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The Villain Kids' Guide For New VKs is a hardcover book illustrated based on the television movie Descendants 3 that was written by Tina McLeef. It was released on July 9, 2019.


Written by Tina McLeef, The Villain Kids Guide For New VKs is a book primarily from the view point of Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay. The book mentions places to go see in Auradon, the who's who of Auradon, what to bring, VKs' guide to prep school and a section for Dizzy, Celia, Squeaky and Squirmy to add their own bit of information.

Book Breakdown[]

The book starts off with a tapped in couple of pages from the original 4VKs writing on Auradon paper. Evie writes in a dark blue, Purple for Mal, Dark red for Carlos and Black for Jay.

  • The book is a "welcome packet" for Auradon Prep. Evie writes that the application was reviewed, and chosen based on "your accomplishments and your potential for good." Evie breaks down what the book will be used for and then goes on to explain a bit about herself, how Auradon helped her and that "I want their (other VKs) lives to change the same way mine has. That's why I got King Ben to agree to bring more villain kids to Auradon Prep." and that this would be a mentorship.
    • Mal, Jay and Carlos chime in welcoming the new VKs to the school and to come to them if they need anything.
  • The next page has a tapped in list of the children they hope to bring first.
    • The list consists of Dizzy Tremaine, Claudine Frollo (daughter of Judge Claude Frollo), Eddie Balthazar (son of Edgar Balthazar), Celia Facilier, Jace and Harry Badun (Cruela Dev Vil's henchemn's kids) and Squeaky and squirmy.
    • Mal writes on the next page that this is where it all started "Evie's big idea." That Evie had written and given the list to Ben because she thought all of these kids deserved a chance.
    • Jay chimes in drawing an arrow to Jace and Harry and writes that he remembers them. He writes "I heard after Mal's mom was defeated, they joined this secret organization the wizard Yen Sid Founded. It's called the Anti-Hero's Club. It's for villain kids who are drawn to good more than evil." Which is a reference to the second novel Return to the Isle of the Lost.
    • Mal then writes that they had been buried in applications to come to Auradon and that she's impressed that everyone took such risks to get permission to come to Auradon.
  • Evie tapes in a photo of Auradon Prep and writes in huge letters that take over the whole page "Welcome to Auradon"
  • More photos are taped in; one of the Isle of the Lost and other buildings. The first section is "The United States of Auradon" The background to this section is orange.

The United States of Auradon (The USA)[]

  • Evie summarizes what the VKs already know; That Belle and Beast are horrible, that uniting the kingdoms was the biggest mistake ever, that the villains had a right to be angry and that being banished to the isle where there is no magic or technology they had no choice but to call the isle home.
  • She then goes on to explain how Auradon as prospered under Belle and Beast's rule. She tells them that Beast gave the kingdom peace and safety.
    • Mal adds on that When Belle and Beast married that instead of going on a honeymoon to the Summerlands they decided to round up the villains and put them on the Isle. She then explains that Fairy Godmother is in charge of making sure magic isn't used.
    • Carlos adds that it was a good plan, to provide safety and a reason for the children to not need magic because they didn't need to defend themselves anymore, except for that the Isle felt like a prison.
    • To which Jay chimes in that they (Beast ect) didn't know what to do with the Villains. They were "evil" after all and that Auradon was safe and carefree.
    • Evie writes that its time to move on because they'll argue for days about it all.

Places to See in Auradon[]

  • Auradon Cathedral - Auradon Cathedral is where all the famous heroes have been married, christened or crowned. There are stained glass windows all around that have Snow White, Belle and Beast, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Mulan and many many others. This is also the location where Mal fought her mom during Ben's coronation.
  • The Enchanted Lake - The lake is north of Auradon Prep and in the middle of a forest. The water is jade in color and there are tons of trees and flowers surrounding it.
    • Mal mentions her first date with Ben here and tapes in a photo of their first date.
    • Jay adds that the water is known for washing away spells and enchantments. And makes a joke about how Mal spelled Ben into loving her and it washed away when he went swimming.
  • Museum of Cultural History - Almost every magical object you could think of is housed here: King Triton's Trident, Cinderella's glass slipper, Maleficent's scepter, the enchanted rose, Fairy Godmother's magic wand, Aladdin's magic lamp and carpet, the spinning wheel, the magic mirror and Mal's spell book. The museum is over two miles from Auradon Prep and a map will be needed to get there.
  • Mal writes that there were 19 kingdoms united into the USA.
Auradon Map - VK Guide
  • Wonderland - The only way to find Wonderland is to find the White Rabbit. He will take you down the rabbit hole into the upside-down colorful world. They serve the best tea and crumpets in Auradon
  • Olympus - The gods live here. You can see Mount Olympus from nearly everywhere in Auradon. It's made of clouds save for the pillars in the center.
  • Camelot Heights - A part of the USA that is not into technology. There is no magic as well. They still have jousting tournaments and castles.
  • Cinderellasburg - Considered by the VKs as one of the coolest places to see. The main city, Cerentolla, is so clean it sparkles. Mice and birds spend their days cleaning. The castle Prince Charming lives in (one of Evie's favorites) has pink stone wall and a turquoise roof.
  • Charmington - Prince Charming does not live here. It's where Snow White and Prince Florian's castle is. Everyone in Charmington is warm and welcoming. It resides close to the border of Auradon City.
    • Carlos took Jane on a date here and everyone kept saying hi to her. He thought she must have gone there a lot, but in reality the people are just really nice and everyone was stopping to pet and give treats to Dude.
  • Neverland - You cannot fly to get to neverland anymore. Walking into a restaurant will most likely result in a food fight or card game and a bunch of new friends. Mermaid Lagoon is very peaceful, its where the mermaids like to swim and you can watch them even if they are a bit mischievous.
  • Sherwood Forest - About six hours from Auradon City. It is in the west side of the country. Everything is very green. There is a cafe called Merry Men in Locksley, which is Robin Hood's home town. Everything on the menu is free "They want everyone to be able to enjoy the food there, no matter how rich or poor you are."
  • Auroria - A city in South Riding to the south east of Auradon city. There are tons of cute shops and cafes. Goodly Point has a restaurant called The Briar Rose which only serves things fit for a princess like chocolate-covered strawberries, sparkling cider, blueberry tarts ect.
  • Hook's Bay - Named after the most famous battle that took place there (Lost boys vs Hook) This is where Hook lost his hand.
  • Triton's Bay - It's a week's journey from Auradon City. Students usually go on spring break or during the summer. The beaches have some of the best dance clubs in all of Auradon. There is also a cool water park nearby.
  • Agrabah - In a desert beyond the Great Wall of Auradon. It looks like its made of gold. Aladdin and Jasmine still live in the Sultan's palace.
  • Skull Rock - Abandoned isle where Hook & his pirates took Tiger Lily. all the crocodiles that used to live there now live on the Isle. Some Bayou kids will take boats out there to hang out in the skull's eyes.
  • Summerlands - Considered a highlight of the areas by the VKs. Royals spend whole summers at the resorts here; there is swimming, hiking, kayaking, bike rides, and any other sort of activity one could think of. There are parks with waterfalls and tons of trails. This is where many thing happened to Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in their stories.
  • Bayou De Orleans - Some of the best food you will find in Auradon. Beignets, fried shrimp, crawfish, jambalaya. There is tons of music and bands. Jazz clubs dot the water's edge and great fashion. Tiana and Naveen live here.
  • Rapunzel's Tower - Another horribly hard place to find even if its marked on maps. Mal recommends giving yourself an extra 2 hours to get there because you'll get lost. You can still go to see all the murals Rapunzel painted on the walls
The Best of Auradon City[]
  • The heart of Auradon. Narrow streets with tons of cute shops and cafes. The main strip is 5 minute walk from the Quad.
  • Culinary Cabaret - serves all the things Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts served Belle when she first showed up. You have to shout "Enough, I'm done!" to get them to stop bringing you food.
  • The Queen's Closet - Consignment store a place where the royals from all over bring their gently used outfits to be resold. Ball gowns, dresses, capes, tiaras, clutches, gloves ect. Its all sold here. Evie writes that these are not leftovers like they're used to on the Isle. They are barely used items that are beautiful. Evie likes to use items found here at Evie's 4 Hearts.
  • Bonjour Bakery - End of main street, 2 doors down from Queen's closet. It sells croissants, baguettes, fresh eggs and pastries. Everything is buttery and delicious. Belle hangs out here some times because it reminds her of the bakery back home.
  • Beyond the Dragon Fire - Down a side street called Riquewihr. It has supplies for tourney. Helmets, sticks, body armor ect. They even have balm to help for if you get hurt on the field.
  • The Candlestick Cafe - Good afterschool hang out spot. Its quiet and good for studying. Its a great place to sit and read while eating things like tea and biscuits.
  • Beast's Castle - Tours of the castle are offered, at least through one section of the castle, you can even go on a walk through the 'forbidden' west wing. Some claw marks and broken doors were left during renovations in honor of Beast's lost years. The tour even goes into the woods outside the castle.

Who's Who of Auradon[]

  • (King) Ben - Photos of Ben and Ben and Mal are taped in. King Benjamin Florian Beast. He's kind, gentle and sees the best in everyone including isle kids. He's the first to defend anyone and he'll never give up on people. Ben is a very optimistic and good person.
  • Belle - A drawing of roses are all over her page along with one large photo of her and two of her, King Beast and Ben. Former Queen of Auradon and one of the kindest people. Beautiful inside and out and always looking for the best in people. She will be the first to support even if worried. Very motherly.
  • Beast - A large photo of King Beast and one of him and Belle are taped in. A humble and kind man who has a bit of a temper. Overall a very nice guy according to the VKs.
  • Fairy Godmother - Three photos of FG are taped in. Jane's mother. The VKs think her as really nice and cool. many AP students see her as stiff or concerned with goodness but the VKs want to remind the new kids that FG is responsible for teaching everyone and helping them become the best they can be.
  • Coach Jenkins - Two photos of Coach and Jay are taped in. Jay writes that Coach Jenkins saw talent in him and that all his practice behind Frollo's Creperie back on the isle paid off but it was Coach that helped Jay learn about team work and how to play the right way. He also mentions that coach believed in Carlos despite Carlos being small and scared.
  • Mr. Deley - There's a note that there's no good picture of Mr. Deley so they have photos of him lurking in the background of other photos. This is the Chemistry professor - Evie writes to be wary of Mr. Deley; he's a stickler for the rules, looking for any excuse to send VKs back to the isle.
  • Dude - Three pictures of Dude are taped in, one of him by himself, and one with Carlos, another with Evie. The Auradon prep campus mutt. Carlos has basically adopted him as his pet. Dude can speak to humans thank to a magic gummy that Mal had made for Carlos that Dude ate.
  • Chad Charming - Three pictures of Chad are taped in, one of him in a cape, another on the tourney field and a headshot of him. The VKs note that he's not a huge fan of the kids from the Isle and he's Prince Charming and Cinderella's son. He's not as kind as his mom but is rather fashionable and a great tourney player.
  • Doug - (Aka Evie's favorite person besides Mal) Four pictures of Doug are taped into the book, two with Evie and two of Doug by himself. Evie notes that Doug is sweet, kind, smart and a little shy. He's also an amazing accountant. They note that Chad will not treat an Isle kid any different and will in fact try to defend people and stand up for them. they recommend Doug as the person to go to for advice or help within science and math. Evie then also adds that Doug plays trumpet and hopes to one day play with a rock band called Dragon Slayers.
  • Lonnie - Three pictures of Lonnie are taped in. They write that Lonnie is one of the coolest girls in Auradon prep. They note that she's incredible with sword fighting skills, is very brave and is now the captain of the swords and shield steam.
  • Jane - Three photos of Jane are taped in. She's fairy godmother's daughter. Very sweet, kind and goes out of her way to help others. She's great a planning parties. Jane seems to know everyone and knows her way around the place. Carlos writes that Jane is the first person you should go to if you need advice on anything and everything.
  • Audrey - Three photos of Audrey are taped in, one is with her grandmother. Audrey loves being a princess. They note that Audrey is not a big supporter of the VKs because of how Mal spelled Ben and they fell in love. They add that Queen Leah, Audrey's grandmother, does still hold a grudge.

The Council of Sidekicks[]

These are the unsung heroes of Auradon; meaning they do a lot of good but don't always get the credit for it. The council of Sidekick is a powerful group that every Auradon resident should know about. The group meets up and despite the fact that magic is not allowed in Auradon, King Beast / King Ben make an exception for them by allowing the use of a magical translator at their meetings so they can communicate.

Members of The Council of Sideckicks:[]

What to Bring[]

Auradon is very different from the Ise of the Lost. The streets are clean, skies are blue and everyone smiles and says hello. It might be weird, but you'll get used to it. Here's a list of things you'll need to pack before you come to Auradon.

  • Something to remind you of home.
    • Evie mentions that she made a blue jacket years ago "when Auradon was just a speck across the strait of Ursula." Its a reminder of the isle and helped her feel like herself when everything was foreign and strange
    • Carlos writes thats why he brought his lucky penny. He found it on the street when he was 5 and its always brought him good luck.
  • Soap. You can buy soap in Auradon of course, but it's best to start those cleanly habits before you come to Auradon Prep.
  • Toothbursh, toothpaste and dental floss
  • Sunscreen, a sunhat or sunglasses.
    • Mal writes "If you've spent your whole life on the Isle of the Lost, you've never seen the sun" And that they can get burnt in just a few minutes. She reminds the kids to slather it all over.
  • Workout clothes:.Auradon people change their clothes all the time so have options.
  • A old rag to polish and shine shoes and boots
  • Any blue or yellow clothing. Blue and yellow are the school colors so its useful to bring some.

VK's Guide to Prep School[]


The VKs remind the new Prep students that studying, being smart and answering questions is essential to life at school. That everyone at Auradon prep wants to succeed.

  • Remedial Goodness 101 : Taught by Fairy Godmother Mandatory for all transfers from the Isle. Do not think about cutting because Headmistress Fair Godmother (FG) can expel students. FG will quiz students on all different scenarios. Mal recommends picking the answer that sounds the least fun.
  • Life Skills Without Magic: Taught by Merrryweather. Mal believes the class to be super boring. It's about basic skills like, balancing a checkbook, cooking, etiquette, traffic and travel rules ect.
  • History of Huntsmen and Pirates: Taught by Tinker Bell. Part of the core curriculum. The history of heroes and villains sparing on the open seas along with the history of the huntsman. Apparently students must wear headphones during this class. They're big and clunky but let you hear Tinkerbell talk. (She's to tiny for humans to make out otherwise)
  • Mindfulness: Taught by Mrs. Potts. A class VKs take after school. About how to enjoy what's happening right now and to live in the moment. Mrs. Potts helps with getting rid of the scowl most every kid from the Isle sports without even knowing it. She gives exercises to help teach you to smile more, and naturally. (EX. Jay was to think about winning a tourney goal whenever and wherever)
  • Heroic Leadership: Taught by Beast (not offered every semester) Teaches you the basics of leadership; the skills one would need to know to do well in positions of power. Like listening to people, managing your time and telling the difference between good and bad advice.
Class Schedules

Class Schedule example


When the 4 Original VKs arrived Auradon Prep was not really sure what to make of their fashion. At first they were looked on as weird, but with Mal as the future Queen and Evie running one of the most popular fashion boutiques people are clamoring for Isle Style. Evie recommends to wear your Isle clothes -- just clean them up since the grungy mud-caked look will never be in. Evie then offers up her services for more formal occasions but to allow her 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Fashion at Auradon Prep

Fashion at Auradon Prep

Dorm Rooms[]

The girls dormitory is the West wing, boys is East wing; Mal and Evie's dorm was on the second floor. Mal writes that at first the colorful, bright, and floral everything was rather overwhelming and to much, but at least she had Evie as a roommate. They then write some tips about dorm rooms

  • The second floor of the west wing has great views of the quad and garden but is very sunny. If you want less sun / time for your eyes to adjust, the first floor might be better
  • Rooms 10, 22, and 19 in the west wing are a little bigger than other rooms
  • Rooms 19, 20, 44, and 43 are all corner rooms so there are windows on two walls.
  • The boys dorm is the East wing and has a secret passageway to the dining hall behind a bookcase on the second floor. Pull out the copy of Little Red Riding Hood to go through it.
  • The beds on the second floor of the boy's dorm are way more comfy than those on the first floor.
  • Curfew is very strict. Students can get suspended or expelled if its broken more than once.
  • Curfew is 10pm -- be in your room lights out by then.
  • Rooms 62 and 87 in the east wing are by far the biggest.
  • Rooms 65 and 99 are the closest to the common area and can be noisy.
  • Don't be afraid to put your own flair on things!

Making your room your own:

  • Check out Fairy Tale Fabrics. A block north of Belle's Harbor. There are rolls and rolls of every color and type of fabric imaginable. Its great to use for covers and curtains.
  • Don't be afraid of bold colors!
  • Bring your own Isle flair! Instead of spray painting the wall like they had done back on the Isle Evie framed a Isle-Style painting and hung it on the wall.
  • Straighten up! At least try and keep your clothes off the floor.
  • Don't toss anything. If you're not using it store it in the closet or the extra storage units in the school basement.
  • Don't worry about your style being weird or different. Just be you.


  • Use the fork and knife together to cut your food into small bites. Don't just shove huge bits in your mouth.
  • Put your napkin in your lap when you first sit down. Use it to wipe stuff off your mouth when needed
  • Saying please and thanks is customary and they will become your new best friends
  • If someone asks how you are, or says hi, just smile and respond in kind. (Apparently most Isle kids might think their wallet is going to get stolen via the distraction)
  • Try to hold the door open for others behind you. If you don't you might almost break someone's nose -- Like Mal almost did to Lonnie.

Dining Hall[]

Mrs. Potts is cooking the meals and they're delicious! There will be no mold, no maggots and no stale crusts.

  • Get the special on Tuesday. It's Chip's Grilled Cheese. She makes the food the way her son liked it growing up. Bread and two pieces of cheese with tomato in the centre.
  • Last Friday of the month is when the Ice Cream Sundae bar is set up in the dining hall.
    • Carlos' winning combo is chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce. Put the sauce in the bottom then the ice cream
    • Mal says the winning combo is mint chocolate chip with hot fudge, whip cream and a cherry on top.
  • Sunday brunch is made by Mrs. Potts. There is a huge spread right at noon with banana waffles, cinnamon buns, scones, blueberry muffins. sometimes there's eggs Florentine, eggs benedict ect.
  • Mondays have Bella Notte pasta night. The dining hall dims the lights, puts out white tablecloths and Mrs. Potts makes every kind of pasta dish one could imagine.


Even when the change is for the best it can be hard to deal with. Carlos writes that he missed tons of things about the isle even though change was necessary. They then each write how they've dealt with home sickness.

  • Carlos: Keep a picture of the isle on your nightstand or dresser. He then tapes in a photo of the isle. Talk to the other VKs about the good times you had on the isle. Not every day was bad. If you're feeling really homesick go down to the docks at Belle's Harbor. The air smells like home
  • Mal: Keep a diary. It helped to think of where she was going and where she had come from. Give yourself some space from your parents and give yourself time to adjust
  • Evie: Keeps something from the isle with her at all times. Stay busy. Having her business helped distract from thinking to much and missing the isle.
  • Jay -- did not write anything here.

Things to do At Auradon Prep[]

  • Dance Till you Drop: A dance party held once a month. Kids from all over Auradon show up to compete in unofficial dance-offs in the gym. There is a DJ and all sorts of fun dances and music. Evie mentions every time she goes she picks up new moves and destroys the competition
  • Tourney: Broadcasted all over Auradon prep and the Auradon news Network. This happens rather often and so does practice. There's sprinting, passing and giant red cannons that shoot out beanbags. Its a great workout.
  • Fashion Forward Night: Every year in May. They host a annual fashion show, people wear clothes from all over Auradon from all sorts of designers and others bid on them. The money then goes to charity the clothes go to whoever bids the highest on the item.
  • Gadgets and Gizmos: This is a club on campus that focuses on computers, 3-D printers, video games, smart phones and the like. They take apart the latest gadgets and then teach themselves to put it back together.
  • Swords and Shields: A sports team on campus. They've gone from the 5th to 1st in just a few months thanks to Lonnie being the new Captain. its basically fencing.
  • Canine Appreciation Day: Carlos got this to be a nationally recognized holiday on September 12 because Dude, once he started talking, would say things like "How come nobody talks about how our former king was basically a giant dog!" and "Dogs don't get any respect in Auradon!" so now on the 12th of September everyone shares photos of their dogs.
  • Event and Party Planning Committee: Jane is the head of the committee. They plan all the events throughout the year and put together cotillion, family day and other parties.
  • Cheer Squad: Cheer for Tourney and the Sword and Shields Team

New Recruits[]

This part is filled out by the different VKs coming to join. Evie writes "Why'd you want to go to Auradon Prep? What was your application process like? Do you have questions?" They attach in each VKs application which consists of An essay about what coming to Auradon would mean to them. Details of their history and goals for their upcoming school year. They note that they wanted to avoid kids who just wanted to continue their wicked ways.

Dizzy Tremaine[]

"Forever Dreamin'"

Dizzy writes in a bright cursive/flowy green color. her pages are splattered with neon paint.

Dizzy writes that she remembers every tiny detail about the day she was admitted to AP. She had been very excited when watching the Cotillion Evie mentioned her headpieces and how girls around Auradon were wearing her designs. She continues on to say that she even watched the fight between Uma and Mal and how it was nuts considering she grew up with both of them. Later on in the day she was listening to music when two royal guards showed up. She at first thought it was a joke (jokes are common on the isle) but they handed her the official announcement with a note from King Ben scribbled on it. This is taped into the book.

Evie adds her own notes to this by saying it was an obvious choice. She writes "Even after Dizzy got the invitation from King Ben, she put in official application to be fair to the other villain kids." She continues by saying that Dizzy stood out in her mind as one of the most deserving kids from the Isle. That Dizzy works hard, never complains and managed to stay optimistic despite 14 years on the isle.

Dizzy app 1 Dizzy app 2

Dizzy then writes that its weird rereading her application; but she's so excited to be in Auradon. She continues by saying that she gets to spend the summer living off campus in Evie's castle. She's super excited about making art together. Evie writes a note to set big goals and not be afraid of ambition.

The next page has a photo of Dizzy with her application and a huge smile on her face and the words "So Excited!" written rather large, along with a photo of Evie and Dizzy hugging outside Lady Tremaine's Curl up & Dye. She continues saying that she's never ventured far from granny's salon so its a huge deal to go to Auradon. She notes how beautiful Auradon is and how she looks forward to just sitting in the grass. That "I never even knew grass was a thing before, but it's so great to feel how soft and cushiony and cool it is."

Time to Shine

Dizzy continues writing that when she left for Auradon, Granny wanted the best for her. She writes that she will sit by the Enchanted lake, take a nap or sketch her designs and start figuring out what's best for herself. She's even excited about helping Evie do some cutting in sewing for Evie's 4 Hearts line.

Jay chimes in saying he understands how awesome it is to have the free time and gives a list of "Things to do with Me time"

  • Nap
  • Find a hobby or sport
  • Eat lunch or dinner with friends
  • Take a walk
  • Watch TV

Celia Facilier[]

"Goodness Ain't Easy"

Celia writes in a bright orange color that's slightly slanted. Her pages have different color shapes around the borders.

Celia starts out saying she doesn't get the "giddy, happy feeling" most everyone else gets when they talk about Auradon. she thinks it sounds nice but the Isle is her home. She didn't get all teary-eyed about writing the application or the VKs coming back. She assumed she wouldn't be chosen and almost didn't apply. She claims the reason she applied was because she figured all the Auradon kids would want to know their happily ever after and she could tell them their fortunes with her cards and she didn't like the idea that all her friends, Dizzy, Clay Clayton and the others might be leaving her for Auradon.

She writes that she doesn't believe everyone is just this nice and thinks its some sort of a hustle. Mal assures her she thought the same way but its totally real. People are actually that nice.

Newspaper clipping

Celia has tapped in an article from The Isle Tribune along with her application.

Celia app 1 Celia app 2

Celia continues by saying she did really well on the Isle by reading fortune cards. She says that you can make a "Kind of" honest living from reading the cards. Then goes on to explain a couple of her favorites and what they mean

  • The Empress - Look for opportunities to be generous and kind
  • The Fool - Trust your instincts
  • Ace of Swords - You are clear about what you need to accomplish
  • Journey - A new adventure/fresh start is coming your way

She continues on to say that her father is the headmaster of her school on the isle and how when you're the headmaster's kid you can "start food fights, lift jewelry from lockers, skip classes...." and the worst they do is send you to your parents office.

"What I'll Miss About Being the Headmaster's Kid"

  • Sneaking into the Athenaeum of Evil whenever she wanted
  • Never carrying a hall pass
  • Taking naps on the couch in her dad's office
  • Never having to go to Evil Schemes and Nasty Plots. (Lady Tremaine teaches and Celia hates her voice)
  • Not caring about her report card
  • Classes starting a noon.

Mal then writes in the book about getting Celia to understand how to choose good and makes a chart


Squeaky and Squirmy[]

"The Little Guys"

Squeaky writes in a yellowy gold while Squirmy writes in a dark blue/black. Squeaky's writing is a bit thicker and polished while Squirmy's is thinner and messy

Squeaky writes that their dad really wanted them to apply for Auradon Prep. He says people on the Isle just thought of them as two "tiny nerds who don't really matter at all." He says she's going to sign up for debate, chess and marching band. That Doug checked that he was to be taking the best classes with the best teachers, and while he wont be as popular as Mal or a star like Jay he knows there's a place for him here.

Carlos chimes in that there is for sure a place for Squeaky here and to check out the Astronomy club too -- once a month they go to Rapunzel's tower to stargaze.

Squirmy then writes that he wasn't really sure if applying was a good idea that his older brother, Squeaky ( by 4 minutes) said it was. He's glad he came and applies because there are no bullies in Auradon.

The twins write a "What We Will Miss About the Isle" and a "What We WON'T miss about the Isle."

On the what they will miss they write:

  • Fishing with Dad
  • The smell of the ocean
  • How cool and damp it was under the deck, even in summer
  • Not having to wear sunsreen/sunglasses
  • The chocolate crepes at Frollo's Creperie
  • Dad. He wasn't the worst father a villain could have, not the best, but not the worst.

On what they WONT miss they write:

  • Harry Hook stealing squid snacks
  • Getting seasick on choppy nights on the boat
  • Not being able to concentrate at school because everyone is goofy and making trouble
  • Having to always stay together because two is better for safety
  • Not being taken seriousl
  • Gil's hard-boiled-egg breath.

The two then tape in their application

SnS app 1 SnS app 2

Evie then writes that they sorted through dozens of applications and knew when she read their application and saw the line about being the hero of your own story. She says that Squeaky was able to put into words what she too had always felt on the Isle of the Lost. She admits that doing everything her mother wanted to do, taking her advice, no matter how bad was just being on autopilot and coming to Auradon was the chance to be her own person.

Mal chimes in to write that Squeaky and Squirmy are genuinely sweet and don't stand a chance on the Isle; they would always be bullied and no one would ever take them seriously. She knew they had to leave the isle before it ruined them.

Carlos adds "Yeah, it would've turned them into something they're not. That's what happened to me, eventually."

Mal continues on the next page saying that it's not easy being on Auradon alone without parents and familiar places or people. But no matter how great her life is now she still thinks about the world she left behind. And that if she hadn't left the isle she never would have met Ben, gotten her mother out of her head or made such great new memories.

The Good Times[]

Mal writes about her first date with Ben at the enchanted lake. It was one of the first moments she thought she might like living on Auradon. She tapes in a photo of her and ben on the ship.

Carlos writes that all the little moments started to pile up. Like when he met dude and didn't try to kill him, or when dude and him had a 5 hour talk about the meaning of life. And when he asked Jane to cotillion. Carlos tapes in a photo of Dude.

Evie continues saying her favorite memories are easy. Mal and her lying on their beds for the first months here laughing about how FG says "Oh my!" when she's mad or overwhelmed, Getting beautiful flowers from Doug for Cotillion. The afternoons when Carlos, Mal, Jay and her would find their way to the quad and hang out till the sun went down. She tapes in a photo of her and Doug dancing from the first movie.

Jay writes that every goal he ever scored in tourney. Or how couch Jenkins came up to him and told him he was proud. He had no idea what it even meant and had never heard it before. He adds "Pretty much every time I ride in the limo is great" He tapes in two photos, one of him and Coach and one of him and Carlos wrestling.

The next couple of pages are pictures of all of the VKs in Auradon through the movies.

The good times

The last page starts with Evie asking "So, what's next? Now its time for you to start making memories of your own. Get settled in your dorms, start classes and begin new lives. Its time for you to write your own stories.

Jay adds that its going to be a little weird at first and that you just have to figure your way around. He says he spent the first 16 years of his life on the isle by heart and it takes some time to learn new things

Carlos chimes in by saying that "Remember you have each other. And that he doesn't know what he would have done without Mal, Evie and Jay.

Mal closes out by saying that while they might have chosen bad before they have the opportunity for something better. That their lives will change, starting today, but to not forget where they come from.

Product Details[]

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 3 - 7
  • Series: Descendants
  • Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Disney Press (July 9, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1368047041
  • ISBN-13: 978-1368047043

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