady of the court. Carlos has learned to speak up for himself (and is dating Jane), Jay is learning to bend the rules -- and Evie? Well she says the biggest thing for her was starting her business.
    • She says it started small and is now a huge operation. Doug helps her and she may have to hire employees soon. She also says that Doug is one of the best people she's ever met.
    • She ends out the tapped in page saying that she has her sketchbook from the isle back that Dizzy saved for her.
  • The first sketch is her "Fairest" outfit that she wears in the first movie. She clips in some samples of the fabric and writes about some of the things she'd do to the outfit. (Leather piping, ruffled edge, crown shaped pockets and jewels.
  • Fashion Rules for the Isle of The Lost
    • Do:
      • Look Intimidating
      • Have your own Unique style
      • Remember "bad" is good
      • Wear something you can run, duck and cover in.
      • Make sure your clothes are durable and tough
    • Don't:
      • Ask anywhere where they got their clothes (people hate that
      • Loan anyone anything (you probably wont get it back)
      • Plan on keeping your outfit to clean
      • Expect any compliments
      • Use the coat check -- It's a scam.
    • Written in blue on the next page is Evie explaining the next design was one she came up with on the isle. She says that it obviously inspired the outfit she created for Mal's meeting with Aladdin and Jasmine. This page also has other fabrics clipped to it along with a taped in piece of paper that listed some ideas for the outfit originally.
    • The next design is Dream Ballgown; A blue, yellow and red one shoulder, multi-teared, floor length gown. She writes that she knows there would never be a royal ball on the isle she just wanted to dream about what it could be like. She says if she ever gets to go to a ball it will be the biggest, pouffiest dress ever. She also adds a red velvet bow at the waist. While she doesn't mention it, she adds red gloves to the outfit.
    • Finding Fabulous Materials is the name of the next 'article' in Evie's fashion book She writes that her mother is in an "eyebrow-tweezing" mood so she decided to go out to look for materials. She finds most of the things in alleyways and the trash (Gross, but worth it!) She then explains that old ribbons and strips of fabric were used for decorating blouses or as laces in boots. Nuts and bolts were cool on boots as well. Sea glass is great for pendants and earrings while peackock feathers were great for clothing. She would find and use old keys and locks for necklaces, bracelets and mouse skulls -- she painted gold and turned into a ring.
    • Taped into the book is a newer piece of paper that says Style Tip and how "Found items" could personalize one's outfits.
      • Collecting different types of buttons to swap them out with the plain ones that come can create more interesting options
      • A lone dangly earring can be transformed into a pendant if you take it off and run it through ribbon or leather.
      • Broken chains, strips of fabric and old pieces of wire can be turned into cool bracelets
    • Another sheet of blue and white paper is taped into the book; Evie writes about how scavenging for materials was fun, but the materials she gets in Auradon are insane. She writes about how she's so happy Dizzy saved the book and that now that she has it back she's going to add in new sketches, photos, ideas and inspo.

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