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Descendants Remix Dance Party is a television special that aired on March 20, 2020, hosted by Cheyenne Jackson reprising his role as Hades from Descendants 3.


Set in Hades' Club Ember where he hosts a dance for that night only, the songs included are six from the previous Descendants films. Also included in the cast are Kylie Cantrall, Sofia Wylie and Dara Reneé as themselves singing and dancing along to the remixed version of the 6 included songs with two songs being from the third movie and three songs being from the second, the only song from the first being "Set it Off" which was sung by Hades.


Descendants Remix Dance Party
Set It Off Cheyenne Jackson 2:54 Descendants
Night Falls Sofia Wylie 3:20 Descendants 3
Chillin' Like A Villain Dara Reneé 3:10 Descendants 2
What's My Name Kylie Cantrall, ZaZa 3:24 Descendants 2
It's Goin' Down Antonia Armato, Tim James, Tom Sturges and Adam Schmalholz (Instrumental) 1:34 Descendants 2
Good To Be Bad Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Jadah Marie, Sofia Carson and Booboo Stewart (No actual appearance) 1:34 Descendants 3

The album for the soundtrack released a month later on April 3rd and can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music. etc

History on the Isle of the Lost[]

Club Ember is located in an unknown area on the Isle and is owned by Hades and shares its name with its owner's ember. At some point, Hades hired a young man that presumably lived on the Isle to be its DJ and was known under the name of "DJ Sizzle". Due to only seeing the inside, its actual location is unable to be pinpointed but due to Hades owning it, it can be assumed it is close to the latter's cave.

On the night of the party, Hades invited Kylie Cantrall, Dara Reneé, Sofia Wyles and then-five year old ZaZa to perform at the club. songs that had a remix include Night Falls, Chillin' Like A Villain, What's My Name with Hades singing Set It Off at the start of the event.