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Mal! Is Evie back too?

Ah, just a witch here and there. Mostly it’s just a lot of scrubbing, scouring and sweeping. Lots and lots of sweeping.

Yeah, she’s gone from wicked stepmother to wicked grandmother.

Yeah! I thought of little braids.

The washed-out blonde with purple tips? The best of no worlds. You can't where your face ends and your hair begins!

Ugh, what is this, “Bored to Death Pink?”

How far can I go?



Great, more sweeping.

Evie? You came back!

Is it all just like we imagined? Do they really have closets you can walk into? Have you been to a real swimming pool? What does ice cream taste like?


You did?

That’s me, I made that! Eek!

Sorry, Granny!

I can't believe I get to live with you in your very own castle!