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Dianne Doan (born September 8, 1990) is a Canadian actress and dancer.

She appeared in the ABC series, Once Upon a Time, where she portrayed Isra in "Selfless, Brave and True." In the Disney Channel Original Movies, Descendants and Descendants 2, she plays Lonnie, daughter of Mulan, and she lends her voice in the shorts, Descendants: Wicked World to her character Lonnie.


Doan began technical training in dance at the age of 10. She performed in the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and as a back-up dancer for Michael Bublé, as well as in music videos for recording artists including Big Time Rush and Marianas Trench.

Doan recently wrapped a lead role in Verizon and AwesomenessTV's "Guidance." Other television credits include ABC's "Once Upon a Time," Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance, "Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush" and History's "Vikings."

Born and raised in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Doan now spends her time living and working between Los Angeles and Vancouver.


  • Although she portrays Lonnie, a character of Chinese descent through her parents Mulan and Shang, Dianne is actually of Vietnamese descent.
  • She didn't appear in Descendants 3.
  • In November 2019, Dianne got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Manny Jacinto.
  • Dianne and Dove Cameron both appeared in the television series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D although they were in different seasons.


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