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Mal's Spell Book 2 is a hardcover book illustrated based on the television movie Descendants. It was released on June 20, 2017.


Descendants 2 fans will adore this all-new Spell Book.

When Mal first got to Auradon, she used her spell book to try and destroy the place, and then she used it to fit in there. And then it fell into the wrong hands. . . Or should we say tentacles?

This spellbook has been completely updated with fresh spells, plus brand new comments, photos, and inside information from villain kids Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos. . . and Uma. This is the next chapter in their story.

Product Details[]

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 3 - 7
  • Series: Descendants
  • Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Disney Press (June 20, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 136800041X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1368000413

Book Breakdown[]

  • The first page is about "An Inheritance" and a list of items that could be bequeathed to someone else.
    • Mal writes in dark purple; Evie writes in darker blue than the first spell book but still with a bit of a cursive bend to her style using both lower and upper case. Carlos writes in more brown than the red he used in the first book ; Jay writes in black, always a bit more bold and in all caps.
    • Carlos underlines the 'Dalmation Fur Coat' and writes "Ummm.... no thank you" to inheriting it.
    • Mal has two notes about an inheritances; once being on the spell book which she has crossed out and the other on the Dragon Ring, which she says she replaced with Ben's Beast ring.
    • Evie circles the Magic Mirror saying its in the Museum where it belongs (hinting to Mal thats where the book belongs too) She also underlines the Jeweled Crown, wondering now that since she left the Isle that she wont get the crown. She also notes that prep for Cotillion has been horribly stressful but super great for her business. She says that a reporter called her "The hottest new designer."
    • Jay circles the "Heart Box" calling it, and Evie's mom creepy. He also circles the Serpent Staff saying its cool, and that he does not want Iago.
  • Mal starts off writing about how stressed out and intense everything feels with cotillion coming up. She writes that she knows she shouldn't be using her spell book but still is. Evie says not to sweat it all, that she's doing good. Jay also says not to worry but that what was stressing him out is how many girls want to go out with him. Carlos is rather jealous about this.
  • Ripped from a book called "A Lady's Manners", "Dinner Etiquette for Ladies" is tapped in. Mal says she never had a watch on the isle, and that she'll try to keep laughing to a minimum.
  • The next page is labeled "The Evil Eye" its meant to be a good luck charm and Mal writes that she needs to get one of them to deal with the paparazzi.

    An entry about what the kids on the isle used to eat and how even bananas are odd to them.

  • Another page from the Manners book is taped in and underlined by Carlos is the line "Slice and eat the fruit with a knife and fork." To which he writes in all caps, that he only learned about the inside of a banana when they got to Auradon.
    • Mal adds on that she always wondered what was on the inside of the rotten peels that they had been given as snacks. Evie chimes in that she checked with Doug and they can eat the bananas however they want. Jay adds that they didn't grow up with vegetables or fruit.
    • Another page has Jay talking about why must they eat peas when they're so gross and it reminds him of eating barnacles back on the isle. While olives remind Evie of home because they're salty and gross.
  • Carlos writes on a page that he thinks Jane is the prettiest girl in school. He then talks about how he wants to ask her to cotillion. He says he gets tongue tied and wants help. Evie says to be yourself and the others agree.
    • Jay writes a "Ways to Impress Auradon Prep Girls" 1. Strut, walk with confidence. 2. Pretend you don't notice them. (To which Evie says this is not true and that she appreciates when Doug cares about her) 3. Play a sport. (Evie also says this is not true. That she likes Doug because hes interesting and smart.) 4. Look Good. 5. Keep your options open.
    • Mal agrees saying her fist thought is in line with Evie. "Follow your heart" Don't play games.
  • On a page about essential oils, Mal writes that the cotillion is taking over her life. Paparazzi are following her, Jane is always asking 100 questions and she just found out that Cotillion with Ben is like "engaged to being engaged" and that she hasn't even graduated school yet. She asks "I'm supposed to know who I want to marry? How has my whole life been planned for me without me even realizing?" She just wants a moment to breathe.
    • She then asks if anyone has any Ho Wood oil (headache relief) she could borrow or Vetiver (Tranquility).
  • Mal tapes in another page from "A Lady's Manners" that Evie an Mal write notes on. Mostly that they both think its nonsense to not layer necklaces and only wear one ring on each hand.
  • On the next page Evie writes about her business. She says that if things keep going this way she'll be able to buy her own castle soon. She is in the process of making Cotillion gowns for Lonnie, Jane, Mal and herself and outfits for all the guys and about a dozen other students. All of this work is making her feel like her life is really going somewhere.
  • The next two pages are Evie's notes about "Dressing Like a Villain Kid" and "Dressing for Cotillion"
    • All of which boils down to wear what makes you feel like you. Don't feel the need to look like someone else. To not be afraid to make a statement or be bold.
  • A few pages later Jay writes that being captain of the R.O.A.R team is exciting and chaotic. That its a real change from life on the Isle where there weren't teams. He enjoys that people look out for one another and that he's with Evie. Auradon has some definite plusses.
    • Mal comments "I'm glad you guys are happy here...." To which Carlos writes "Does that mean you're not? Mal?"
  • On a page called "A Spell for a Feast" Mal writes that she forgot she made a promise to go have a feast with Ben at the Enchanted Lake -- today.
    • Evie writes to remind her she has a fitting at 5pm for her her dress.
    • Mal writes that she has a jar of peanut butter, some jelly and two slices of day-old bread. That Evie donated a cookie. She writes that she ran as fast as she could to the dining hall but couldn't get in. She adds that she knows she shouldn't use her spell book but she could use this spell and "What Ben doesn't know won't hurt him, right?"
  • Jay writes "It's an Even-numbered day, Mal. What did that handsome king give you now?" Apparently Ben gives Mal presents on the even-number days, and that she got a purple Vespa.
  • Carlos writes that he tried to ask Jane out again. He wonders if he'll ever feel brave enough to ask her out; and that Jane sees him as just a friend. Evie tries to encourage him and gives him advice.
    • Dress to impress. Be genuine and sweet. Work hard at school (Apparently Jane studies as much as Evie does for school). make a grand gesture like bringing her flowers. Show interest in what she's interested in. Mal writes to just be yourself. Jay on the other hand just writes to do it. Stop being scared.
  • On a page titled "Truth Serum" Carlos writes that he could really use this; while Mal writes about how she Carlos came to find her, and she writes in the book more like a diary -- to which Carlos responds with "You know I can read, right?"
  • A few pages later Mal continues writing as if its more of a diary this time saying that Jane is driving her a little bonkers with all the questions and party favors. She feels like all of this is very not her; she reminisces on her time on the isle being 'bad' and how she doesn't know when she became this girl who plans for school dance months in advance. She writes that she also doesn't recognize herself anymore.
  • A page later she asks if anyone else misses the Isle of the Lost. She adds that sometimes she still has these urges to 'do bad'; things like screaming in someone's face. Starting a good fight or lying to see if the person believes her. Evie writes that Mal would be kicked out of school in a second. To which Mal writes the chorus part of Rotten to the Core in the book. Jay chimes in that this cotillion is making her crazy.
Who Mal is

Evie and Mal writing about telling Ben how she feels.

  • Evie writes on the next page that Mal should talk to Ben. Tell him how she's feeling. That she doesn't keep secrets from Doug, and that Ben doesn't even know she's been using the spell book. That Ben would most likely tell her to stop if he found out. Mal argues saying he wouldn't. That Ben likes the new Mal and that so does all of Auradon.
  • Carlos writes that he caught Chad sneaking into his room to use the 3D printer for the third time. He is somewhat disappointed in himself for not being able to tell Chad to respect his boundaries.
  • Jay, trying to help Carlos feel better, writes a "How To Sand Up To Someone" page.
    • Be clear about what you want. Say exactly what the issue is to them. If they ignore you, be clear again about what you want. Don't let them pretend they didn't hear you. If they still try to ignore you take action to make them listen. That could mean changing the locks or hiding the printer. And lastly, to never let someone make you feel like that.
  • Carlos then writes that Chad came in to use the printer again and he did what Jay suggested and Chad actually left the key on the desk and left the room. Carlos then goes on to explain that he thinks Chad is feeling lost and has been clingy since Audrey's been away and that Chad seemed bummed he wasn't the captain. He then goes on to explain how Dude became a talking dog. Both Evie and Jay think its awesome.
  • Another page of "A Lady's Guide to Manners" is taped into the book. To which Mal writes that sometimes she gets tired and she likes to gossip. Evie chimes in that she too misses the gossip. Mal then writes "What I Miss Most about The Isle of The Lost."
    • Doing whatever she wants. Not listening to anyone. Her hideout. Running wild in the streets. No rules. No responsibilities. No worrying about fitting in. Not worrying about being liked and just -- not worrying.
    • Evie comments on the hideout bullet point saying it was great, but that what she misses most was hanging out there -- but they're both in Auradon and they can still hang out. Jay writes that he misses running in the streets. He mentions he doesn't remember the last time he screamed -- to which Carlos says when he stubbed his toe. Jay adds that he meant for fun.
  • Mal writs on the page for "Reversal Spell for a Feast" about how she left Ben at the lake and is sitting in the woods upset. She then goes on to explain what happened at the lake and how Ben found out about her using magic. She writes that Ben felt so betrayed. When Ben comments that "This isn't the Isle of the Lost, Mal." Mal has to agree. She says she'll never feel at home in Auradon. That she'll always have to think before she acts or does anything. She admits that she doesn't belong here.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying or Going

  • The next page is two elephants one normal and whole, the other a skeleton.
    • On the page of the whole elephant she writes "Staying in Auradon" Pros & Cons.
      • The pros being Ben, Evie, Jay and Carlos along with opportunities.
      • Cons being; Dealing with cameras and palazzi. It not feeling like home. Having to try so hard. Following all the rules. Doesn't know if she wants to be a lady of the court. Everyone watching her all the time. And her whole life is mapped out for her.
    • On the skeleton of the elephant she writes "Going Back to the Isle of the Lost" Pros & Cons
      • Pros; It feels like home. She can be herself. Wouldn't have to pretend anymore. No cameras and no one watching her. Real freedom. No Rules. Privacy.
      • Cons; She'll miss Ben "(But does he really love who I REALLY am?)". She'll miss her friends. That she has some enemies on the Isle and No Magic. Mal writes on the page of Magical Transport Spell that Evie isn't in their room when she gets back. It's very quiet. Her mom is peering at her from the cage and she feels like she's actually seeing her mom and remembering where she came form. She writes that she doesn't belong here, nor does her mother. She writes that she can't be someone she's not and she doesn't want to pretend anymore. She finishes this off with "Were going home."
  • Mal writes on the page of Magical Transport Spell that Evie isn't in their room when she gets back. It's very quiet. Her mom is peering at her from the cage and she feels like she's actually seeing her mom and remembering where she came form. She writes that she doesn't belong here, nor does her mother. She writes that she can't be someone she's not and she doesn't want to pretend anymore. She finishes this off with "Were going home."
  • A few pages later Mal writes that she's writing from her old hideout back on the isle. She writes that it feels good to be back and that she feels comfortable in this space. She writes about the graffiti mural Evie and her made one day, She writes about the space and how cozy it is. Mal then recounts how she broke through the barrier "within seconds." But there's no explanation for how she did this. She then writes that everyone on the Isle was looking at her differently -- and she liked it. They were looking at all of her. "The good and the bad - and not just the perfect lady I was pretending to be. I wasn't hiding anymore. I was just me."
  • Mal writes "My Favorite Things About the Hideout."
    • The candy her and Evie hind in an old box under the couch. Her long live evil T-shirt that's super soft. The way it always smells a bit like burnt garbage and sour milk, gross, but comforting. The call horn where people can ask to come up. The place underneath the table where the 4VKs carved their names. The view of the streets and alleys and throwing things at the street sign to open the gate.
  • The next page is the "Blonde Hair Spell" Which mal scribbles out and writes "I won't need this anymore" She then writes that she left Ben's ring in the dorm room and took her mom's Dragon Ring with her.
  • The next 'entry' is from after Mal returned from getting her hair back to something normal. She then summarizes her run in with Dizzy .
  • Mal scribbles out "A Princess so Pretty" and replaces the word Princess with Villian. And then adds, that she's done pretending and its easier to just be herself. That sure, there's no magic on the Isle, but who needs it when you have Dizzy?
  • The next page is "Isle of the Lost Beauty Tips" From Dizzy.
    • VKs always have their hair cut with garden shears. They always have their hair ironed with an old-fashioned iron. The VK knows the best way to create volume is to set with soda can rollers. A VK also lets her stylist use a curling iron on her hair even if its rusty. And lastly, a VK knows that sewer sludge is the best way to remove cuticles.
      What will be missed most

      What will be missed most by Mal

Another page has pictures and "What I'll Miss Most" written on it

  • Next to a picture of Ben, Mal writes "I'll miss the way Ben looked at me. The way he touched my cheek. How it felt when we held hands. His kindness.
  • Next to Evie's photo she writes about how she will miss how Evie and her laughed together. How Evie could tell what she was thinking without Mal having to say anything. All the beautiful clothes she made and how much care she put into it, and then in parenthesis "I don't think I'll ever meet another person as talented as Evie". She writes she'll miss staying up late talking. And in general everything about her. She finishes it off by saying "I'll miss my one true friend."
  • Next to a picture of Carlos is written that she'll miss hanging out in the courtyard with him while they played fetch with Dude. How you could say anything to him and he'd understand. That Carlos is a great listener. And that he is super sweet.
  • Lastly is a photo of Jay which she writes that she'll miss having Jay as a big brother. That jay always has her back. She'll miss how he teased her and made her laugh. And she'll miss his loyalty.
  • On a page called "The Best Ways to Poison a Princess" Mal writes that Maleficent and Evil Queen used to argue for days about which is better, a spindle or a poison apple. On this same page she writes about seeing Harry Hook for the first time in a while. She also writes about Uma and how they've been fighting since they were kids.
  • Another page is written by Mal with the title of "Facing Off Against an Opponent" which can be boiled down to VKs stand up for themselves. Never give up their territory. Never let anyone tell them what's what. A VK isn't afraid to use their voice and a VK isn't scared of anyone or anything.
    • Jay, Carlos and Evie comment here, clearly after they come to see Mal. All three of them agree that they love being a VK and they have VK pride.
  • Mal writes the next day that she started to spray paint again and being back felt so good. Ben finds her during this with Evie, Jay, Carlos and Lonnie. When Ben tries to offer the ring back to her saying that he loves her, Mal knows she's supposed to say that she loved him back but couldn't That it was what was best for her and for Auradon.
  • She continues on saying that the other VKs came up a bit later to tell her that Ben had been captured.
    • Evie writes now saying they were in trouble when they got out of the limo with Ben. She thinks that Ben was never going to truly fit in. Carlos chimes in with replying the scene in his head and how fast Ben was taken. Evie replies with that it was Harry Hook. She writes about how much she despises Harry. That Gil is almost as bad as Harry, but Uma is worse than both combined -- and that its awful to be back.
  • Evie then writes a page called "Worst Things About Harry Hook." He always smells like rotting fish guts, he picks his teeth with his hook. He can't think for himself and he has a gross little sneer. Jay adds that Harry told him he lost his edge.
  • After a brief summary of the plan to rescue Ben Evie has the book again and summarizes seeing Dizzy for the first time in ages. Its on this page that Evie writes / voices for the first time that the other VKs deserve the same opportunities they've gotten.
    True Love checklist

    Evie's True Love checklist

  • Mal writes that Evie asked her if what Ben and her had was True Love. Mal admits she doesn't know if it is.
    • Evie writes a "True Love is...."
      • Caring about someone deeply (Mal checks this off), Knowing everything about them and loving them because of everything you know. Feeling like they're you're favorite person to be with, besides your friends. (Mal checks this off too). Wanting the best for them no matter what (also a check), Wishing your time with them could go on forever (another check) and lastly, feeling a special chemistry that exists with them and only them (another check.)
  • Evie writes to Mal saying she's sorry she wasn't a better friend for not seeing how unhappy and stressed Mal was. She then offers to help Mal come up with a solution together.
    • Mal replies with that Evie was a good friend and always has been, but that nothing would've changed her mind. That the girl always in front of a camera who has to be a certain way is not her, nor will it ever be.
    • Evie says they'll always be best friends no matter what. They'll find a way to still talk and she'll always keep Mal in her heart. Mal agrees and they promise.
  • Jay writes that Lonnie joined them and she's amazing with a sword and that she's super brave for diving in head first to help Ben. The next page is Jay trying to figure out how to get Lonnie onto the R.O.A.R team and reasons to let her on. Which boils down to her being one of the best swords people and she's a team player.
  • On a page about fireflies Evie draws a bunch of stars and writes "I remember one night, Doug took me firefly watching. He always manages to surprise me." and then wrote Evie + Doug forever and True Love = True chemistry.
  • Carlos wrote a page titled "Funny Things Dude Has Said" some highlights include:
    • Don't tell me to sit. It's so demeaning ; If I don't get to dig a hole soon, I'm going to lose my mind. Lets go sniff some butts.
  • The page directly after this is one written by Uma. Uma calls the spell book a pathetic little diary and claims that this is her book now.
  • The next couple of entries and pages are retellings of classic fairy tales from the villains perspective.
    • On Red Riding Hood's story Uma writes that this one makes her mad. That the heroes blamed everything on the wolf without hearing his side.
    • On Beauty and The Beast; Uma comments that the book has mistakes and then goes on to talk about facing off and beating Mal. She wonders why Mal got to leave the isle and go to Auradon, and what does Mal have that she doesn't? She then answers her own question saying that the answer is nothing. Nothing makes Mal special, better or more worthy. That Mal just got lucky.
    • On Little Mermaid: She notes that at least Maleficent recognized her mother's power by underlining a comment of Ursula being a "Cunning witch" The last bit of this story Uma double underlines as well saying it gives her an idea. It's a small section of how Ursula turned into a human and stole Ariel's prince by falling in love.
    • On Cinderlla: She writes that Dizzy comes from a long line of wicked women and she should be bossing people around, not sweeping floors.
  • Uma writes a couple of pages of either "Tips for winning Arm Wrestling" and "Rules for Ursula's Fish & Chips Shoppe"
    • Highlights from the latter include: Never washing hands. Cockroaches are friends. Customers are always wrong. Hair makes a dish taste better and it should always smell of fish guts.
      Uma in Auradon

      Uma in Auradon

  • Uma then continues on to talk about Ben. She says he wasn't what she expected. She speaks on King Beast and how 20 years ago the villains were all brought back to life and sent to the isle to rot with no magic, no joy and mostly just garbage piles and all of this is why she didn't expect anything from Ben. She writes that she can't hold him and Mal being over against him. And that when she told him how messed up it was he only took four kids to Auradon he listened and told her he wanted to bring more over and even invited her. She admits that he might not be as horrible as she thought -- but she doesn't trust him.
  • She continues on summarizing the events of the trickery of the wand and the VKs escaping. She writes that its not over yet, tapes in a photo from a magazine of Mal and ben and crosses out Mal's face writing "TRAITOR" in all caps.
  • The next page is an "Infatuation Spell" which Uma has circled part of and thanks Mal. She writes that shes now in Auradon and she has a plan.
  • Uma writes that she's looking forward to getting back at Mal for all the times she called her Shrimpy and laughed at her, for her being stuck on the Isle while Mal just got everything wonderful.
    • Mal, Evie and Carlos make notes after they've gotten the book back; Evie is upset Uma wrote in the book and feels like its ruined where Carlos says that Uma couldn't ruin what they have.
  • Uma writes "Piracy 101" which is basically dress like a pirate, live on a ship, talk like a pirate and seize whatever they want.
    Uma marking Mal as a Traitor

    Uma marking Mal as a Traitor

  • Uma also tapes in another photo of Mal from a magazine where she scribbles out Mal's name and on her photo. Adding horns and blacking out her eyes and teeth.
  • On a page Uma writes "Mal, a.k.a...." and then a list of nicknames; Princess prim and proper, Lady of the phonies, Princess smug face. Shark snack. Lizard Kin. Traitor.
  • Uma then writes that Harry and Gil should be in the book too since they're her favorite part of her crew. Then titles this page "Some of my Favorite Memories" of the two of them
    • Highlights include: Throwing an after hours dance party at her mom's shop. When Gil squirted seaweed shake out of his nose from laughing so hard. When they went swimming in the harbor. When Harry stole a radio for her birthday. Or when Gil gave her a piggyback ride.
  • The next pages Mal writes that she has her spell book back. She says she feels like their history of Auradon is in the book. And is grateful FG let them have the book for a little longer to write some more in it before it goes into the museum.
  • On a page titled "Beware True Love's Kiss" Evie writes that she told Mal that True Love was powerful. Mal agrees and draws a bunch of hearts.
    • Evie then continues on to start summarizing everything that happened since they lost the book. She says that they are different, that they'll never fully fit into Auradon because they're from the Isle. But that its okay and that they can be a bit different. That for Mal that means showing Ben the real her. Without the books, blonde hair ect. For Evie it means bring some more Isle to Auradon. She started changing up her designs, adding Dizzy's accessories (and comments that they are crazy beautiful)
  • Carlos writes a page later that he finally asked Jane out to cotillion and she said yes. Jay writes that they're proud of him. And that to Carlos, being brave is what it means to be in Auradon. To not be afraid of who and what he is or what he want's to do.
  • Mal writes on the next page after summarizing her view of things. How it almost made her want to cry after spending hours getting ready and talking to him about how she felt.
    • Evie writes that she's never been so angry in her entire life. That some part of her clearly wanted to yell at him. Carlos and Jay both agree.
  • Mal continues writing that when she saw the stain glass she knew Ben had always known her and loved the real her. That Ben snapped back to himself with True Love's Kiss.
  • A few pages later they tape in a magazine clipping of Evie's 4 Hearts that mentions Dizzy and has a photo of Evie, Jane, Lonnie and Mal.
    • Carlos says that the outfits looked great.
  • Jay agrees that the night had been amazing, that Lonnie is now captain of the R.O.A.R team.
  • Evie writes about her night at cotillion; that all the hard work of making the dresses had been worth it. That she was happy everyone got to see Dizzy is super talented too. She also brings up how she told Ben about Dizzy and the other Isle kids who deserve a chance; and how Ben decided to lead a committee that decides who to bring over.
  • Carlos continues the trend of writing about Cotillion saying that his date with Jane was one of the best nights ever.
  • Evie doodles in a circle of vine and flowers and puts Designs by Dizzy in the center, While mal writes about how Ben just wants Mal to be herself and that is the reason they're retiring the book once and for all. They all sign that they'll miss the spell book but let it go.
    Letter to Visitors

    Letters to Visitors

  • The last page of the book has a paper taped into it addressed to visitors of the Museum of Cultural History that explain the origins of the book and hope that it will help people in understanding more of Auradon's history.