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Audrey's Diary is a companion book to the movie Descendants 3 that is written by Tina McLeef. The book is written from the point of Princess Audrey. It tells her point of view from events that go from prior to the arrival of Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos and goes all the way to the lowering of the magical barrier. It was released on July 30, 2019.


Audrey's diary is found when the VKs were working together to stop her and arrived in her room. They find the diary and started to comment and write in it. We learn about Audrey from just before the start of the series all the way through the end.

Diary Breakdown[]

Pre Descendants Movie[]

  • The book is formatted like a diary with Audrey's thoughts and drawings throughout.
  • Mal and Uma have apparently gotten ahold of said diary and are adding their own comments in purple and teal writing.
  • This is Audrey's 6th diary, and her and Ben have just officially started dating.
  • Audrey apparently makes all A's.
  • She is cheer captain and debating on rerunning for school council president.
  • Audrey and Ben have been friends since they were 6/7 which is when people started treating them like they were already a couple. Audrey believes they just always gravitated towards one another.
  • Mal comments early on saying that its "not okay." that Audrey "decided she was going to be queen long ago." and believes that Audrey and Ben weren't even that serious (despite proof within the diary that they were.)
  • Uma also comments saying she believes its the scepter and the crown, the magic turning up the volume on every bad thought Audrey had.
    Coffee Stain Napkin

    Coffe Stained Napkin

  • Ben told Audrey he liked her at a coffee date at the Culinary Cabaret.
  • Audrey considered Jane and Lonnie her two best friends.
  • Mal does not understand how Jane and Lonnie could ever be Audrey's friends and gushes about how she thinks Jane is the sweetest thing and Lonnie is so cool.
  • Audrey hopes that when Ben and her become King and Queen they can improve Auradon by doing meet and greets, allowing the citizens to tell the concerns so they can do their best to fix it.
  • Audrey does not like the idea of the VKs coming to Auradon Prep. Mostly just Mal because of Mal's mother being Maleficent and the family history they have.


  • She mentions that Belle and Beast are upset with the proclamation and how 20 years of working to unite all of Auradon seems to undo everything they did.
  • Despite her dislike of the idea, Audrey got a cheering squad together and told Ben "If he truly believes this is what needs to be done, then he should go with his gut. Follow his heart and all that good stuff."
  • Mal comments that the best things to happen to Auradon Prep were the VKs, specifically the Isle style, fun, and "bye-bye perfect princes and princesses." Stating that it seemed like "everyone was terrified about making any mistakes or saying the wrong thing."
Planning Something

A page in Audrey's Diary; Written by Mal.

  • Audrey writes about how different Ben's parent's story was vs her parents, how its given them different viewpoints on villains and people changing. She also writes about how she doesn't feel totally safe at school anymore and worries for her family. She notes that she knows Mal must be plotting something.
  • Audrey worries about Mal's use of magic, saying it is breaking Auradon Prep rules and its gateway magic. Ben doesn't agree with her saying its fun. Audrey tries to explain to Ben that while now it may just be hair it could end up as something else in the future.
  • She writes about how mortified she was when Ben proclaimed his love for Mal at the tourney game. She comments on how much it hurts that he did it in front of everyone, that they were still dating at the time and is upset that he didn't think about how it would make her look or feel when she found out all this information for the first time.
  • Audrey explains that she ran to Chad to not let people think she was just "Ben's pity date." to the coronation.
  • She writes an entry explaining that while hanging out with Chad she was having to pretend she didn't care that her and Ben were on the outs and she was "falling apart inside." how she "cried more in the last few hours than she had in years." she wonders why she didn't at least deserve an explanation before telling everyone they were broken up.
    Audrey's Diary w-comments by Mal

    Comments made in Audrey's diary by herself and then Mal about Audrey's heartbreak over Ben.

    Mal comments that she never really "thought about Audrey as a person with feelings." How she assumed Audrey was just with Ben for his title. She also notes that if she had been in that situation she would have cried too.
  • Another diary entry is Audrey's hurt and betrayal that Lonnie was up in the stands dancing and laughing with Mal and Evie while Ben "broadcasted to Auradon Prep that he'd dumped me."
  • In a diary entry after the Family Day event, Audrey notes that she thinks Mal has been using the spell book and has spelled Ben.
  • Mal and Evie comment on this topic. Mal defending herself and trying to explain that she tried to apologize, while Evie explained why she had sprayed Chad.
  • Audrey is relieved that the others now see that the VKs are villains instead of just the kids of the villains. She again mentions that she can't prove Mal has spelled Ben and brainwashed him, but she can do her best to make sure they stay way from the rest of her friends.
  • On the morning of the Coronation she writes another entry mentioning her mother and trying to make herself feel better. Despite that shes still sad and heartbroken about the breakup.
  • After the Coronation, Audrey provides and update stating that she was not even slightly surprised by what happened and that "okay, maybe Mal changed her mind halfway through the plan, but that doesn't mean she didn't plan it. It's like, am I supposed to be impressed that she suddenly grew a conscience??" She does note that she is relieved that it was okay and that Mal did the right thing, but she still thinks its twisted that they are getting hailed heroes for suddenly doing the right thing. She again mentions wondering if its some "remaining love spell residue" that makes it so Ben isn't thinking straight.

Between D1 & D2[]

  • Audrey is very angry that everyone seems to have just forgiven the VKs, specifically Mal, so fast. They call Mal cool and a hero and she doesn't understand why since Mal was the reason that Maleficent was even there. She notes that she was taught to always be good, tell the truth, don't steal or cheat and follow the rules but Mal seems to be getting away with breaking all of that.
  • She notes that Mal uses magic despite it being illegal, that Mal used a love spell on Ben and made a fool of her all while plotting to take down the kingdom. She is now starting to believe that fairy tales don't come true and that good doesn't always win.
  • Mal admits she made mistakes and went about it the wrong way and that she really did fall in love with Ben during this time. She wonders why that doesn't count for something. Uma tries to comfort Mal.
  • 36 days after the tourney Audrey notes that it really hurts to see Jane going over some event with Mal, and that its a reminder that her and Ben are over.
  • Audrey writes that Chad has been a good friend to her lately and reminisces on her memories with Ben.
    • How they dressed up as Aurora and beast on Ancestry day.
    • How they won the 3-legged race at last years Auradon games. How they ran so fast that they Ben fell over and they fell down laughing in the grass and laughed until they were crying.
    • Memories on the two of them riding horses in Sherwood forest. Having a picnic and chatting all the while.
  • She notes that she has to stop thinking of that because "If Ben wants to be with Mal, then he's definitely not the guy for me and I'm hoping at some point soon I'll really believe it."
  • Chad and Audrey go to Belle's Harbor after school and Chad thought the trip would cheer her up. Chad told her a story about the Summerlands and him water-skiing on one leg. It was apparently charming enough that for a moment she forgot about everything that had happened. The two then walked on the shore and were chatting when she saw Ben and Mal on the dock snuggling. Chad steered her way and started telling her another story about Jaq trying to move a huge wheel of cheese.
  • Audrey, still heartbroken, mentions how she always goes to an annual spa retreat with Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, then meets her mom in the fairy cottage to spend a few days together. She decides shes going to ask to stay for a while, since shes ahead in all of her classes.
  • There are a couple entries about her time with her Fairy Godmothers and enjoying time with them.

Descendents 2[]

  • Audrey goes to Lilies of the Valley, the spa to get a new hairstyle and a new outfit. She hopes this change will woo Ben back to her.
  • During her stay with her Godmothers Audrey has been homeschooled, after a while she turns on the TV to see whats going on and is upset to learn that Ben and Mal are still together. Audrey comments on how it feels like Mal has not just stolen her boyfriend, but her whole future and her life by being the one to go on all these tours and meeting all these people.
  • Mal comments on how she hated being on TV during the beginning of their relationship and how it must have been torture for Audrey to see.
  • Audrey talks about how she had planned on going to Cotillion. How she wanted to make a big entrance when her carriage broke down. She called Chad and notes "I get the sense he might've thought we were really dating (not just together to make Ben jealous), but I can't be responsible for that."
  • Audrey talks about her return to school, how she was complimented by people on her hair and style. She runs into Ben who also compliments her after giving her a big hug and welcoming her back.
  • There is an entry about how Audrey is shocked that everyone seems to love the VKs. She mentions the things Mal did in D1, how Evie can sew great formal dresses, Jay being one of the best players on the team, but that the future and safety of Auradon is the most important thing and that they have to protect it from the Villains.
  • She is disappointed in Lonnie and Jane stating that she feels like she was replaced with Mal. She feels like any time spent with the VKs is a complete betrayal because it makes her friendship feel like it meant nothing to them.
  • Evie comments on this section saying she talked to Jane about this. That Jane felt like Audrey took their friendship for granted. Jane would check in with Audrey ect but Audrey wouldn't do the same in return. Jane felt that Audrey was always trying to get her to say mean things when they first arrived, but she felt a lot of pressure to fit in.
  • Audrey is angry in one entry stating she didn't think she would ever get used to VKs being "in MY city at MY school." In this same entry Chad tells Audrey the news that Evie convinced Ben to allow more villains to Auradon Prep. She states "Before you know it, the entire school will be infested with them."
    • She goes on to say that it doesn't really seem like Ben's idea. That when her and Chad were discussing it it still seems like Ben could be under some sort of spell; thinking "Maybe Evie spelled him this time."

Descendents 3[]

  • Ben makes the welcome party for the new VKs mandatory and that there will be a big surprise.
  • Audrey writes a furious entry about Ben's surprise being his proposal to Mal.
  • She writes a midnight entry, realizing that her and Ben will never be together.
    • Mal chimes in saying she didn't ask for any of this that it was just a happy accident that she fell in love with Ben.
  • Audrey is ruminating on what Grammy said, upset that others heard it, that it was said. She feels like a failure/disappointment and she can't forget what was said no matter how hard she tries.
    • Audrey explains that there had always been the expectation for them to get married, that her parents always wanted her to become queen. "They've always known that our marrying would bring more attention to South Riding and Auroria. If we wed, our two families would form an unbreakable alliance."
  • There are a couple pages of doodles, of crows, swirls and then a map of the museum layout. With the room "Crowns of Auradon" circled and starred.
  • Audrey writes an entry explaining that she went to the museum to steal the crown, to feel the weight of it on her head but that the scepter called to me and she could feel its dark power. She felt as if she wanted and needed the scepter.
  • Her first entry under the influence of the scepter and crown has Audrey talking about scaring Mal, and feeling the power in her veins.
  • She comments on how the old Audrey would have cried but the new Audrey gets revenge. She found an invite to Jane's birthday party outside the castle and calls Jane her ex-best friend.
  • Audrey feels powerful and comments "Let them know what it means to have hours, then days, then years stolen from you."
    • Mal then comments about how scary it was to see Audrey with her mothers scepter because it wasn't just Audrey's anger and sadness about not being invited, but her mother's being channeled through her.
  • Audrey writes about enjoying people falling under her spell, that the news is only talking about her.
  • Mal comments again saying she understands that everyone has secrets or is hurting. She notes that Audrey was bottling up her feelings and this happened because of that.
  • Audrey writes about how people are signing up to be her sidekicks and lackey's. She talks about how Chad joined her and "For a little while I really did think that I could replace Ben with Chad, that Chad's friendship might be enough to make it all stop hurting."
  • The next page says she was wrong. That even though he'll do whatever she says, he's not enough. Not smart enough or powerful enough. That he's not Ben, but she'll put him to good use.
  • Audrey talks about playing with the magic the scepter gave her. About how she's taken over the school. She talks about spelling the armor to fight them.
    • Mal chimes in saying that Audrey can't rewrite history that they know what happened. She talks to Uma through the page about leading the crews together. She wonders what could have been if they had worked together on the isle
    • Evie chimes in saying that the progress is good and wanting the two to talk more. Uma replies with thinking what Evie is saying is silly, but that what happened was cool. Evie replies once more that "Its easy to be a queen among paupers, but it's hard to be a queen among queens. We're all queens here. We just need to figure out how to support one another."
Cursing Ben

A page about cursing Ben to be a beast.

  • Audrey writes about how she feels like Ben walks the halls thinking he did nothing wrong to her. She talks about his weaknesses, insecurities ect and goes on to write "I'm afraid everyone will think I'm like my father -- how he was before. I'm afraid that somehow I'll be transformed into a beast. I'll be angry and mean and no one will love me."
  • She says she enjoyed every minute of watching Ben in his beast form. She wonders, sarcastically, how Ben feels to be laughed at and to feel like nothing.
    • Mal comments about how she still loves Ben no matter what. That she kind of like's Ben's new look. But shes not crazy about the tail.
  • Audrey writes about trying to trap the VKs in Evie's castle and how annoyed she was that Mal and Uma broke the spell.

  • Mal writes the next couple of pages as if its her diary. She explains that the truth came out about closing the barrier. She says she lied, not to be mean but to protect them. That she didn't want to shatter her dreams but she had to because every time they opened the barrier something bad happened to Auradon. She realizes she should have told everyone the truth.
  • She continues on saying that seeing Evie as a stone statue, her face still "had that horrible disappointing expression on her face, like I'd wronged her in the worst way."
  • Mal comments that with her and Uma working together they defeated Audrey, that Hades' ember took all the energy and turned it back on her.
  • Mal comments on how hard it is to watch Queen Leah and Princess Aurora cry by Audrey's bedside. She wonders if it will be her fault if she doesn't wake up.
  • Mal writes about how she never meant to hurt Audrey and her family. That she hopes that Audrey just wakes up.
Mal's Letter

Mal's Letter in Audrey's Diary

  • A letter is written and inserted in the diary. Mal writes an apology letter to Audrey. Saying she never meant to hurt her, that she now understands how much she had hurt her. That she can't just say the end justifies the means. That she's now learned this lesson. She apologizes for what she did by what happened with Ben and coming between them. And she hopes that one day things can be different.
  • The last couple entries are from Audrey once again.
  • She writes about waking up and seeing Grammy and her mother so heartbroken and scared for her. She also says she understands that she was vengeful that she had just wanted everyone to feel the pain she felt. That she was told by Mal that it wasn't her, it was the scepter and crown controlling her, but she knows some of it was her. She feels ashamed.
  • The next entry is Audrey explaining how she decided to go to the engagement party. That she needed to get out of the house, how Jane wrote her an e-mail apologizing for making her feel so left out. Audrey replied in kind, say she was sorry for taking advantage of their friendship. She doesn't know if they'll be best friends again, but she was relieved to hear from her. Everyone welcomed Audrey back with open arms. She says she doesn't think she'll be able to hold a grudge again.
  • The last entry is Audrey saying she isn't totally sure how everyone has forgiven her for what she's done, but if they can forgive her, she can forgive the VKs and they can all start working towards understanding one another and uniting.