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In this swashbuckling, side-scrolling adventure game YOU choose the story! Do you want to play as Mal, the reformed leader of the original VK's, or as Uma, the up-and-coming captain of a new generation of baddies? Team up with your favorite Descendants characters and battle your way through 10 epic levels, each with a different story and goal depending on what YOU choose! Who will win? You decide!
―The game's instructions

Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma is an online game on the Disney Channel website, based on the Disney Channel sequel movie, Descendants 2.



Being the "perfect Auradon girl" was way more work than Mal expected! All the duties, manners and expectations - she could only keep up with everything by using her spell book... But when her secret was revealed - it ruined her special date with Ben. That was it. Mal knew she could never be a "perfect Auradon girl" - maybe she spent too much time trying to be something she wasn't...


Back when Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay decided to stay in Auradon, they left behind other VK's who took their place in the Isle of the Lost. A girl named Uma became the new leader of the Isle. Fed up with Mal's lucky break, she devised a plan to get revenge on her and Auradon, too.


Villain Kids[]

Auradon Kids[]

  • Ben
  • Fighting Knights


Title Benefit
Ways to be Wicked Collect 1000 spraypaint can
Poor Unfortunate Souls Collect 1000 seashells
Two Sides of the Story Finish both story campaigns
Rotten to the Core Defeat 30 enemies
Let's Set it Off Get to Rush Mode in every level
Necessary Evil Finish the bonus levels


  • Press Z
    • To jump
    • To jump while climbing for an extra boost
    • If you jump into a wall you'll bounce back
    • Hop on enemies
  • Press X
    • To attack
    • You will automatically climb low obstacles
    • Do tricks, flips and jumps off polls and other items to fill your Rush Meter
    • Fill your Rush Meter to go farther, faster and collect special items

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